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Bryn Mawr Varsity
Kate Brendler
Garrison Forest Varsity
Mary Wells
McDonogh Varsity
Jennifer Armstrong
Notre Dame Prep
Patrick Bollinger
Roland Park Varsity
Patricia Y Wong
St. Pauls (Maryland) Girls Varsity
Patrick T. Bedore

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Dec 3 3:30pmBryn Mawr VarsityNotre Dame PrepCoppermine1-6-70
Confirmed Dec 3 4:30pmGarrison Forest VarsitySt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls Varsity---07
Confirmed Dec 3 5:30pmRoland Park VarsityMcDonogh VarsityRP1-4-70
Confirmed Dec 5 3:30pmBryn Mawr VarsityGarrison Forest VarsityCoppermine1-6-70
Confirmed Dec 5 5:30pmRoland Park VarsityNotre Dame PrepRP--70
Confirmed Dec 5 5:30pmSt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls VarsityMcDonogh Varsity---43
Confirmed Dec 10 3:30pmBryn Mawr VarsitySt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls Varsity---61
Confirmed Dec 11 5:30pmRoland Park VarsityGarrison Forest VarsityRP1-4-43
Confirmed Dec 12 3:30pmBryn Mawr VarsityRoland Park VarsityCP1-6-70
Confirmed Dec 12 5:30pmSt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls VarsityNotre Dame Prep---70
Confirmed Dec 17 6:30pmMcDonogh VarsityNotre Dame Prep---70
Confirmed Jan 14 3:30pmBryn Mawr VarsityMcDonogh VarsityCoppermine1-6-70
Confirmed Jan 14 5:30pmRoland Park VarsitySt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls VarsityRP1-4-61
Confirmed Jan 16 5:30pmSt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls VarsityGarrison Forest Varsity---52
Confirmed Jan 16 6:30pmNotre Dame PrepBryn Mawr VarsityCoppermine1-6-07
Confirmed Jan 21 4:30pmGarrison Forest VarsityMcDonogh Varsity---52
Confirmed Jan 23 5:30pmLoyolaBryn Mawr VarsityCoppermine1-6-61
Confirmed Jan 24 5:30pmMcDonogh VarsityRoland Park VarsityRP1-4-16
Confirmed Jan 27 4:30pmGarrison Forest VarsityRoland Park VarsityCP1-6-25
Confirmed Jan 28 4:30pmGarrison Forest VarsityBryn Mawr VarsityCoppermine1-6-07
Confirmed Jan 28 5:30pmMcDonogh VarsitySt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls Varsity---25
Confirmed Jan 28 6:30pmNotre Dame PrepRoland Park VarsityCP1-6-07
Confirmed Jan 29McDonogh VarsityNotre Dame Prep---70
Confirmed Jan 29 5:30pmSt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls VarsityBryn Mawr Varsity---16
Confirmed Feb 4 4:30pmGarrison Forest VarsityMcDonogh Varsity---52
Confirmed Feb 4 4:30pmRoland Park VarsityBryn Mawr VarsityRP1-4-16
Confirmed Feb 4 6:30pmNotre Dame PrepSt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls Varsity---07
Confirmed Feb 6 5:30pmMcDonogh VarsityBryn Mawr Varsity---07
Confirmed Feb 6 5:30pmSt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls VarsityRoland Park Varsity---34