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Blair Academy
James Moore
Brearley NYL
Kristen Williams
Chapin NYL
Carlton Farrier
Friends Seminary
GJG Tournament
Alberto Rezende
Charles E Johnson
Horace Mann NYL Girls
Olufemi Salako
Masters School Girls
Sahel Anwar
Dan Squash Heinrich Squash
Maura M. Bisogni
Pingry Girls
Tina Rix
Poly Prep NYL
Meredeth R. Quick
Riverdale NYL
Gaspar Epstein
Saint Ann's NYL
Elizabeth J Howard
Spence School NYL
Laura London
St. Catherine's
Izabela M. Clarke
Wheeler School
Justin G Lutes

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Nov 28 4:00pmPingry GirlsHackleyHACK--61
Confirmed Nov 28 4:15pmRiverdale NYLNightingale-BamfordTUC--70
Confirmed Nov 30 4:30pmSpence School NYLRiverdale NYLEAC--70
Confirmed Dec 2Blair AcademyRye Country Day School---52
Confirmed Dec 2Blair AcademyConestoga---52
Confirmed Dec 2Blair AcademyRye HS Team 1---34
Bye Dec 2Blair AcademyByeBye----
Confirmed Dec 2 9:00amPoly Prep NYLConestoga---61
Confirmed Dec 2 9:00amPoly Prep NYLRye Country Day School---52
Confirmed Dec 2 9:00amPoly Prep NYLNew Haven A---52
Confirmed Dec 3HewittNightingale-BamfordYC--61
Confirmed Dec 3Chapin NYLHackleyHackl--07
Confirmed Dec 3 4:30pmSpence School NYLMasters School GirlsEAC--70
Confirmed Dec 4Brearley NYLChapin NYL---61
Confirmed Dec 5Masters School GirlsSchool of Holy Child---16
Bye Dec 5Blair AcademyByeBye----
Confirmed Dec 5 4:00pmPingry GirlsBlair Academy---70
Confirmed Dec 5 4:30pmSpence School NYLSaint Ann's NYLEAC--52
Confirmed Dec 6Poly Prep NYLRye HS Team 1---43
Confirmed Dec 6 4:30pmKingMasters School Girls---43
Confirmed Dec 7HewittBrearley NYLYC--25
Confirmed Dec 7 4:00pmHorace Mann NYL GirlsHackley---25
Confirmed Dec 8 1:30pmBlair AcademyBCSM CitySquash Girls---70
Confirmed Dec 10 4:30pmPoly Prep NYLBrearley NYLPoly--61
Confirmed Dec 10 4:30pmSpence School NYLNightingale-BamfordEAC--70
Confirmed Dec 10 5:15pmSaint Ann's NYLChapin NYLEAC--70
Scheduled Dec 11 5:00pmNightingale-BamfordHorace Mann NYL Girls--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 12Riverdale NYLChapin NYL---34
Confirmed Dec 12 4:00pmAgnes Irwin JVBlair Academy---61
Confirmed Dec 12 4:00pmBrearley NYLSaint Ann's NYLHarva--25
Confirmed Dec 13 5:15pmSaint Ann's NYLHewittEAC--70
Confirmed Dec 14 4:00pmBrearley NYLSpence School NYLHVC--07
Confirmed Dec 17 5:15pmSaint Ann's NYLNightingale-BamfordEAC--52
Confirmed Dec 19Brearley NYLRiverdale NYLHarv--52
Confirmed Dec 19 4:30pmHackleySpence School NYLHACK--07
Scheduled Dec 19 5:00pmMasters School GirlsPackerMAST-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 20 4:30pmNightingale-BamfordSpence School NYLHVC--07
Bye Dec 20 5:00pmMasters School GirlsByeBye----
Confirmed Jan 5 2:00pmPingry GirlsLawrencevilleP--16
Confirmed Jan 7 4:30pmBCSM CitySquash GirlsRiverdale NYLFord--43
Scheduled Jan 7 5:00pmRye Country Day SchoolMasters School GirlsRCDS-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 8 4:15pmHewittChapin NYLYC--07
Confirmed Jan 9 4:00pmRiverdale NYLPoly Prep NYL---34
Scheduled Jan 9 4:00pmBlair AcademyPingry GirlsP-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 9 4:15pmHorace Mann NYL GirlsNightingale-Bamford---52
Scheduled Jan 9 4:15pmHewittKent SchoolYC-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 9 4:30pmHackleySaint Ann's NYLHackl--16
Confirmed Jan 10 4:00pmHewittSpence School NYLYC--07
Confirmed Jan 10 4:00pmNightingale-BamfordSaint Ann's NYLTBD--34
Confirmed Jan 11 4:15pmPoly Prep NYLHorace Mann NYL Girls---43
