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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Oct 29Boston UniversityBoston CollegeBU--09
Confirmed Oct 29 7:30pmNortheastern UniversityWellesley CollegeNEU--90
Confirmed Nov 3Mount Holyoke CollegeFordham UniversityVAS--90
Confirmed Nov 3Mount Holyoke CollegeGeorgetown UniversityVAS--90
Confirmed Nov 3Vassar CollegeBoston UniversityVC--90
Confirmed Nov 3Vassar CollegeFordham UniversityVC--90
Confirmed Nov 3Vassar CollegeGeorgetown UniversityVC--36
Confirmed Nov 3Denison UniversityRochester, University of---27
Confirmed Nov 3Denison UniversityBucknell University---09
Confirmed Nov 3Vassar CollegeMount Holyoke CollegeVC--09
Confirmed Nov 3 10:30amWilliam Smith CollegeDenison UniversityBUF--90
Confirmed Nov 3 10:30amBard CollegeBoston UniversityVC--36
Confirmed Nov 3 12:00pmBucknell UniversityRochester, University of---90
Confirmed Nov 3 1:30pmGeorgetown UniversityBard College---90
Confirmed Nov 3 3:00pmWilliam Smith CollegeBucknell UniversityBUF--63
Confirmed Nov 4 9:00amGeorgetown UniversityBoston University---90
Confirmed Nov 4 10:30amGeorgetown UniversityFordham University---81
Confirmed Nov 9 6:30pmGeorge Washington UniversityGeorgetown University---90
Confirmed Nov 10 9:00amBoston UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVYBancroft 1-3-81
Confirmed Nov 10 10:00amColgate UniversityWilliam Smith CollegeCOLG--09
Confirmed Nov 10 11:30amVassar CollegeBucknell UniversityColg--09
Confirmed Nov 10 12:00pmGeorgetown UniversityNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of---90
Confirmed Nov 10 12:00pmVirginia, University ofRichmond, University ofMSC9-12-90
Confirmed Nov 10 12:00pmHaverford CollegeBoston UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 10 1:00pmVirginia, University ofGeorgetown University---90
Confirmed Nov 10 1:00pmDrexel UniversityDickinson CollegeLCD--90
Confirmed Nov 10 1:00pmRichmond, University ofNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofMSC9-12-72
Confirmed Nov 10 1:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegePennsylvania, University ofF&M--18
Confirmed Nov 10 1:00pmBard CollegeBucknell UniversityColg--09
Confirmed Nov 10 2:00pmVirginia, University ofNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofMSC--90
Confirmed Nov 10 2:00pmGeorgetown UniversityRichmond, University of---81
Confirmed Nov 10 2:30pmHaverford CollegeJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 10 2:30pmWilliam Smith CollegeVassar CollegeCOLG--90
Confirmed Nov 10 4:00pmColgate UniversityBard CollegeColg--90
Confirmed Nov 10 5:30pmColgate UniversityBucknell University---27
Confirmed Nov 11 12:00pmPennsylvania, University ofDrexel UniversityLCD--54
Confirmed Nov 11 12:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeDickinson CollegeF&M--27
Confirmed Nov 11 1:30pmVirginia, University ofPrinceton University---09
Confirmed Nov 13 7:30pmNortheastern UniversityBoston CollegeNEU--27
Confirmed Nov 16 4:30pmPennsylvania, University ofStanford University---54
Confirmed Nov 17 9:00amBard CollegeVassar CollegeBard--18
Confirmed Nov 17 10:00amDrexel UniversityVirginia, University ofDREX--63
Confirmed Nov 17 10:30amVassar CollegeSmith CollegeBard--90
Confirmed Nov 17 11:00amCornell UniversityWilliams College---81
Confirmed Nov 17 12:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeFordham UniversityBARD--90
