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Philadelphia Squash Racquets Association

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Division C (-3.75)

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Kurt C. Wulfekuhler
(215) 327-4928
Curtis B Silva
William Glassman
Gerard Maddrey
Reed M O'brien
Huntingdon Valley
Jordan P. Smith
(215) 768-9290
Philly Cricket
Peter Landreth
Philly Squash Club 1
Patrick C O'hara Jr
Philly Squash Club 2
Alex Plessett
(610) 256-1296
Racquet Club
John D Cranmer
(609) 417-2526

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Jan 5 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 1Cynwyd-3-30
Confirmed Jan 5 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 2Hamilton-1-30
Confirmed Jan 5 06:30pmGwyneddHuntingdon Valley-2-12
Confirmed Jan 5 06:30pmPhilly CricketGermantown-4-03
Confirmed Jan 5 06:30pmEpiscopalRacquet Club-5-03
Confirmed Jan 12 06:30pmRacquet ClubPhilly Squash Club 1-3-30
Confirmed Jan 12 06:30pmHuntingdon ValleyHamilton-5-21
Confirmed Jan 12 7:00 PMGermantownEpiscopal-2-21
Confirmed Jan 12 6:45 PMCynwydPhilly Squash Club 2-1-03
Confirmed Jan 12 06:30pmPhilly CricketGwynedd-4-03
Confirmed Jan 19 06:30pmHuntingdon ValleyEpiscopal-4-30
Confirmed Jan 19 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 2Philly Cricket-2-30
Confirmed Jan 19 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 1Germantown-1-21
Confirmed Jan 19 06:30pmGwyneddRacquet Club-3-1(5,87)1(4,84)
Confirmed Jan 19 06:45pmCynwydHamilton-5-03
Confirmed Jan 26 7:00 PMGermantownCynwyd-4-30
Confirmed Jan 26 06:30pmRacquet ClubHamilton-5-30
Confirmed Jan 26 06:30pmGwyneddPhilly Squash Club 2-3-12
Confirmed Jan 26 06:30pmEpiscopalPhilly Squash Club 1-2-12
Confirmed Jan 26 06:30pmPhilly CricketHuntingdon Valley-1-03
Confirmed Feb 2 6:45 PMCynwydPhilly Cricket-2-21
Confirmed Feb 2 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 1Hamilton-4-21
Confirmed Feb 2 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 2Episcopal-5-21
Confirmed Feb 2 06:30pmHuntingdon ValleyRacquet Club-1-21
Confirmed Feb 2 7:00 PMGermantownGwynedd-3-12
Confirmed Feb 9 06:30pmPhilly CricketHamilton-1-30
Confirmed Feb 9 06:30pmHuntingdon ValleyCynwyd-2-30
Confirmed Feb 9 06:30pmGwyneddEpiscopal-5-30
Confirmed Feb 9 06:30pmRacquet ClubGermantown-4-21
Confirmed Feb 9 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 2Philly Squash Club 1-3-12
Confirmed Feb 16 06:30pmRacquet ClubPhilly Cricket-5-30
Confirmed Feb 16 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 1Huntingdon Valley-2-21
Confirmed Feb 16 7:00 PMGermantownPhilly Squash Club 2-3-12
Confirmed Feb 16 06:30pmEpiscopalHamilton-1-12
Confirmed Feb 16 6:45 PMCynwydGwynedd-4-03
Confirmed Feb 23 07:00pmGermantownHamilton-3-30
Confirmed Feb 23 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 2Huntingdon Valley-1-30
Confirmed Feb 23 06:30pmPhilly Squash Club 1Gwynedd-2-12
Confirmed Feb 23 6:45 PMCynwydRacquet Club-4-03
Scheduled Feb 23 06:30pmEpiscopalPhilly Cricket-5Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Mar 2 06:30pmHuntingdon ValleyGermantown-1-30
Confirmed Mar 2 06:30pmGwyneddHamilton-5-30
Confirmed Mar 2 06:30pmEpiscopalCynwyd-4-30
Confirmed Mar 2 06:30pmRacquet ClubPhilly Squash Club 2-2-20
Confirmed Mar 2 06:30pmPhilly CricketPhilly Squash Club 1-3-03
Confirmed Mar 9 6:30pmHuntingdon ValleyGwyneddHVCC--30
Confirmed Mar 9 6:30pmRacquet ClubPhilly Squash Club 2RCOP--21
Confirmed Mar 23 6:30pmRacquet ClubHuntingdon ValleyRCOP--30