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Boys Latin
James M Magee
Calvert Hall
Gino Greco
Chris Newton
Doug Desmit
Joseph J. Lacy Jr
Reagan M Martin
Peter J. Heffernan
St. Paul's (Maryland)
Eric Roberts
University School
Kyle Llinas

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Nov 13 5:30pmLoyolaBoys LatinCoppermine--43
Confirmed Nov 14 4:15pmGilmanParkMMAC--70
Confirmed Nov 14 4:45pmFriendsSt. Paul's (Maryland)SP1-07
Confirmed Nov 14 5:30pmCalvert HallMcDonoghMMAC11-13-07
Confirmed Nov 18 5:30pmLoyolaGilmanCoppermine--07
Confirmed Nov 19 4:15pmBoys LatinCalvert HallMM11-52
Confirmed Nov 19 4:45pmParkSt. Paul's (Maryland)SP--07
Confirmed Nov 19 5:45pmFriendsMcDonoghMMAC11-13-16
Confirmed Nov 21 4:15pmFriendsGilmanMMAC--07
Confirmed Nov 21 4:45pmCalvert HallSt. Paul's (Maryland)SP1-07
Confirmed Nov 21 5:30pmLoyolaMcDonoghCoppermine--07
Scheduled Nov 21 5:30pmBoys LatinParkMM-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Nov 23 1:00pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)RadnorSP1-4-70
Confirmed Nov 23 3:00pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)PotomacSP1-4-70
Confirmed Nov 25 5:30pmLoyolaSt. Paul's (Maryland)Coppermine--07
Confirmed Dec 3 3:30pmBoys LatinGilmanMMAC--07
Confirmed Dec 3 4:45pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)LoyolaSt. Pauls--70
Confirmed Dec 3 4:45pmCalvert HallFriendsMM--07
Confirmed Dec 3 6:00pmMcDonoghParkMMAC11-13-70
Confirmed Dec 5 4:15pmBoys LatinMcDonoghMMAC11-13-07
Confirmed Dec 5 4:45pmGilmanSt. Paul's (Maryland)SP--61
Confirmed Dec 5 5:30pmLoyolaCalvert HallMM--70
Confirmed Dec 6 5:30pmFriendsParkMM11-70
Confirmed Dec 7Tower HillLoyola---70
Confirmed Dec 10 3:30pmCalvert HallGilmanMMAC--07
Confirmed Dec 10 4:45pmMcDonoghSt. Paul's (Maryland)St Paul1-4-34
Confirmed Dec 10 5:30pmLoyolaParkCoppermine--52
Confirmed Dec 10 5:45pmBoys LatinFriends---16
Confirmed Dec 12 4:45pmBoys LatinSt. Paul's (Maryland)SP1-4-16
Scheduled Dec 12 5:00pmCalvert HallParkMM11Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 12 5:30pmLoyolaFriendsCoppermine--07
Confirmed Dec 12 5:45pmGilmanMcDonoghMMAC--70
Confirmed Jan 7 5:45pmParkLoyolaMM--34
Confirmed Jan 8 5:30pmMcDonoghLoyolaCoppermine--70
Confirmed Jan 9 4:15pmMcDonoghCalvert HallMMAC11-13-70
Confirmed Jan 9 4:15pmParkGilmanMMAC--07
Confirmed Jan 9 4:45pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)FriendsSP1-4-70
Confirmed Jan 9 5:30pmBoys LatinLoyolaCoppermine--34
Confirmed Jan 10FriendsBoys Latin---61
Confirmed Jan 14 4:45pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)ParkSP1-4-70
Confirmed Jan 14 5:30pmGilmanLoyolaCoppermine--70
Confirmed Jan 14 5:45pmMcDonoghFriends---70
Confirmed Jan 16 4:15pmGilmanFriendsMMAC--70
Scheduled Jan 16 5:30pmParkBoys LatinMM11Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 17 3:30pmGilmanCalvert HallMMAC--70
Confirmed Jan 21FriendsCalvert Hall---70
Confirmed Jan 21 3:30pmGilmanBoys LatinMMAC--70
Confirmed Jan 21 6:00pmParkMcDonoghMM11-07
Confirmed Jan 23 4:25pmMcDonoghBoys LatinMMAC11-13-70
Confirmed Jan 23 4:45pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)GilmanSP--16
Confirmed Jan 23 5:45pmParkFriendsMM11-07
Confirmed Jan 24PotomacFriends---70
Confirmed Jan 27 5:30pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)McDonoghSP1-4-34
Confirmed Jan 28 4:15pmFriendsLoyolaMM--70
Confirmed Jan 28 4:45pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)Boys LatinSP1-4-61
Scheduled Jan 28 5:30pmParkCalvert HallMM11Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 28 5:45pmMcDonoghGilmanMMAC--16
Scheduled Jan 29 3:00pmLoyolaCanisius High School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 29 3:30pmCalvert HallLoyolaMM--07
Confirmed Jan 30 4:30pmPotomacGilmanPO--34
Confirmed Jan 30 4:45pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)Calvert HallSP1-4-70
Confirmed Feb 3 4:30pmSt. Paul's (Maryland)ParkCourts 1-4St Pauls-70
Confirmed Feb 4 6:15pmMcDonoghSt. Paul's (Maryland)Meadow Mil9-11-34
Confirmed Feb 6 6:15pmGilmanSt. Paul's (Maryland)Meadow Mil3-6-61