Confirmed Nov 17 12:00pmTufts UniversityWesleyan UniversityHar--90
Confirmed Nov 17 12:00pmPrinceton UniversityStanford UniversityPCC--72
Confirmed Nov 17 12:00pmGeorgetown UniversityBoston CollegeSOF--36
Confirmed Nov 17 1:00pmDickinson CollegeBates College---54
Confirmed Nov 17 1:30pmBard CollegeFordham UniversityBard--27
Confirmed Nov 17 2:30pmPennsylvania, University ofGeorge Washington University---72
Confirmed Nov 17 3:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeRochester, University ofBARD--90
Confirmed Nov 17 3:00pmHamilton CollegeConnecticut CollegeHAM--90
Confirmed Nov 17 4:00pmWilliams CollegeWilliam Smith CollegeCORN--90
Confirmed Nov 17 4:30pmRochester, University ofSmith CollegeBard--54
Confirmed Nov 17 5:00pmVirginia, University ofStanford UniversityDREX--18
Confirmed Nov 18 9:00amBard CollegeRochester, University ofBard--63
Confirmed Nov 18 10:00amTufts UniversityColby CollegeHar--81
Confirmed Nov 18 10:00amVirginia, University ofPennsylvania, University ofDREX--45
Confirmed Nov 18 10:00amHamilton CollegeWilliams CollegeHAM--27
Confirmed Nov 18 10:00amConnecticut CollegeWilliams CollegeHAMIL--27
Confirmed Nov 18 11:00amDrexel UniversityStanford UniversityDREX--27
Confirmed Nov 18 11:00amFranklin and Marshall CollegeBates College---27
Confirmed Nov 18 12:00pmBard CollegeSmith CollegeBard--72
Confirmed Nov 18 12:00pmVassar CollegeRochester, University ofBard--90
Confirmed Nov 18 1:00pmPrinceton UniversityGeorge Washington University---90
Confirmed Nov 28 5:00pmDrexel UniversityDartmouth CollegeDREX--54
Confirmed Nov 28 6:00pmBates CollegeBowdoin CollegeBat--90
Confirmed Nov 28 7:00pmTrinity CollegeMount Holyoke CollegeTRIN--90
Confirmed Nov 29 7:30pmNortheastern UniversityBoston UniversitySQB--81
Confirmed Nov 30 4:30pmWilliams CollegeColumbia University---09
Confirmed Nov 30 5:00pmYale UniversityDrexel UniversityYALE--90
Confirmed Nov 30 6:00pmFordham UniversityVirginia, University of---09
Confirmed Nov 30 6:00pmAmherst CollegePrinceton University---09
Confirmed Nov 30 7:00pmWesleyan UniversityWilliam Smith CollegeWESL--81
Confirmed Dec 1Boston CollegeDenison University---81
Confirmed Dec 1Boston CollegeColgate University---81
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Dec 1Fordham UniversityWashington University in St. LouisFORDH--27
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Dec 1New York UniversityWashington University in St. LouisFORDH--18
Confirmed Dec 1 9:00amColby CollegeWilliam Smith CollegeWES--81
Confirmed Dec 1 11:00amMount Holyoke CollegeNortheastern UniversityAMH--90
Confirmed Dec 1 11:00amColumbia UniversityVirginia, University of---63
Confirmed Dec 1 11:00amConnecticut CollegeFranklin and Marshall CollegeWESL--27
Confirmed Dec 1 11:00amVassar CollegeBoston CollegeVC--45
Confirmed Dec 1 12:00pmHaverford CollegeDenison UniversityVASSR--81
Confirmed Dec 1 12:00pmWilliams CollegeDrexel UniversityWILL--09
Confirmed Dec 1 1:00pmAmherst CollegeNortheastern UniversityAMH--90
Confirmed Dec 1 1:00pmDickinson CollegeWilliam Smith CollegeWESL--90
Confirmed Dec 1 1:00pmSmith CollegeWellesley CollegeSC--18
Confirmed Dec 1 2:00pmBrown UniversityBates College---72
Confirmed Dec 1 2:30pmVassar CollegeHaverford CollegeVC--45
Confirmed Dec 1 3:00pmMiddlebury CollegeTufts UniversityMidd--90
