Squash On Fire Junior Silver Junior Silver

Tournament Dates: 02/16/2019 - 02/18/2019

US Squash members can track the action during the event with the Live Scoreboard.
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Squash on Fire (Directions)
2233 M St NW
Washington, DC 20037
Facility Phone: 202-241-2233
Contact (click name to email): Conor OMalley: comalley@squashonfire.com
Contact Phone: N/A

Divisions: Check Starting Times
  • GU11 Singles (5 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU13 Singles (19 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU15 Singles (13 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU17 Singles (13 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU19 Singles (No Entrants)

Please refer to the above tabs for all information about this tournament

**2.14.19**Draws & Streaming link Released:

Draws for the weekend have been released!   Please note; match times may still change if there are any withdraws & potential re-seeding that might occur.  Please check these online draws for latest information.  

For next match, "Win or Lose" a match, when/where do i play?  Try Option 1 below
    > Click your desired draw under "Division"
    > Make sure "Detailed" option is selected
    > Click on your desired player/match and find where & when the "winner/loser" play next 
Option 1 CLICK HERE to try out the new draw flow, showing "win or lose" time options 

Option 2 CLICK HERE 

Live streaming:  
We are pleased to share that all matches at the Squash On Fire venue will be live streamed free to all entrants, courtesy of Squash On Fire Matches will be available for replay until one week after the tournament and then will no longer be available online.  Link to share & watch https://live.squashonfire.com/ 


**2.13.19**Upcoming tournament schedule:

Start Times are now available - please click "Check start times or view entrants" to view.  Note, full draws will be realeased tomorrow.  

Last scheduled matches for each Division on Sunday **
For your planning purposes, here are the last scheduled match start times. 

REMINDER; after your match, both winners & losers must fufil their referee responsiblities.  

BU11 - 9:45AM
BU13 - 2:05PM
BU15 - 2:45PM
BU17 - 2:45PM
BU19 - 3:25PM

GU11 - 11:30AM
GU13 - 3:25PM
GU15 - 3:25PM
GU17 - 3:25PM

** These times are subjected to change based on final draws/withdraws.  

**2.9.19**Upcoming tournament schedule:

  • Schedule Update
  • Streaming Available

Schedule - At this point, given the number of entries signed up, we are planning on making every effort to schedule the event on the Saturday and Sunday only.  This could potentially mean longer days on Saturday and Sunday, however we should be able to avoid matches taking place on Monday.  The draws officially close on Tuesday, Feb. 12 and we will have your player starts times by Wednesday evening.   

Streaming - We are pleased to announce that all matches at the Squash On Fire venue will be live streamed* and will be free to all entrants, courtesy of Squash On Fire. Matches will be available for replay only until one week after the tournament and then will no longer be available online.

Here are some ideas of how you can use this service:

  • After you finish your match, watch it using the replay feature. See what you can improve in the next match.
  • When you get back home, go over one of your matches with your coach to see what you need to improve.

And of course, share this with your family and friends back home who want to cheer you on!  Some professional players on the PSA use live streaming and get coaching between games. After the leave the court, they call a coach or friend back home.  We hope you enjoy it!

*Players may choice to 'opt out' by contacting the Tournament Director during the weekend.  If for any reason you do not want your match to be streamed, please tell the Tournament Desk before your match with at least 2 hours notice. Please indicate the time of your match and the court number, and we can turn off the video for your match. 

**2.1.19**Upcoming tournament schedule:

    We are thrilled to be hosting the upcoming Junior Silver tournament hosted at Squash On Fire and we've been receiving email regarding the schedule so we want to share this quick note.

Schedule:  US Squash requires host venues to be prepared for full draws in all divisions so we have to prepare as such.   However, historically Silver events usually do not get as many players as Gold events so we are usuallyable to complete the tournament in 2 days (Saturday/Sunday.)

   There is always the potential of play going into Monday and if so we would aim to conclude the matches as early as possible, before or close to noon/1pm. Given the current entry/withdraw deadlines it is still challenging to more detailed information in advance but we will make every effort to minimize the school disruptions.  

Email List for Updates:  If there are additional people (such as parents or coaches) who would like to be added to the email list to receive updates on this tournament, please have them fill out this quick form.

