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Boys' Middle School

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Georgina Stoker
Episcopal Academy
John Russell
Episcopal Academy B
John Russell
Friends Central
Georgina Stoker
Friends Select Middle School
James Asher
Cheryl Bruttomesso
Richard Glanfield
Haverford MS B Team
Richard Glanfield
Malvern MS
Dominic Hughes
Penn Charter MS Boys JV
Damon Leedale-Brown
Paul Wright
Michael Jefferys
Shipley MS Boy's A
Chris J Lengthorn
Shipley MS Boy's B
Chris J Lengthorn
SquashSmarts Middle School North Philly
Ross Bolling
SquashSmarts Middle School West Philly
Tempest Bowden
Tower Hill
Ramon I Chan-A-Sue
Tredyffrin/Easttown- Valley Forge MS
Shakeel Khan
University School
Chase Greppin
William Penn Charter
Peter Lubowitz

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Dec 9 3:00pmHaverford MS B TeamFriends Central---90
Confirmed Dec 11SCH MS Boys VWilliam Penn Charter---90
Confirmed Dec 11 3:00pmMalvern MSHaverford---09
Confirmed Dec 12 3:15pmWilliam Penn CharterGFS---18
Scheduled Dec 16 3:00pmHaverford MS B TeamBCWV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 16 3:15pmShipley MS Boy's BFriends Central---72
Confirmed Dec 18SCH MS Boys VBCWV---90
Confirmed Dec 18 2:45pmHaverford MS B TeamShipley MS Boy's B---81
Confirmed Dec 18 3:30pmWilliam Penn CharterMalvern MS---90
Confirmed Dec 18 4:00pmSquashSmarts Middle School North PhillyPenn Charter MS Boys JV---45
Confirmed Dec 19SCH MS Boys VEpiscopal Academy---09
Confirmed Jan 7 4:00pmSquashSmarts Middle School West PhillyGFSDAK3-7-09
Confirmed Jan 8 3:30pmHaverford MS B TeamSCH MS Boys V---63
Confirmed Jan 8 3:30pmWilliam Penn CharterShipley MS Boy's A---27
Confirmed Jan 9 3:15pmEpiscopal AcademyWilliam Penn CharterEA--90
Confirmed Jan 9 4:00pmSquashSmarts Middle School West PhillyFriends Select Middle SchoolDAK3-7-90
Confirmed Jan 13SCH MS Boys VFriends Central---90
Confirmed Jan 13 2:45pmShipley MS Boy's AHaverford---09
Confirmed Jan 13 4:00pmSquashSmarts Middle School North PhillyFriends Select Middle School---90
Confirmed Jan 15Malvern MSSCH MS Boys V---09
Confirmed Jan 15 3:15pmHaverfordEpiscopal Academy---81
Scheduled Jan 15 3:15pmEpiscopal Academy BHaverford MS B Team--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 16Episcopal Academy BFriends Central---90
Confirmed Jan 16 3:00pmShipley MS Boy's BPenn Charter MS Boys JV---81
Scheduled Jan 16 3:00pmShipley JVPenn Charter MS Boys JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 17 3:00pmWilliam Penn CharterBCWV---63
Confirmed Jan 17 4:00pmSquashSmarts Middle School North PhillySquashSmarts Middle School West PhillyLC4-8-63
Confirmed Jan 22SCH MS Boys VGFS---54
Confirmed Jan 22 3:15pmBCWVShipley MS Boy's A---18
Confirmed Jan 23Episcopal AcademyPrinceton Day School MS---81
Confirmed Jan 23SCH MS Boys VShipley MS Boy's A---63
Confirmed Jan 23 3:00pmWilliam Penn CharterHaverford---09
Confirmed Jan 24BCWVFriends Central---81
Scheduled Jan 24 3:00pmTredyffrin/Easttown- Valley Forge MSSquashSmarts Middle School West Philly-3Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 27 3:00pmShipley MS Boy's AEpiscopal Academy---08
Scheduled Jan 27 3:00pmEpiscopal Academy BShipley MS Boy's B--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 27 4:00pmSquashSmarts Middle School North PhillyBCWV---27
Confirmed Jan 29Shipley MS Boy's AGFS---72
Confirmed Jan 29 3:15pmWilliam Penn CharterFriends Central---81
Confirmed Feb 4 4:00pmSquashSmarts Middle School West PhillyEpiscopal Academy BDAK3-7-09
Scheduled Feb 5Episcopal AcademyGFS--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 7 4:00pmMalvern MSSquashSmarts Middle School West Philly--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 8 3:00pmTower HillTredyffrin/Easttown- Valley Forge MS-3-90