Confirmed Dec 1 3:00pmWesleyan UniversityFranklin and Marshall CollegeWES--18
Confirmed Dec 1 3:00pmBowdoin CollegeTrinity CollegeBOW--09
Confirmed Dec 1 4:00pmWilliams CollegePrinceton University---09
Confirmed Dec 1 5:00pmDickinson CollegeColby CollegeWESL--90
Confirmed Dec 1 6:00pmVirginia, University ofCornell UniversityCOLUM--63
Confirmed Dec 1 7:00pmFordham UniversityNew York UniversityFORD--63
Confirmed Dec 2St. Lawrence UniversityMount Holyoke CollegeHAM--18
Confirmed Dec 2 9:00amDenison UniversityColgate University---09
Confirmed Dec 2 9:00amWesleyan UniversityDickinson CollegeWESL--09
Confirmed Dec 2 9:30amVirginia, University ofNew York UniversityCOL--90
Confirmed Dec 2 10:30amVassar CollegeDenison UniversityVC--90
Confirmed Dec 2 11:00amDartmouth CollegeGeorge Washington University---72
Confirmed Dec 2 11:00amColumbia UniversityCornell University---63
Confirmed Dec 2 11:00amConnecticut CollegeColby CollegeWESL--36
Confirmed Dec 2 11:00amBates CollegeTrinity College---27
Confirmed Dec 2 12:00pmHamilton CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityHAM--72
Confirmed Dec 2 12:00pmVassar CollegeColgate UniversityVC--81
Confirmed Dec 2 1:00pmWesleyan UniversityBard CollegeWes--90
Confirmed Dec 2 3:00pmWilliams CollegeTufts UniversityWIL--81
Confirmed Dec 2 3:00pmBard CollegeConnecticut CollegeWES--09
Confirmed Dec 2 4:00pmHamilton CollegeMount Holyoke CollegeHAM--54
Confirmed Dec 5 5:00pmHarvard UniversityDartmouth College---90
Confirmed Dec 5 6:30pmPrinceton UniversityDrexel UniversityDREX--90
Confirmed Dec 5 6:30pmYale UniversityBrown UniversityYALE--90
Confirmed Dec 7 4:00pmTrinity CollegeDrexel UniversityTRIN--63
Confirmed Dec 7 4:00pmConnecticut CollegeWesleyan UniversityCONN--36
Confirmed Dec 7 6:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityBrown UniversityTRIN--36
Confirmed Dec 8 10:30amHaverford CollegeBard CollegeHC--90
Confirmed Dec 8 12:00pmTrinity CollegeGeorge Washington University---81
Confirmed Dec 8 2:00pmBoston UniversityWellesley CollegeBU--45
Confirmed Dec 8 2:00pmBowdoin CollegeTufts UniversityBOW--09
Confirmed Dec 8 3:00pmWesleyan UniversityMiddlebury CollegeWES--09
Confirmed Dec 9 12:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityMiddlebury CollegeTRIN--54
Confirmed Jan 5 2:00pmMiddlebury CollegeWilliams CollegeMidd--63
Confirmed Jan 6 2:00pmDartmouth CollegeWilliams College---72
Confirmed Jan 7 12:00pmYale UniversityAmherst CollegeYALE--90
Confirmed Jan 7 4:00pmYale UniversityTufts UniversityYALE--90
Confirmed Jan 8 1:00pmTrinity CollegeColumbia University---63
Confirmed Jan 8 6:00pmBates CollegeWesleyan University---81
Confirmed Jan 9 11:30amBowdoin CollegeWesleyan UniversityBow--09
Confirmed Jan 9 4:00pmStanford UniversityGeorge Washington University---90
Confirmed Jan 10 12:00pmTufts UniversityAmherst CollegeHAR--36
Confirmed Jan 10 1:00pmTrinity CollegePrinceton University---45
Confirmed Jan 11 12:00pmColumbia UniversityStanford UniversityHARV--27
Confirmed Jan 11 3:00pmAmherst CollegeMiddlebury CollegeAMH--27
Confirmed Jan 11 5:00pmWilliams CollegeBowdoin CollegeWill--90
Confirmed Jan 11 6:00pmHamilton CollegeFranklin and Marshall CollegeHAM--36
Confirmed Jan 11 8:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeBowdoin CollegeWILL--90
Confirmed Jan 12St. Lawrence UniversityFranklin and Marshall College---18
Confirmed Jan 12 9:30amHarvard UniversityStanford University---90
