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Episcopal High School
Frank Phillips
Ryan P Tyree
National Cathedral School
Ronny Vlassaks
Karan Malik
St. Anne's Belfield
Jay Reeves
St. Catherine's
Patrick Chifunda

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Scheduled Nov 21PotomacNational Cathedral School--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 21 4:00pmPotomacNational Cathedral School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 6 5:00pmMercersburgBuffalo Seminary-1-72
Confirmed Dec 6 5:00pmWestminster Girls (GA)MICDS Girls Varsity -1-36
Confirmed Dec 7 10:00amWestminster Girls (GA)Nardin Academy-1-90
Confirmed Dec 7 10:00amMICDS Girls Varsity Buffalo Seminary-1-81
Confirmed Dec 7 10:00amPotomacLCDS 2020 HS Girls Varsity-1-81
Confirmed Dec 7 11:00amMercersburgSt. Catherine's-1-09
Confirmed Dec 7 12:00pmMICDS Girls Varsity Potomac-1-63
Confirmed Dec 7 12:05pmBuffalo SeminaryLCDS 2020 HS Girls Varsity-1-45
Confirmed Dec 7 12:25pmWestminster Girls (GA)St. Catherine's-1-27
Confirmed Dec 7 12:50pmMercersburgNardin Academy-1-72
Confirmed Dec 7 2:15pmMICDS Girls Varsity St. Catherine's-1-27
Confirmed Dec 7 2:30pmPotomacWestminster Girls (GA)-1-63
Confirmed Dec 7 3:35pmMercersburgLCDS 2020 HS Girls Varsity-1-72
Confirmed Dec 7 3:55pmBuffalo SeminaryNardin Academy-1-36
Confirmed Dec 10 3:00pmNational Cathedral SchoolMercersburg-1-27
Confirmed Dec 10 3:30pmSt. Catherine'sEpiscopal High School---81
Confirmed Dec 12 4:30pmNational Cathedral SchoolEpiscopal High School---09
Confirmed Dec 17 3:05pmPotomacMercersburg-1-72
Confirmed Jan 9 4:15pmEpiscopal High SchoolPotomac---63
Confirmed Jan 10 3:30pmBryn Mawr VarsitySt. Catherine's-1-6-54
Confirmed Jan 10 5:15pmRoland Park VarsitySt. Catherine's---18
Confirmed Jan 11 10:00amSt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls VarsitySt. Catherine's---18
Confirmed Jan 11 1:00pmThe Hill SchoolMercersburg-1-54
Confirmed Jan 11 1:00pmBlair AcademyMercersburg-1-36
Confirmed Jan 12PotomacSt. Andrew's School---54
Confirmed Jan 14 4:00pmMercersburgEpiscopal High School-1-36
Confirmed Jan 22 4:00pmMercersburgBryn Mawr Varsity-1-18
Scheduled Jan 23 4:00pmEpiscopal High SchoolNational Cathedral School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 24Bryn Mawr VarsityPotomac---63
Confirmed Jan 25 10:00amMercersburgLCDS 2020 HS Girls Varsity-1-72
Confirmed Jan 25PotomacThe Hill School---72
Confirmed Feb 1PotomacEpiscopal High School---63
Confirmed Feb 1 12:30pmSt. Catherine'sEpiscopal High School---72
Confirmed Feb 1 2:00pmPotomacSt. Catherine's---63
Confirmed Feb 6PotomacEpiscopal High School---63
Scheduled Feb 13National Cathedral SchoolPotomac--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 15 2:00pmMercersburgThe Hill School-1-16
Confirmed Feb 15 3:30pmMercersburgBlair Academy-1-34