National Capital Squash League Individual Championship -- Fisher Cup Invitational

Tournament Dates: 05/18/2015 - 07/02/2015

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Squash on Fire (Directions)
2233 M St NW
Washington, DC 20037
Facility Phone: 202-974-6635
Contact (click name to email): David Keating:
Contact Phone: 301-717-7410

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You must be available to play one match on your regular league night starting the week of May 18.  Monday matches on Memorial Day will be played on Tuesday.  

The final matches for each division would be played on June 11.  The locations for each of the matches will be rotated among clubs to be announced.

All players must be available to play all of their matches.  If you can't play in all the matches then you should not accept the invitation to the tournament. 

Eligibility for play in the Fisher Cup is limited to 16 players per division.  These players must have played in three or more matches in a division during the season to be eligible for that division’s draw.  If more than 16 players wish to play, the 16 players with the highest ratings will be selected, with one exception.  If no players on a team were to otherwise qualify, then a spot in the draw may be open to a player from that team.  That spot would be open to one of the team’s top two rated playoff eligible players.


All players must be current NCS members through the final scheduled match.  For the Open Division draws, a player must have competed in at least three matches in his or her division’s regular winter team league season matches.  All players must be available to play all of their matches through the finals. If you can’t play in all the matches then you shouldn’t apply to play.


All matches will be played PAR-11, as required under US Squash rules for sanctioned events.

To be determined.