Tournament Matches

2017 College Men's National Team Championships

Results List

Summers Cup (C Division)

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score Results  
Consol Finals02/19/17MITDickinson College5-4 Results
Consolation Playoff02/19/17Colby CollegeAmherst College5-4 Results
Consol Semis02/18/17Dickinson CollegeColby College5-4 Results
Consol Semis02/18/17MITAmherst College6-3 Results
Finals02/19/17Middlebury CollegeUniversity of Virginia6-3 Results
3/4 Playoff02/19/17Brown UniversityWilliams College5-4 Results
Semis02/18/17Middlebury CollegeBrown University6-3 Results
Semis02/18/17University of VirginiaWilliams College5-4 Results
Quarters02/17/17University of VirginiaDickinson College8-1 Results
Quarters02/17/17Middlebury CollegeAmherst College9-0 Results
Quarters02/17/17Williams CollegeColby College8-1 Results
Quarters02/17/17Brown UniversityMIT8-1 Results