Confirmed Jan 12 11:00amYale UniversityPennsylvania, University ofYALE--72
Confirmed Jan 12 12:00pmDartmouth CollegeColumbia University---27
Confirmed Jan 12 12:30pmMiddlebury CollegeBowdoin Collegemidd--90
Confirmed Jan 12 1:00pmHarvard UniversityCornell University---90
Confirmed Jan 12 2:00pmWilliams CollegeBates College---81
Confirmed Jan 12 2:30pmBrown UniversityPrinceton University---09
Confirmed Jan 12 4:00pmCornell UniversityStanford UniversityHARV--09
Confirmed Jan 12 6:00pmMiddlebury CollegeColby CollegeMidd--90
Confirmed Jan 13 11:00amMiddlebury CollegeBates CollegeMidd--72
Confirmed Jan 13 12:00pmWilliams CollegeColby College---90
Confirmed Jan 13 12:00pmHarvard UniversityColumbia University---90
Confirmed Jan 13 12:00pmTufts UniversityConnecticut CollegeHAR--90
Confirmed Jan 13 12:00pmDartmouth CollegeCornell University---54
Confirmed Jan 13 1:00pmTrinity CollegeStanford UniversityHAR--81
Confirmed Jan 13 1:00pmBrown UniversityPennsylvania, University of---45
Confirmed Jan 13 1:00pmYale UniversityPrinceton University---45
Confirmed Jan 13 3:00pmWilliams CollegeMount Holyoke CollegeWILL--81
Confirmed Jan 14 2:00pmDickinson CollegeTufts UniversityBROWN--27
Confirmed Jan 14 6:00pmBrown UniversityDickinson CollegeBROWN--90
Confirmed Jan 15 12:00pmAmherst CollegeDickinson CollegeAMH--72
Confirmed Jan 15 1:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeConnecticut CollegeTRI--54
Confirmed Jan 15 7:00pmNortheastern UniversityBowdoin CollegeSQB--63
Confirmed Jan 16 12:00pmCornell UniversityTrinity CollegeCOR--09
Confirmed Jan 16 1:00pmAmherst CollegeBrown UniversityAMH--27
Confirmed Jan 16 3:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeBrown UniversityAMH--18
Confirmed Jan 17 5:30pmMiddlebury CollegeHamilton CollegeMidd--90
Confirmed Jan 17 6:00pmColby CollegeBates College---09
Confirmed Jan 18 12:00pmWesleyan UniversityHaverford CollegeWes--72
Confirmed Jan 18 4:00pmHamilton CollegeColby CollegeAMH--72
Confirmed Jan 18 5:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeWilliams College---09
Confirmed Jan 18 6:00pmBates CollegeConnecticut CollegeYALE--90
Confirmed Jan 18 6:00pmAmherst CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 18 6:00pmHaverford CollegeMount Holyoke CollegeMt. H--18
Confirmed Jan 19 9:30amHamilton CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityAMH--54
Confirmed Jan 19 11:30amMount Holyoke CollegeWesleyan UniversityMHC--54
Confirmed Jan 19 12:30pmBrown UniversityMiddlebury CollegeHarv--90
Confirmed Jan 19 2:00pmAmherst CollegeHamilton CollegeAMH--90
Confirmed Jan 19 2:00pmCornell UniversityDrexel UniversityCORN--45
Confirmed Jan 19 2:00pmDartmouth CollegeTrinity College---18
Confirmed Jan 19 2:30pmSt. Lawrence UniversityColby College---54
Confirmed Jan 19 3:00pmVirginia, University ofWilliams CollegeNAVY--90
Confirmed Jan 19 3:30pmMount Holyoke CollegeBard CollegeMHC--90
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityWilliams College---36
Confirmed Jan 20 4:00pmStanford UniversityYale University---72
Confirmed Jan 22 6:00pmBowdoin CollegeColby CollegeBow--18
Confirmed Jan 23 5:30pmVirginia, University ofGeorge Washington University---72
Confirmed Jan 23 6:00pmTrinity CollegeYale UniversityTRN--81
Confirmed Jan 25George Washington UniversityCornell UniversityGW--09
