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Agnes Irwin JV
Alex M Stait
Agnes Irwin School
Alex M Stait
Baldwin JV
Bruce L. Kelly
Baldwin School
Madeline Perry
Gus H. Cook
Conestoga JV
Gus H. Cook
Episcopal Academy
Demer Holleran
Episcopal Academy JV
Demer Holleran
Episcopal Academy JVB
Brian Callahan
Friends Central
Shane Coleman
Friends Select
Robert J Whitehouse
Germantown Friends
Bransten Ming
Bransten Ming
Hill School JV
Chanel Erasmus
Georgina Stoker
Georgina Stoker
Karolina Majewska
Lawrenceville JV
Gil Domb
Penn Charter
Damon Leedale-Brown
Penn Charter JV
Damon Leedale-Brown
SCH Girls
Roger L. Jones
Roger L. Jones
Kellen A Vengels
Shipley Girls JV
Avery Safford
SquashSmarts Varsity
Joseph L Millman
St. Andrew's School
Taylor Foehl
The Hill School
Chanel Erasmus

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Nov 21 3:30pmPenn CharterConestoga---81
Confirmed Dec 3ShipleySt. Andrew's School---27
Confirmed Dec 3 4:00pmPenn CharterGermantown Friends---81
Confirmed Dec 3 4:30pmAgnes Irwin JVFriends Central---72
Confirmed Dec 5SCH GirlsHLM---90
Confirmed Dec 5 3:30pmSCH JVHLM JV---54
Confirmed Dec 5 4:15pmShipley Girls JVPenn Charter JV---09
Confirmed Dec 9LawrencevilleSCH Girls---27
Confirmed Dec 10Conestoga JVHLM JV---45
Confirmed Dec 11Penn CharterSCH Girls---27
Confirmed Dec 11Episcopal Academy JVBaldwin JV---09
Confirmed Dec 11 4:15pmSCH JVPenn Charter JV---90
Confirmed Dec 11 4:15pmGermantown FriendsThe Hill SchoolGCC--54
Confirmed Dec 11 4:45pmAgnes Irwin SchoolLawrenceville---90
Confirmed Dec 11 4:45pmBaldwin SchoolEpiscopal Academy---72
Confirmed Dec 12HLM JVFriends Central---27
Confirmed Dec 17 4:15pmGermantown FriendsConestoga---36
Confirmed Dec 18 4:45pmPenn CharterBaldwin School---09
Confirmed Dec 19Friends CentralHLM---72
Confirmed Dec 19Episcopal AcademyAgnes Irwin School---18
Confirmed Jan 7Episcopal Academy JVSt. Andrew's School---63
Confirmed Jan 7Agnes Irwin JVHLM---81
Confirmed Jan 7 3:30pmShipleyFriends Central---09
Confirmed Jan 9Agnes Irwin SchoolSCH Girls---81
Confirmed Jan 9Penn CharterEpiscopal Academy---09
Confirmed Jan 9 4:00pmGermantown FriendsSquashSmarts Varsity---45
Confirmed Jan 9 4:00pmThe Hill SchoolFriends CentralThe HillHill-09
Confirmed Jan 11Episcopal High SchoolSt. Andrew's School---81
Confirmed Jan 11 4:30pmThe Hill SchoolBlair Academy---54
Confirmed Jan 13 3:30pmConestogaAgnes Irwin JV---27
Confirmed Jan 14SCH GirlsConestoga---90
Confirmed Jan 15Baldwin SchoolAgnes Irwin School---72
Confirmed Jan 15SCH GirlsEpiscopal Academy---36
Confirmed Jan 15 4:00pmThe Hill SchoolShipley---36
Confirmed Jan 15 4:30pmShipley Girls JVHill School JV---07
Confirmed Jan 15 4:30pmAgnes Irwin JVBaldwin JV---54
Confirmed Jan 16HLMPenn Charter JV---90
Confirmed Jan 21 5:00pmPenn CharterThe Hill School---90
Confirmed Jan 22Episcopal AcademyLawrenceville---81
Confirmed Jan 22SCH GirlsBaldwin School---09
Confirmed Jan 23 4:30pmAgnes Irwin SchoolPenn Charter---90
Confirmed Jan 29SCH GirlsShipley---90
Confirmed Jan 29 4:30pmShipley Girls JVSCH JV---45
Confirmed Jan 30Hill School JVHLM JV---90
Confirmed Jan 30 4:00pmSt. Andrew's SchoolConestoga---18
Confirmed Jan 30 4:30pmSquashSmarts VarsitySCH Girls---09
Confirmed Jan 30 5:15pmThe Hill SchoolHLM---81
Confirmed Feb 1St. Andrew's SchoolLCDS 2020 HS Girls Varsity---81
Confirmed Feb 4SCH GirlsGermantown Friends---90
Confirmed Feb 4Episcopal Academy JVFriends Central---27
Confirmed Feb 4 3:15pmHLM JVShipley Girls JV---54
Confirmed Feb 4 3:30pmBaldwin JVConestoga---81
Confirmed Feb 4 3:30pmShipleyHLM---36
Confirmed Feb 5 4:00pmThe Hill SchoolLawrenceville---09
Confirmed Feb 6Episcopal Academy JVConestoga---72
Confirmed Feb 6 4:30pmSquashSmarts VarsityFriends Central---54
Confirmed Feb 7SquashSmarts VarsitySt. Andrew's School---54
Confirmed Feb 8St. Andrew's SchoolThe Hill School---63
Confirmed Feb 11SCH GirlsFriends Central---81
Confirmed Feb 11 4:30pmGermantown FriendsShipley---72
Confirmed Feb 12 3:30pmThe Hill SchoolConestoga---54
Confirmed Feb 13LawrencevilleShipley---90
Confirmed Feb 15LawrencevilleBlair Academy---70
Confirmed Feb 18 3:30pmConestogaShipley---72
Confirmed Feb 19 3:30pmShipley Girls JVLawrenceville JV---09