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Girls' Division A

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Darien B
Christopher Hagen
Darien HS
Christopher Hagen
Greenwich Girls
Jennifer A. Feenstra
New Canaan A
Liz Schmidt
New Canaan B
Liz Schmidt
New Haven A
John W. Dewitt
New Haven B
John W. Dewitt
Rye HS Team 1
Anthony Campbell
Rye HS Team 2
Anthony Campbell
Rye JV Black
John Griffin
Rye JV Red
John Griffin
Staples Girl's JV
David Edwards
Staples Girls Varsity
David Edwards
Thurgood Marshall
Edgardo Gonzalez
Thurgood Marshall 2
Edgardo Gonzalez

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Nov 18New Haven AConestogaPP--43
Confirmed Nov 18Rye HS Team 1New Haven APP--16
Confirmed Nov 27 7:30pmStaples Girl's JVNew Canaan BINT--16
Confirmed Nov 28Greenwich Academy BRye HS Team 1GA1-61
Confirmed Nov 29 3:30pmRye HS Team 1Darien HSLT4-70
Confirmed Nov 29 4:30pmRye JV BlackRye JV RedNYSC1-61
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amNew Haven ARye HS Team 1YALE1-43
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amNew Haven BRye HS Team 2YALE5-25
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amNew Canaan BGreenwich GirlsYALE5-06
Confirmed Dec 2 12:40pmStaples Girls VarsityNew Canaan BYALE5-70
Confirmed Dec 2 12:40pmDarien HSRye HS Team 2YALE5-25
Confirmed Dec 2 12:40pmNew Canaan ARye HS Team 1YALE1-07
Confirmed Dec 2 3:20pmNew Haven ANew Canaan AYALE1-61
Confirmed Dec 2 3:20pmStaples Girls VarsityGreenwich GirlsYALE5-25
Confirmed Dec 2 3:20pmNew Haven BDarien HSYALE5-16
Confirmed Dec 4 5:30pmNew Haven ASt. Luke's SchoolYale--61
Confirmed Dec 4 7:30pmStaples Girls VarsityRye HS Team 2INT1-25
Confirmed Dec 5 4:30pmHackleyRye HS Team 1HACK1-07
Confirmed Dec 6 3:30pmRye JV RedDarien BLT4-52
Confirmed Dec 6 7:30pmStaples Girls VarsityNew Canaan AINT1-16
Confirmed Dec 8 3:00pmSchool of Holy ChildRye HS Team 2WCC1-25
Confirmed Dec 11 4:45pmSt. Luke's SchoolNew Canaan ASt. L--34
Confirmed Dec 11 7:30pmStaples Girls VarsityRye JV RedINT1-70
Confirmed Dec 13 4:30pmRye HS Team 2Greenwich GirlsNYSC1-25
Confirmed Dec 13 7:30pmStaples Girls VarsityDarien HSINT1-34
Confirmed Dec 16 3:30pmThurgood MarshallNew Canaan ASS--61
Confirmed Dec 18 4:30pmRye JV RedNew Canaan BNYSC1-25
Confirmed Dec 18 7:30pmRye HS Team 2Staples Girl's JVINT1-70
Confirmed Dec 19 4:15pmHackleyRye JV Black---07
Confirmed Dec 20 3:30pmRye HS Team 2New Canaan ALT1-34
Confirmed Jan 3 3:30pmRye JV BlackDarien BLT1-61
Confirmed Jan 3 4:30pmDarien HSGreenwich GirlsNYSC1-52
Confirmed Jan 3 7:30pmStaples Girl's JVNew Canaan BINT1-25
Confirmed Jan 8 4:30pmRye JV BlackGreenwich GirlsNYSC1-16
Confirmed Jan 8 8:30pmDarien HSNew Canaan ACP ST4-43
Confirmed Jan 9 6:00pmThurgood MarshallRye HS Team 1STSQ1-07
Confirmed Jan 10 4:30pmRye HS Team 1Staples Girls VarsityNYSC4-61
Confirmed Jan 10 5:00pmNew Haven AHotchkiss SchoolYale--25
Confirmed Jan 12 4:30pmNew Canaan AGreenwich GirlsCP--70
Confirmed Jan 12 5:00pmNew Haven BStaples Girls VarsityYale--34
Confirmed Jan 15 4:30pmNew Haven AChoate Rosemary HallYale--07
Confirmed Jan 16 4:00pmSchool of Holy ChildRye JV RedWCC1-07
Confirmed Jan 16 4:45pmSt. Luke's SchoolRye HS Team 2STLK1-25
Confirmed Jan 17 3:15pmNew Haven AHopkins School - A TeamYale--61
Confirmed Jan 17 4:30pmRye HS Team 1Greenwich GirlsNYSC1-70
Confirmed Jan 18 5:00pmPoly Prep NYLRye HS Team 1POLY1-07
Confirmed Jan 19 3:00pmGreens Farms AcademyNew Canaan AGFA--07
Confirmed Jan 23 4:30pmNew Haven ASuffield AcademySuf--70
Confirmed Jan 24 7:30pmStaples Girl's JVDarien BINT1-43
Confirmed Jan 25 4:00pmSchool of Holy ChildRye JV BlackWCC1-07
Confirmed Jan 28Rye HS Team 1Thurgood MarshallYale--70
Confirmed Jan 28Thurgood MarshallGreenwich GirlsYale--70
Confirmed Jan 28New Haven ANew Canaan AYale--61
Confirmed Jan 28New Canaan ADarien HSYale--61
Confirmed Jan 28Rye HS Team 2Thurgood Marshall 2Yale--52
Confirmed Jan 28New Canaan BRye JV RedYale--52
Confirmed Jan 28New Haven BStaples Girls VarsityYale--43
Confirmed Jan 28Staples Girls VarsityThurgood Marshall 2YALE--34
Confirmed Jan 28New Haven ARye HS Team 1Yale--34
Confirmed Jan 28New Haven BRye HS Team 2Yale--34
Confirmed Jan 28Greenwich GirlsDarien HSYale--25
Confirmed Jan 28New Canaan BRye JV Black---25
Confirmed Jan 28Darien BRye JV BlackYale--16