Confirmed Jan 25 3:30pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeColby College---90
Confirmed Jan 25 5:45pmJohns Hopkins UniversityWashington University in St. LouisMM--27
Confirmed Jan 25 6:00pmTufts UniversityBates CollegeHARV--63
Confirmed Jan 25 6:00pmDickinson CollegeMiddlebury CollegeDickn--27
Confirmed Jan 25 6:00pmConnecticut CollegeBowdoin CollegeBRO--72
Confirmed Jan 25 6:30pmVirginia, University ofColby CollegeF&M--90
Confirmed Jan 25 7:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeWilliam Smith CollegeMHC--90
Confirmed Jan 25 7:30pmRichmond, University ofWashington University in St. LouisMMAC11 - 16-18
Confirmed Jan 26Georgetown UniversityWashington University in St. LouisROL1-4-90
Confirmed Jan 26Mount Holyoke CollegeTufts UniversityMH--18
Confirmed Jan 26 9:00amRichmond, University ofGeorgetown UniversityRPCS3.4-18
Confirmed Jan 26 10:00amConnecticut CollegeNortheastern UniversityCON--90
Confirmed Jan 26 10:00amBates CollegeWilliam Smith CollegeMHC--72
Confirmed Jan 26 10:00amFranklin and Marshall CollegeVirginia, University of---09
Confirmed Jan 26 11:00amWilliams CollegeWesleyan University---90
Confirmed Jan 26 11:00amRichmond, University ofNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofRPCS1 - 4-90
Confirmed Jan 26 11:00amFordham UniversityBucknell UniversityFORD--09
Confirmed Jan 26 11:00amGeorge Washington UniversityYale University---09
Confirmed Jan 26 11:00amBrown UniversityBowdoin CollegeBRO--90
Confirmed Jan 26 12:30pmWashington University in St. LouisNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofROL1-4-71
Confirmed Jan 26 12:30pmNew York UniversityBucknell UniversityFORD--09
Confirmed Jan 26 1:00pmTufts UniversityWilliam Smith CollegeMHC--81
Confirmed Jan 26 1:00pmAmherst CollegeWesleyan UniversityWILL--72
Confirmed Jan 26 1:30pmPennsylvania, University ofTrinity CollegePenn--18
Confirmed Jan 26 2:00pmHamilton CollegeColgate UniversityHAM--90
Confirmed Jan 26 3:00pmGeorgetown UniversityNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofRPCS--90
Confirmed Jan 26 3:00pmWilliams CollegeAmherst CollegeWILL--90
Confirmed Jan 26 3:00pmVirginia, University ofMiddlebury CollegeF&M--90
Confirmed Jan 26 3:30pmHaverford CollegeVassar CollegeHC--81
Confirmed Jan 26 4:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeBates College---18
Confirmed Jan 26 4:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeCornell UniversityF&M--09
Confirmed Jan 26 4:30pmPennsylvania, University ofColby College---90
Confirmed Jan 27 10:30amDrexel UniversityColby CollegeDREX--90
Confirmed Jan 27 11:00amFranklin and Marshall CollegeMiddlebury CollegeF&M--09
Confirmed Jan 27 11:00amGeorge Washington UniversityColumbia University---09
Confirmed Jan 27 12:00pmAmherst CollegeBates CollegeAMH--45
Confirmed Jan 27 12:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityDartmouth College---09
Confirmed Jan 27 1:00pmVirginia, University ofYale University---27
Confirmed Jan 27 3:00pmTrinity CollegeWilliams CollegeTRIN--81
Confirmed Jan 29 6:00pmHarvard UniversityTufts UniversityHAR--90
Confirmed Jan 29 6:00pmVassar CollegeHamilton CollegeVC--09
Confirmed Jan 30 7:30pmPrinceton UniversityPennsylvania, University of---81
Confirmed Feb 1 2:00pmColumbia UniversityDrexel UniversityCOL--54
Confirmed Feb 1 6:30pmNortheastern UniversityWashington University in St. LouisNEU2-4-72
