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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Oct 8Siena CollegeUniversity of Vermont---27
Confirmed Oct 15Denison UniversityUniversity of Notre DameOSU--90
Confirmed Oct 15Ohio St UniversityUniversity of Notre DameOSU--72
Confirmed Oct 15University of California - BerkeleyUniversity of Southern California---72
Confirmed Oct 15Brandeis UniversityBabson College---63
Confirmed Oct 22 10:30amDavidson CollegeDuke UniversityCLT--17
Confirmed Oct 28 7:45pmNortheastern UniversityBabson College---80
Bye Oct 28 7:45pmNortheastern UniversityByeBye----
Confirmed Oct 29Colgate UniversityIthaca College---90
Confirmed Oct 29 11:00amStanford UniversityNaval AcademyStan--09
Confirmed Oct 29 12:00pmJohns Hopkins UniversityUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillNavy--71
Confirmed Oct 29 1:30pmUniversity of California - BerkeleyNaval AcademyStan--08
Confirmed Oct 29 2:00pmLehigh UniversitySwarthmore College---72
Confirmed Nov 4 3:45pmNorthwestern UniversityUniversity of Southern California---72
Confirmed Nov 5Northeastern UniversityBrandeis University---81
Confirmed Nov 5Northeastern UniversityBard CollegeNE--36
Confirmed Nov 5Brandeis UniversityBard CollegeNE--09
Scheduled Nov 5 10:00amDenison UniversityUniversity of Notre DameBuff-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amDickinson CollegeLehigh UniversityDSON--90
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amRichmond, University ofWilliam & MaryUVA--90
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amDenison UniversityWashington University in St. LouisBuff--70
Confirmed Nov 5 12:00pmUniversity of VirginiaRichmond, University ofUVA--90
Confirmed Nov 5 12:00pmFordham UniversitySiena CollegeVC--81
Confirmed Nov 5 1:00pmNew York UniversityLehigh UniversityDSON--90
Confirmed Nov 5 2:30pmUniversity of VirginiaWilliam & MaryUVA--90
Confirmed Nov 5 3:00pmDickinson CollegeNew York UniversityDSON--90
Confirmed Nov 5 4:15pmDenison UniversityBucknell UniversityBuff--45
Confirmed Nov 5 4:30pmBucknell UniversityWashington University in St. LouisBuff--70
Confirmed Nov 5 5:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityWestern OntarioSLU--90
Bye Nov 7Amherst CollegeByeBye1---
Confirmed Nov 8 6:00pmBoston UniversityBoston College---27
Confirmed Nov 9 7:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityGeorgetown UniversityGW--80
Confirmed Nov 10 6:00pmMITBoston University---90
Confirmed Nov 11Chicago, University ofUniversity of Southern California---81
Confirmed Nov 11 6:00pmNorthwestern UniversityMinnesota, University of---71
Confirmed Nov 11 7:00pmNaval AcademyFordham UniversityNavy--80
Confirmed Nov 11 7:00pmWashington, University ofGeorgetown UniversityNAVY--45
Confirmed Nov 11 7:30pmBard CollegeLafayette CollegeBard--90
Confirmed Nov 12Chicago, University ofMinnesota, University of---90
Confirmed Nov 12Lehigh UniversityBryant University---63
Confirmed Nov 12University of Notre DameMinnesota, University of---52
Confirmed Nov 12 9:00amNorthwestern UniversityChicago, University of---45
Confirmed Nov 12 9:00amFordham UniversityWashington, University ofUSNA--17
Confirmed Nov 12 10:00amMITLehigh University---90
Confirmed Nov 12 10:00amBard CollegeColgate UniversityBard--43
Confirmed Nov 12 11:00amNaval AcademyDickinson CollegeNavy--90
Confirmed Nov 12 11:30amFordham UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--45
Confirmed Nov 12 11:30amUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of Southern California---27
Confirmed Nov 12 12:00pmMITBryant University---90
Confirmed Nov 12 1:00pmDuke UniversityUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill---90
Confirmed Nov 12 1:00pmSiena CollegeLafayette CollegeBard--18
Confirmed Nov 12 1:30pmNaval AcademyUniversity of VirginiaNAVY--54
