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GU19 A

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score Results  
Consol Finals01/15/17Beyond WallsSquashBusters A24-1 Results
Consol Semis01/15/17SquashBusters A2StreetSquash Newark3-2 Results
Finals01/16/17Squash HavenStreetSquash Harlem3-2 Results
3/4 Playoff01/15/17CitySquash BronxSquashBusters A13-2 Results
Semis01/15/17StreetSquash HarlemSquashBusters A15-0 Results
Semis01/15/17Squash HavenCitySquash Bronx3-2 Results
Quarters01/14/17SquashBusters A1Beyond Walls3-2 Results
Quarters01/14/17CitySquash BronxSquashBusters A25-0 Results
Quarters01/14/17Squash HavenStreetSquash Newark5-0 Results