Confirmed Feb 2Haverford CollegeDenison University---90
Confirmed Feb 2 10:00amPennsylvania, University ofDartmouth College---63
Confirmed Feb 2 12:00pmVirginia, University ofFranklin and Marshall College---90
Confirmed Feb 2 12:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityBard CollegeSLU--90
Confirmed Feb 2 12:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityDickinson CollegeUVA--72
Confirmed Feb 2 12:00pmCornell UniversityBrown University---63
Confirmed Feb 2 12:00pmColumbia UniversityYale University---27
Confirmed Feb 2 1:00pmBucknell UniversityDenison UniversityHAV--90
Confirmed Feb 2 2:00pmHamilton CollegeColgate UniversityHAM--90
Confirmed Feb 2 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityHarvard University---09
Confirmed Feb 2 3:00pmBard CollegeWilliam Smith CollegeSLU--09
Confirmed Feb 2 3:00pmVassar CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversitySLU--09
Confirmed Feb 2 3:30pmHaverford CollegeBucknell University---63
Confirmed Feb 2 4:00pmVirginia, University ofDickinson College---90
Confirmed Feb 2 4:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityFranklin and Marshall CollegeUVA--81
Confirmed Feb 2 5:00pmBoston UniversityWashington University in St. LouisNEU2-4-18
Confirmed Feb 2 6:00pmVassar CollegeWilliam Smith CollegeSLU--18
Confirmed Feb 2 7:00pmWellesley CollegeWashington University in St. LouisNEU2-4-18
Confirmed Feb 3Franklin and Marshall CollegeDickinson CollegeUVA--45
Confirmed Feb 3 10:30amNortheastern UniversityBoston UniversityNEU2-4-90
Confirmed Feb 3 11:00amSt. Lawrence UniversityWilliam Smith College---81
Confirmed Feb 3 11:00amPennsylvania, University ofHarvard UniversityDREX--09
Confirmed Feb 3 11:00amVassar CollegeBard CollegeSLU--90
Confirmed Feb 3 11:30amVirginia, University ofGeorge Washington University---72
Confirmed Feb 3 12:00pmColumbia UniversityBrown University---54
Confirmed Feb 3 12:00pmCornell UniversityYale University---18
Confirmed Feb 3 1:30pmPrinceton UniversityDartmouth College---90
Confirmed Feb 3 2:30pmNortheastern UniversityWellesley CollegeNEU5-7-90
Confirmed Feb 3 4:30pmWellesley CollegeBoston University---90
Confirmed Feb 6 5:00pmHarvard UniversityTrinity College---90
Confirmed Feb 6 6:00pmWilliams CollegeBrown University---36
Confirmed Feb 6 6:00pmMount Holyoke CollegeAmherst CollegeMTH--27
Confirmed Feb 8Harvard UniversityYale University---90
Confirmed Feb 8 5:00pmDickinson CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityDC--90
Confirmed Feb 8 5:00pmPennsylvania, University ofCornell University---54
Confirmed Feb 8 5:00pmDartmouth CollegeBrown University---54
Confirmed Feb 8 6:00pmBates CollegeBowdoin CollegeTRIN1-3-90
Confirmed Feb 8 6:00pmWesleyan UniversityColby CollegeTRIN4-6-90
Confirmed Feb 8 6:00pmHamilton CollegeConnecticut CollegeTRIN4-6-81
Confirmed Feb 8 6:45pmBoston CollegeNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofBhi--90
Confirmed Feb 8 7:30pmPrinceton UniversityColumbia University---81
Confirmed Feb 9Boston CollegeCalifornia-Berkeley, University of---90
Confirmed Feb 9Haverford CollegeDickinson College---09
Confirmed Feb 9Mount Holyoke CollegeVassar CollegeMHC--90
Confirmed Feb 9Wellesley CollegeVassar CollegeMHC--09
Confirmed Feb 9 9:00amConnecticut CollegeBowdoin CollegeTRIN7-9-81
Confirmed Feb 9 9:00amRichmond, University ofBucknell UniversityUVA9,10,11,12 ,G2-09