Saturday February 16 2019, all players need to be available starting at 8:00am EST. 
Monday, February 18 2019, all players need to be available until 4:00pm EST. ** please see note in Recent News
Tournament Timeline    
Registration Deadline and Cutlist created Wednesday, February 6, 2019 12:00pm
Late Withdrawal Penalties apply from Monday, February 11, 2019 12:00pm
Registration taken down & Draw sizes lock  Tuesday, February 12, 2019 12:00pm
Player Start Times Wednesday, February 13, 2019 5:00pm
Waitlist Management - until Thursday, February 14, 2019 12:00pm
Online Draws available Thursday, February 14, 2019 5:00pm

Entry Deadline and Fees 
Early Tournament Entry is until 12/21/18 at 12:00pm, NOON EST at $110*
Regular Tournament Entry is until 2/6/19 at 12:00pm, NOON EST at $125* 
Late Tournament Entry is after 2/6/19 at 12:00pm, NOON EST at $150* 
*Includes a non-refundable $10 processing charge per entrant. 

  • NO REFUNDS will be issued to players who withdraw from the main draw after the regular entry deadline. 
  • All players MUST be current US Squash members. 
  • Please read through the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines for all policies governing Junior Accredited Tournaments. 
  • All players who withdraw after 12:00pm, NOON EST on the Monday prior to the start of the tournament will receive a ranking penalty as described in the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines



  • All players who sign up after the regular entry deadline are considered late entries. These players should assume that they are on the waitlist unless they have been told otherwise by the Tournament Director.







  • This tournament is accredited by US Squash. 
  • All US Squash Accredited Tournaments must abide by the policies outlined here


Code of Conduct 

  • All Players, Parents, Coaches, and Spectators must abide by the US Squash Code of Conduct
  • All Players, Parents, Coaches, and Spectators should review the Rules of the Road for tips and tricks on how to manage common scenarios that may occur at tournaments. 


Protective Eyewear 

  • All players and attendees must comply with the US Squash Eyewear Policy, which requires that eyewear meet ASTM-F803 standards at all times during accredited play. 


Cut List 

  • All age divisions are open to the highest ranked 32 eligible players who enter per division. If less than 32 players enter per division, any eligible player will be accepted. If there are more than 32 players in any division, players will be placed on a waitlist based on their ranking and will only be granted entry if a playing position becomes available. 
  • NOTE: In divisions with waitlisted players, the 30 highest ranked eligible players will gain entry into the tournament. The remaining two players to be admitted into the event will be notified within 48 hours of the release of the Cut List. This is to allow a grace period for any potential registration errors. 



  • Tournament seeding is based off of the rankings calculation that occurs on the Wednesday 1.5 weeks before the start of the tournament. Players will be seeded in accordance with the Seeding Guidelines


Division and Player Start Times 

  • Division Start Times indicate the earliest possible match time a player can expect to play within their division.  
  • Player Start Times indicate the first match time for each player. 
  • Both Division and Player Start Times will be released in accordance with the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines


How to Withdraw or Change Divisions in a Junior Bronze, Silver, Gold, JCT, or National Championship Tournament  


If a player wants to either withdraw from a tournament or request to change divisions, follow the directions outlined below:  

  1. Log in to your account.  
  2. Go to the “tournaments” tab on your player profile.  
  3. Click on “Withdraw/Change Division” next to the tournament you would like either withdraw from or request a division change.  
  4. Select “Request Change Division” or “Request Withdraw/Refund”  
  5. If selecting “Request Change Division,” select the division you would like to change to and click “Submit.”  
  6. If selecting “Request Withdraw/Refund” read all US Squash policies and check the “Yes, I wish to withdraw” box and click “Submit.”  
  7. Once you submit your request, you will receive an email that states that your request has been sent to the Tournament Director.  If you have not received an email indicating that your request has been processed within 48 hours, please follow up with the tournament director.  


All of the Withdraw and Change Division Policies can be found by clicking here.

Squash on Fire
2233 M St NW
Washington, DC 20037


Practice Court Info

There are practice courts available at Squash on Fire up until the start of the Tournament.  Squash On Fire is a facility that is open to the public -- no membership is required. You can easily book your court online, pay and then show up and play!

