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Episcopal High School
Nadeem Qureshi
Wells Gray
National Cathedral School
Lucy K Gibson
Carole A Grunberg
St. Anne's Belfield
Jay Reeves
St. Catherine's
Patrick Chifunda

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Dec 1 3:00pmSt. Catherine'sEpiscopal High Schoolccv2-54
Confirmed Dec 2PotomacNardin AcademyMer--81
Confirmed Dec 5MercersburgHill School---72
Confirmed Dec 5MercersburgNardin Academy---63
Confirmed Dec 5MercersburgMICDS---18
Bye Dec 5MercersburgByeBye----
Confirmed Dec 5 4:30pmSt. Anne's BelfieldSt. Catherine'sstab--09
Confirmed Dec 8 3:30pmBryn Mawr VarsitySt. Catherine'sB/H--54
Confirmed Dec 8 5:30pmRoland Park VarsitySt. Catherine's---45
Confirmed Dec 9 10:00amPotomacSt. Catherine's---36
Confirmed Dec 14 4:15pmNational Cathedral SchoolPotomacSOF--09
Confirmed Jan 5Episcopal High SchoolBryn Mawr Varsity---81
Confirmed Jan 9 3:30pmSt. Catherine'sSt. Anne's BelfieldCCV2-90
Confirmed Jan 11 5:20pmPotomacEpiscopal High SchoolPOT--27
Confirmed Jan 16 4:00pmEpiscopal High SchoolSt. Catherine'sEHS--54
Confirmed Jan 18MercersburgLCDS---81
Bye Jan 18MercersburgByeBye----
Confirmed Jan 20MercersburgPotomac---27
Scheduled Jan 20MercersburgNational Cathedral School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 20 10:15amSt. Catherine'sPotomacMSB--54
Confirmed Jan 20 11:15amEpiscopal High SchoolMercersburgMER5-81
Confirmed Jan 20 1:30pmEpiscopal High SchoolSt. Catherine'sMER5-45
Confirmed Jan 20 4:30pmPotomacSt. Anne's BelfieldMer--80
Confirmed Jan 23 4:30pmPotomacMercersburgPot--81
Scheduled Jan 23 4:30pmNational Cathedral SchoolEpiscopal High SchoolSOF-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 25 5:30pmEpiscopal High SchoolPotomacEHS5-81
Scheduled Jan 11Blair AcademyMercersburg--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 11Hill School JVMercersburg--Print Blank score card!--
Bye Jan 11MercersburgByeBye----