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Episcopal High School
Frank Phillips
James Reiss
Ryan P Tyree
Karan Malik
St. Anne's Belfield
Russ W Sterling
St. Christopher's
Patrick Chifunda
Wakefield School
Anthony E. Graham
Woodberry Forest
Paul D Erb

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Dec 3 4:00pmSt. Anne's BelfieldSt. Christopher's-1-5-18
Confirmed Dec 7 10:30amSt. Anne's BelfieldSt. Christopher's-1-9-18
Confirmed Dec 7 11:15amWoodberry ForestSt. Anne's Belfield---90
Confirmed Dec 7St. Christopher'sMercersburg---90
Confirmed Dec 7 12:45pmMercersburgSt. Anne's Belfield---36
Confirmed Dec 7 12:45pmWoodberry ForestSt. Christopher's---09
Confirmed Dec 7 1:15pmWoodberry ForestMercersburgWFS--72
Confirmed Dec 10 3:30pmSt. Christopher'sEpiscopal High School---90
Confirmed Dec 10 4:15pmPotomacWoodberry ForestPOTSpangler-90
Confirmed Dec 11 12:30pmMercersburgWakefield School-1-54
Confirmed Dec 13 5:00pmMercersburgWoodberry Forest-1-18
Confirmed Dec 13 5:00pmPotomacSt. Christopher's---81
Confirmed Dec 13 5:05pmCanisius High SchoolWestminster Boys Varsity B (GA)-1-72
Confirmed Dec 13 6:15pmMICDS Boys VarsityCanisius High School-1-81
Confirmed Dec 14 10:00amMICDS Boys VarsityShady Side Academy-1-90
Confirmed Dec 14 10:00amLCDS 2020 HS Boys VarsitySt. Anne's Belfield-1-54
Confirmed Dec 14 11:00amMercersburgWestminster Boys Varsity B (GA)-1-62
Confirmed Dec 14 11:30amWoodberry ForestCanisius High School-1-81
Confirmed Dec 14Shady Side AcademySt. Anne's Belfield-1-54
Confirmed Dec 14 12:40pmLCDS 2020 HS Boys VarsityMICDS Boys Varsity-1-09
Confirmed Dec 14 1:50pmMercersburgShady Side Academy-1-90
Confirmed Dec 14 1:55pmSt. Anne's BelfieldWestminster Boys Varsity B (GA)-1-26
Confirmed Dec 14 2:15pmMICDS Boys VarsityWoodberry Forest-1-81
Confirmed Dec 14 2:45pmCanisius High SchoolLCDS 2020 HS Boys Varsity-1-81
Confirmed Jan 10 4:15pmEpiscopal High SchoolWoodberry Forest---09
Confirmed Jan 10 5:15pmSt. Anne's BelfieldWakefield School-1-5-36
Confirmed Jan 11 12:30pmBlair AcademyMercersburgBA1-90
Confirmed Jan 11 1:00pmThe Hill SchoolMercersburgBA1-90
Confirmed Jan 14 4:30pmWoodberry ForestSt. Christopher's---27
Confirmed Jan 18Wakefield SchoolEpiscopal High School---63
Confirmed Jan 18 12:00pmSt. Anne's BelfieldMercersburgWFS--18
Confirmed Jan 18 1:15pmMercersburgSt. Christopher's---18
Confirmed Jan 18 1:15pmMercersburgWakefield School-1-45
Confirmed Jan 18 1:15pmWoodberry ForestWakefield School---81
Confirmed Jan 18 2:15pmWoodberry ForestSt. Christopher's---09
Confirmed Jan 21Woodberry ForestPotomac---09
Confirmed Jan 21 4:00pmEpiscopal High SchoolSt. Anne's Belfield-1-5-72
Confirmed Jan 21 4:00pmEpiscopal High SchoolSt. Anne's BelfieldEHS--90
Confirmed Jan 21 5:00pmWakefield SchoolMercersburg---54
Confirmed Jan 23 4:30pmPotomacGonzagaSpangler--81
Confirmed Jan 23 5:30pmWakefield SchoolSt. Anne's Belfield---63
Confirmed Jan 24MercersburgUniversity School HS BoysMER1-18
Confirmed Jan 24 3:30pmSt. Christopher'sWoodberry Forest---72
Confirmed Jan 25 8:30amMercersburgUniversity School HS Boys-1-18
Confirmed Jan 25 10:00amLCDS 2020 HS Boys VarsityUniversity School HS Boys-1-18
Confirmed Jan 25 12:30pmMercersburgLCDS 2020 HS Boys Varsity-1-63
Confirmed Jan 28 5:30pmWakefield SchoolWoodberry Forest---27
Confirmed Jan 30Episcopal High SchoolMercersburgEHS1-45
Confirmed Jan 30 3:30pmSt. Christopher'sWakefield Schoolcountry cl--81
Confirmed Jan 30 4:15pmSt. Anne's BelfieldWoodberry Forest-1-5-36
Confirmed Jan 31 4:15pmSt. Anne's BelfieldGonzaga-1-5-72
Confirmed Jan 31 5:15pmSt. Anne's BelfieldMcCallie High School Boys---54
Confirmed Feb 1 11:00amSt. Anne's BelfieldCanisius High School-1-4-90
Confirmed Feb 1 11:00amCanisius High SchoolFriends-5-8-18
Confirmed Feb 1 12:30pmWakefield SchoolLoyola-5-8-61
Confirmed Feb 1 1:00pmWakefield SchoolCanisius High School---45
Confirmed Feb 1 1:00pmSt. Anne's BelfieldLoyola-1-4-36
Confirmed Feb 1 1:00pmCanisius High SchoolFriends-1-4-09
Confirmed Feb 1 3:00pmFriendsWakefield School-5-8-61
Confirmed Feb 1 3:00pmSt. Anne's BelfieldCanisius High SchoolMAC--36
Confirmed Feb 4 4:00pmSt. Christopher'sSt. Anne's Belfield-1-4-90
Confirmed Feb 7 4:00pmWoodberry ForestSt. Anne's Belfield---54
Confirmed Feb 8 2:30pmWoodberry ForestEpiscopal High School---45
Confirmed Feb 11 4:30pmEpiscopal High SchoolWakefield School---54
Confirmed Feb 14 4:00pmGonzagaSt. Anne's Belfield---18
Scheduled Feb 15 1:00pmBlair AcademyMercersburg--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 18 4:30pmWoodberry ForestWakefield School---54