Tournaments - Entrants by division

NEISA Boys' C Division Championships

Entrants by division

This list is based upon the predicted cut list points at registration deadline.

Before registration deadline the order may change as more players enter or if players participate in more tournaments.

After registration deadline the order will not change.

This list is NOT seeding.

For full details on cut list and seeding policies, please see the Tournament Procedure Policies section of the US Squash junior guidelines page, section 5 and 6.

Boys' I   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City  
 1.  Voldman, Duda Sat 3:00pm, PA1 Stamford,CT
 2.  Mach, Christopher Sat 11:00am, PA3 Concord,MA
 3.  Salvi, Gabe Sat 11:00am, PA2 Darien,CT
 4.  Gemma, Benjamin Sat 11:00am, PA3 Barrington,RI
 5.  Esposito, Benjamin F Sat 11:00am, PA1 Little Compton,RI
 6.  Albanesi, Ryan Sat 11:00am, PA2 Avon,CT
 7.  Chan, Matthew Sat 11:00am, PA1 ,RI
Boys' II   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City  
 1.  Putterman, Benjamin Sat 12:45pm, PA4 West Hartford,CT
 2.  Selkowitz, John M. Sat 12:45pm, PA1 Norwalk,CT
 3.  Chester, Samuel Sat 12:45pm, PA2 Cambridge,MA
 4.  Diliberto, Logan M Sat 12:45pm, PA2 New Canaan,CT
 5.  Weinberg, Alden Sat 12:45pm, PA3 Providence,RI
 6.  Maki, Ari Sat 12:45pm, PA4 Rye,NY
 7.  Defeo, Britt Sat 10:30am, PA1 ,
 8.  Ferry, Oliver Sat 12:45pm, PA3 ,RI
 9.  Jimenez, Tito Sat 10:30am, PA1 ,CT
Boys' III   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City  
 1.  Lin, Hongshen Sat 12:45pm, PA5 Concord,MA
 2.  Soper, Jack Sat 12:45pm, PA7 Southport,CT
 3.  Patty, Andrew M. Sat 12:45pm, PA7 Wilton,CT
 4.  Frank, Drew Sat 12:45pm, PA6 ,RI
 5.  hanley, austin Sat 12:45pm, PA5 Stamford,
 6.  Lim, Jason Sat 12:45pm, PA8 ,RI
 7.  Shamsudeen, Seidu Sat 10:30am, PA2 ,CT
 8.  shea, aidan Sat 10:30am, PA2 ,CT
 9.  Triedman, Cole Sat 12:45pm, PA6 ,
Boys' IV   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City  
 1.  Mach, Ryan Sat 12:00pm, PA2 Lincoln,MA
 2.  Thomas, Ian Sat 12:00pm, PA4 New Canaan,CT
 3.  Binder, Andrew E. Sat 12:00pm, PA3 Providence,RI
 4.  Rooney, John Sat 12:00pm, PA2 Darien,CT
 5.  Shattan, Davis Sat 12:00pm, PA4 ,CT
 6.  Ward, George Sat 12:00pm, PA3 ,
 7.  Baughan, Connor Sat 12:00pm, PA1 ,RI
 8.  Choo, Nick Sat 10:30am, PA3 ,RI
 9.  Park, Steve Sat 10:30am, PA3 ,CT
Boys' V   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City  
 1.  Jordan, Kevin M. Sat 12:00pm, PA8 Saunderstown,RI
 2.  Patty, Liam H. Sat 12:00pm, PA6 Wilton,CT
 3.  McIlvaine, Andy Sat 12:00pm, PA7 Darien,CT
 4.  Luo, Alex Sat 12:00pm, PA7 ,CT
 5.  fox, david Sat 12:00pm, PA6 Stamford,
 6.  Kase, Levi Sat 12:00pm, PA5 ,RI
 7.  Gitlin, William Sat 10:30am, PA4 ,CT
 8.  Harkins, Scott Sat 10:30am, PA4 ,RI
 9.  Ornstein, Nicholas B. Sat 12:00pm, PA5 Watertown,MA
Boys' VI   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City  
 1.  Krieble, Henry Sat 11:30am, PA4 ,CT
 2.  Bessey, Marshall Sat 11:30am, PA1 ,
 3.  Miller, Carl Sat 11:30am, PA4 ,RI
 4.  Bailey, Thomas W. Sat 11:30am, PA2 Waccabuc,NY
 5.  Omana, Brendan R. Sat 11:30am, PA3 New Milford,CT
 6.  Adelstein, Myles Sat 11:30am, PA3 ,
 7.  hock jr., john Sat 11:30am, PA2 Riverside,
 8.  Goldberg, Jude Sat 10:30am, PA5 ,
 9.  gray, leighton Sat 10:30am, PA5 ,
Boys' VII   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City  
 1.  Panariello, Giani Sat 11:30am, PA5 ,
 2.  Akole, Ajit Sat 11:30am, PA6 Norwalk,CT
 3.  Kashey, Milo Sat 10:30am, PA6 ,CT
 4.  Dewees, Luke Sat 11:30am, PA8 Sherborn,MA
 5.  Lytle, Alex Sat 11:30am, PA6 ,CT
 6.  Shannon iii, Paul Sat 10:30am, PA6 ,
 7.  Adelstein, Matt Sat 11:30am, PA8 ,
 8.  katz, logan Sat 11:30am, PA7 Stamford,
 9.  Jiang, Kevin Sat 11:30am, PA7 ,RI