Confirmed Feb 9 9:00amJohns Hopkins UniversityNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofUVA--81
Confirmed Feb 9 10:00amMount Holyoke CollegeSmith CollegeMHC--90
Confirmed Feb 9 10:00amTrinity CollegeWesleyan UniversityTRIN1-3-90
Confirmed Feb 9 10:00amWilliam Smith CollegeRochester, University ofHWS--81
Confirmed Feb 9 10:00amAmherst CollegeTufts UniversityTRIN4-6-63
Confirmed Feb 9 10:30amFranklin and Marshall CollegeHaverford CollegeF&M--81
Confirmed Feb 9 11:15amColby CollegeBowdoin CollegeTRIN7-9-81
Confirmed Feb 9 11:30amRochester, University ofColgate UniversityHWS--09
Confirmed Feb 9 12:15pmWilliams CollegeHamilton CollegeTRIN1-3-90
Confirmed Feb 9 12:15pmMiddlebury CollegeBates CollegeTRIN4-6-54
Confirmed Feb 9 12:45pmBucknell UniversityNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofUVA9, 10, 11, 12-90
Confirmed Feb 9 12:45pmRichmond, University ofCalifornia-Berkeley, University ofUVA5,6,7,8 G1-80
Confirmed Feb 9 12:45pmBoston CollegeJohns Hopkins UniversityUVA--90
Confirmed Feb 9 1:00pmWilliam Smith CollegeColgate UniversityHWS--81
Confirmed Feb 9 1:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeDickinson CollegeF&M--45
Confirmed Feb 9 1:30pmColby CollegeConnecticut CollegeTRIN7-9-54
Confirmed Feb 9 2:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityDrexel UniversityGWU--18
Confirmed Feb 9 2:30pmSt. Lawrence UniversityRochester, University ofHBA--90
Confirmed Feb 9 2:30pmWellesley CollegeSmith College---90
Confirmed Feb 9 2:30pmTufts UniversityWesleyan UniversityTRIN4-6-90
Confirmed Feb 9 2:30pmTrinity CollegeAmherst CollegeTRIN1-3-81
Confirmed Feb 9 4:30pmVirginia, University ofBoston CollegeMSC--90
Confirmed Feb 9 4:30pmRichmond, University ofNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofUVA5,6,7,8 G1-72
Confirmed Feb 9 4:30pmBucknell UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityUVA--90
Confirmed Feb 9 4:45pmBates CollegeHamilton CollegeTRIN7-9-90
Confirmed Feb 9 4:45pmWilliams CollegeMiddlebury CollegeTRIN4-6-63
Confirmed Feb 10 9:00amRichmond, University ofJohns Hopkins UniversityUVA9,10,11,12 ,G2-45
Confirmed Feb 10 9:30amTufts UniversityBates CollegeTRIN4-6-54
Confirmed Feb 10 9:30amHamilton CollegeWesleyan UniversityTRIN7-9-45
Confirmed Feb 10 11:15amNorth Carolina-Chapel Hill, University ofCalifornia-Berkeley, University ofMSC--90
Confirmed Feb 10 11:15amRichmond, University ofBoston CollegeUVA5,6,7,8 G1-09
Confirmed Feb 10 11:15amVirginia, University ofJohns Hopkins UniversityUVA--90
Confirmed Feb 10 12:00pmMiddlebury CollegeAmherst CollegeTRIN7-9-90
Confirmed Feb 10 12:00pmTrinity CollegeWilliams CollegeTRIN1-3-81
Confirmed Feb 10 12:00pmYale UniversityDartmouth College---72
Confirmed Feb 10 12:00pmCornell UniversityPrinceton University---18
Confirmed Feb 10 1:00pmColumbia UniversityPennsylvania, University of---45
Confirmed Feb 10 2:00pmBrown UniversityHarvard University---09
Confirmed Feb 10 4:30pmCornell UniversitySt. Lawrence UniversityCOR--90
Confirmed Feb 16 2:00pmConnecticut CollegeWellesley CollegeCON--90
Confirmed Feb 19 6:30pmWilliam Smith CollegeHamilton CollegeHWS--36
Confirmed Feb 23 9:00amRochester, University ofDenison UniversityWES4-36
Confirmed Feb 23 1:30pmDenison UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityWES4-43
Confirmed Feb 23 6:00pmRochester, University ofJohns Hopkins UniversityWES4-45