Courts are available on a first booked, first served basis. Go to Advantage Booking to create an account, schedule and confirm your reservation. 

The glass exhibition courts are Courts #1 and #8, and will likely book quickly. Many finals and semi finals matches will be played on these exhibition courts.

Court reservations are priced at $20 per court (off peak) or $40 (peak.) Each court reservation is for 45 minutes. 

If you have any questions about booking a court, please call (202)-241-2233 or email contact@squashonfire.com.

Trainers:  We will have athletic trainers available onsite to help with any minor injuries.

Washington DC Sightseeing.  There is a good information page on Washington DC's tourist attractions at this page.
The most convenient place to eat and enjoy the matches will be courtside at the Upper West Side Cafe. The menu is designed to be fresh and healthy while offering a combination of small plates, as well as delicious main dishes like our Roasted Chicken, Grilled Sirloin Steak, and Seared Atlantic Salmon. Or enjoy Smoothies and Fresh Juices to give you a boost!    
Washingtonian's Top Restaurants Finder Webpage. (Select the criteria by food, cheap eats, location, etc).
Rasika, located within one block of the tournament hotels, is widely considered to be one of the top Indian restaurants in the United States. 


Tournament Hotel:

We've have The Wink Hotel as the hotel partner, located within a 3 minute walk!  They are offering 10% off their rates and the hotel is located at 1143 New Hampshire Ave. NW Washington, DC 20037.  

Book online CLICK HERE 

If you want to make a reservation via phone please use the following phone numbers

Please call 1.833.LUV.WINK (1.833.588.9465)

Please reference "SQUASH ON FIRE ROOM BLOCK"

There is no need to have a car.  There are many restaurant options within a few blocks of the hotel.

PARKING OPTIONS: If you do drive a car, there is on street meter parking with a two hour limit on Saturday.  You can park on the street all day on Sunday (no time limit).  PMI Parking Garage is open after 5 pm and all day on the weekend (2300 M St NW, beneath Westin - you access garage by going down 24th St NW). Squash On Fire validates for three hours at a cost of $10.  


You can fly into the DC area via the three regional airports -- Washington Reagan, Washington Dulles and Baltimore Washington (BWI) Airports. Amtrak provides two trains per hour from New York and Boston into Union Station, which is 20 minutes via public transportation to the Squash on Fire venue.

United has many nonstops into Dulles, while American provides many nonstops into Reagan and Southwest provides many nonstops into Baltimore Washington Airport.  There are Amtrak and low cost MARC commuter trains (see the info for the "Penn" line) from BWI to Washington DC.  Reagan Airport is most convenient to the venues.  Reagan is the easiest to use if you plan on using public transportation to get to and from the airport and would have the cheapest cab fares to all the venues. 

Southwest Airlines now flies in to Reagan and has a major hub at BWI, which normally has the lowest fares of the three airports.

Estimated times using public transportation from each airport (not counting waiting time for departing trains and buses, but counting walking time to Squash on Fire):

Reagan -- 20-25 minutes

Dulles -- 1 hour

BWI -- 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes

Estimated Uber fares and time for Uber X, assuming no surge pricing and travel during off peak hours:

Reagan -- $17-$22, 12-20 minutes.

Dulles -- $40-$50, 30-45 minutes.

BWI -- $50-$60, 45-60 minutes.

Taxis are more expensive, but each airport has plentiful taxi service.

Using public transit to get to the courts:

Reagan: This link explains.

Dulles: This link explains.

BWI: This link explains.  Your cheapest fare will be using the MARC train or WMATA Express Bus options.  The fastest option is the Amtrak train, assuming you don't have to wait for it.

The most convenient place to eat near the main Squash on Fire venue is the Upper West Side Cafe, located inside the facility. The food is excellent! It's a full-service menu for breakfast, lunch, through to dinner and is designed to be fresh and healthy. 
Here are local food writers' top picks for dining in Washington DC:
Washingtonian's Top Restaurants Finder Webpage. (Select the criteria by food, cheap eats, location, etc).
Rasika, located within one block of the tournament hotels, is widely considered to be one of the top Indian restaurants in the United States.