Confirmed Jan 11 4:30pmRiverdale NYLHackleyTUC--61
Confirmed Jan 11 4:30pmSpence School NYLBrearley NYLEAC--52
Confirmed Jan 12Blair AcademyMercersburg---52
Scheduled Jan 12Blair AcademyThe Hill School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 14Nightingale-BamfordChapin NYLHC--43
Confirmed Jan 14 4:15pmRiverdale NYLMasters School Girls---70
Confirmed Jan 14 4:30pmSaint Ann's NYLSpence School NYLEAC--43
Confirmed Jan 15 4:00pmBrearley NYLHewittHC--70
Confirmed Jan 15 5:00pmMasters School GirlsHorace Mann NYL Girls---25
Confirmed Jan 16Riverdale NYLBrearley NYLTUC--34
Confirmed Jan 16 4:00pmPoly Prep NYLPingry Girls---34
Confirmed Jan 17Masters School GirlsGreens Farms AcademyMAST--25
Confirmed Jan 17 5:15pmChapin NYLSaint Ann's NYLEAC--16
Confirmed Jan 18Riverdale NYLAvenues---70
Confirmed Jan 18 4:00pmHackleyHorace Mann NYL Girls---25
Confirmed Jan 23HackleyRiverdale NYLHack--52
Confirmed Jan 23 4:00pmBrearley NYLMasters School Girls---61
Scheduled Jan 23 4:00pmHewittSaint Ann's NYLYC-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 23 4:15pmPoly Prep NYLHorace Mann NYL Girls---43
Confirmed Jan 23 4:30pmSpence School NYLChapin NYLEAC--61
Scheduled Jan 23 4:45pmSt. Luke's SchoolMasters School Girls--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 24HackleyMasters School GirlsHACK--70
Scheduled Jan 24 3:45pmPingry GirlsAgnes Irwin SchoolAIS-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 24 4:30pmSpence School NYLHewittEAC--70
Scheduled Jan 25 4:00pmHackleyPoly Prep NYL--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 26Blair AcademyRye HS Team 1---34
Confirmed Jan 28 5:15pmSaint Ann's NYLBrearley NYLEAC--61
Confirmed Jan 29Chapin NYLHewitt---25
Scheduled Jan 30Blair AcademyLawrenceville--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 30 3:45pmPingry GirlsGreenwich Academy BGA-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 1Chapin NYLBrearley NYL---25
Confirmed Feb 4Chapin NYLNightingale-BamfordHC--43
Confirmed Feb 5Spence School NYLChapin NYLEAC--70
Confirmed Feb 5 4:00pmPoly Prep NYLHackley---16
Scheduled Feb 5 5:00pmMasters School GirlsHackleyMAST-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 6Poly Prep NYLRiverdale NYL---52
Confirmed Feb 6Nightingale-BamfordChapin NYLHC--34
Scheduled Feb 6 4:00pmHewittNightingale-BamfordYC-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 7Spence School NYLChapin NYLEAC--70
Scheduled Feb 8Sacred Heart GreenwichMasters School Girls--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 8 4:15pmHorace Mann NYL GirlsChapin NYL--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 8 4:30pmPoly Prep NYLSpence School NYLPP--16
Bye Feb 8 4:30pmSpence School NYLByeBye----
Confirmed Feb 11Riverdale NYLHorace Mann NYL GirlsTUC--25
Scheduled Feb 12Blair AcademyHewitt--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 12Masters School GirlsGreenwich Academy JVMAST-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 12 4:00pmBlair AcademyHewittBLAIR-Print Blank score card!--
Bye Feb 12 4:00pmHewittByeBye----
Confirmed Feb 14Riverdale NYLBCSM CitySquash GirlsTUC--43
Scheduled Feb 15 4:15pmHorace Mann NYL GirlsRiverdale NYL--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 21 4:30pmSpence School NYLSaint Ann's NYLEAC--43
Confirmed Feb 22 4:00pmSpence School NYLSchool of Holy ChildHACK--61
Confirmed Feb 24 11:00amSpence School NYLHorace Mann NYL GirlsHACK--52
Confirmed Feb 24 2:00pmSaint Ann's NYLSpence School NYLHACK--34