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Episcopal High School
Frank Phillips
James Reiss
Chip Vink
Karan Malik
St. Anne's Belfield
Russ W Sterling
St. Christopher's
Patrick Chifunda
Wakefield School
Anthony E. Graham
Woodberry Forest
John C. Reimers

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Nov 17RadnorPotomacSTP--412
Confirmed Nov 27 3:30pmSt. Christopher'sSt. Anne's BelfieldCCV--90
Confirmed Dec 1 10:00amWoodberry ForestSt. Anne's BelfieldWFS--81
Confirmed Dec 1 10:00amSt. Christopher'sMercersburgWFS--81
Confirmed Dec 1 10:30amWoodberry ForestMercersburgWFS--54
Confirmed Dec 1 10:30amWoodberry ForestSt. Christopher'sWFS--27
Confirmed Dec 1 11:30amSt. Anne's BelfieldMercersburgWFS--18
Confirmed Dec 1 1:00pmSt. Anne's BelfieldSt. Christopher'sWFS--09
Confirmed Dec 4 4:00pmWoodberry ForestPotomacWFS--18
Confirmed Dec 4 4:30pmEpiscopal High SchoolMercersburgEHS--81
Confirmed Dec 6 5:30pmPotomacGonzagaPOT--90
Confirmed Dec 7Woodberry ForestMICDS Boys VarsityMBG--18
Confirmed Dec 7 4:00pmEpiscopal High SchoolSt. Christopher'sEHS--45
Confirmed Dec 8Woodberry ForestCanisius High SchoolMBG--54
Confirmed Dec 8 10:00amMercersburgWoodberry ForestMBG--45
Confirmed Dec 8 11:30amSt. Anne's BelfieldCanisius High SchoolMBURG--27
Confirmed Dec 8 11:30amSt. Anne's BelfieldBlair AcademyMBURG--09
Confirmed Dec 8 2:30pmSt. Anne's BelfieldMICDS Boys VarsityMBURG--09
Confirmed Dec 8 2:30pmBlair AcademyWoodberry ForestMBG--54
Confirmed Dec 11 4:30pmEpiscopal High SchoolWakefield SchoolEHS--81
Confirmed Dec 13 4:00pmWoodberry ForestEpiscopal High SchoolWFS--54
Confirmed Dec 14 4:00pmGonzagaWoodberry ForestGZA--18
Confirmed Jan 4 5:00pmWakefield SchoolSt. Anne's BelfieldWFS--54
Confirmed Jan 8 4:15pmSt. Anne's BelfieldSt. Christopher'sSTAB--18
Confirmed Jan 8 4:30pmWakefield SchoolWoodberry ForestWKF--36
Confirmed Jan 10 4:30pmMercersburgWakefield School---90
Confirmed Jan 11 4:30pmEpiscopal High SchoolWoodberry ForestEHS--54
Confirmed Jan 11 5:00pmGonzagaSt. Anne's BelfieldGON--09
Confirmed Jan 12 12:00pmGonzagaSt. Christopher's---09
Confirmed Jan 12 1:30pmPotomacGonzagaPOT--72
Confirmed Jan 12 4:00pmPotomacSt. Christopher'sPS--81
Confirmed Jan 15 3:45pmSt. Christopher'sWoodberry ForestCCV--72
Confirmed Jan 15 4:30pmSt. Anne's BelfieldEpiscopal High SchoolSTAB--18
Confirmed Jan 16 5:15pmSt. Anne's BelfieldWakefield SchoolSTAB--63
Confirmed Jan 17 4:00pmEpiscopal High SchoolPotomacEHS--09
Confirmed Jan 19 10:30amSt. Christopher'sEpiscopal High SchoolWFS--36
Confirmed Jan 19 10:30amWakefield SchoolSt. Christopher'sWFS--18
Confirmed Jan 19 10:30amWoodberry ForestPotomacWFS--09
Confirmed Jan 19 10:55amSt. Anne's BelfieldWoodberry ForestWFS--18
Confirmed Jan 19 10:55amSt. Anne's BelfieldPotomacWFS--09
Confirmed Jan 19 10:55amWakefield SchoolEpiscopal High SchoolWFS--09
Confirmed Jan 19 1:45pmPotomacEpiscopal High SchoolWFS--90
Confirmed Jan 19 1:45pmSt. Christopher'sWoodberry ForestWFS--63
Confirmed Jan 19 1:45pmWakefield SchoolSt. Anne's BelfieldWFS--63
Confirmed Jan 22PotomacWoodberry ForestPTC--90
Confirmed Jan 24Episcopal High SchoolGilmanEHS--09
Confirmed Jan 26 11:00amSt. Anne's BelfieldLoyolaMSC--90
Confirmed Jan 26 12:30pmSt. Anne's BelfieldWakefield SchoolMSC--63
Confirmed Jan 26 2:00pmSt. Anne's BelfieldFriendsMSC--27
Confirmed Feb 7 4:30pmSt. Anne's BelfieldWoodberry ForestSTAB--36