Confirmed Nov 12 2:00pmHaverford CollegeWashington, University of---63
Confirmed Nov 12 4:00pmColgate UniversitySwarthmore CollegeBARD--61
Confirmed Nov 12 4:30pmUniversity of VirginiaDickinson CollegeNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 12 4:30pmHaverford CollegeRichmond, University ofNAVY--81
Scheduled Nov 12 6:00pmBard CollegeBoston UniversityBard-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Nov 12 7:30pmRichmond, University ofJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--72
Confirmed Nov 13Chicago, University ofUniversity of Notre Dame---81
Confirmed Nov 13 9:00amNaval AcademyJohns Hopkins UniversityNavy--90
Confirmed Nov 13 9:00amNaval AcademyWashington, University ofNavy--80
Confirmed Nov 13 9:00amGeorgetown UniversityRichmond, University ofNAVY--63
Confirmed Nov 13 10:00amBard CollegeSwarthmore College---71
Confirmed Nov 13 10:30amUniversity of Southern CaliforniaMinnesota, University of---52
Confirmed Nov 13 11:00amSiena CollegeColgate UniversityBard--27
Confirmed Nov 13 11:30amGeorgetown UniversityFordham UniversityNAVY--71
Confirmed Nov 13 11:30amRichmond, University ofWashington, University ofNAVY--45
Confirmed Nov 13 11:45amNorthwestern UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame---71
Confirmed Nov 13 2:00pmBard CollegeSiena CollegeBard--90
Confirmed Nov 15 7:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeDrexel UniversityF&M--09
Confirmed Nov 16 5:00pmDrexel UniversityNaval AcademyDREX--72
Confirmed Nov 17 7:00pmNortheastern UniversityBoston University---54
Confirmed Nov 18 2:00pmHobart CollegeWestern OntarioHBT--09
Confirmed Nov 18 6:00pmTufts UniversityBoston College---81
Confirmed Nov 18 7:00pmCornell UniversityWilliams CollegeCORN--90
Confirmed Nov 18 7:00pmNaval AcademyMITNavy--90
Confirmed Nov 19Stanford UniversityBucknell Universitynavy--72
Confirmed Nov 19Tufts UniversityColby CollegeMIT--63
Confirmed Nov 19 9:30amNaval AcademyGeorgetown UniversityNavy--90
Confirmed Nov 19 9:30amBucknell UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--81
Confirmed Nov 19 10:00amWilliams CollegeWestern OntarioCORN--36
Confirmed Nov 19 11:00amTrinity CollegeBates College---90
Confirmed Nov 19 12:00pmNaval AcademyHobart CollegeNavy--90
Confirmed Nov 19 12:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaGeorge Washington UniversityUPenn--80
Confirmed Nov 19 12:00pmDenison UniversityMITNavy--27
Confirmed Nov 19 1:00pmHaverford CollegeConnecticut CollegeVAS--09
Confirmed Nov 19 2:00pmDickinson CollegeWilliams CollegeCORN--18
Confirmed Nov 19 2:00pmHamilton CollegeWesleyan University---18
Confirmed Nov 19 2:00pmColumbia UniversityDrexel UniversityCOL--90
Confirmed Nov 19 2:15pmRichmond, University ofUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillCCV--70
Confirmed Nov 19 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityFranklin and Marshall College---81
Confirmed Nov 19 2:30pmGeorgetown UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--72
Confirmed Nov 19 3:00pmTrinity CollegeBowdoin College---80
Confirmed Nov 19 4:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of VirginiaPENN--90
Confirmed Nov 19 5:00pmNaval AcademyBucknell UniversityNavy--90
Confirmed Nov 19 5:00pmMITHobart CollegeNAVY--81
Confirmed Nov 19 5:00pmDenison UniversityStanford UniversityNAVY--36
Confirmed Nov 19 5:00pmDickinson CollegeWestern OntarioCORN--09
Confirmed Nov 19 6:00pmNortheastern UniversityColby CollegeNE--09
Confirmed Nov 20Tufts UniversityBryant University---90
Confirmed Nov 20Tufts UniversityBrandeis University---80
Confirmed Nov 20Hobart CollegeStanford Universitynavy--72
Confirmed Nov 20Brandeis UniversityBryant University---35
Confirmed Nov 20Stanford UniversityMITnavy--36
Confirmed Nov 20 9:30amDenison UniversityHobart CollegeNavy--36
Confirmed Nov 20 9:30amBucknell UniversityGeorgetown UniversityNAVY--81
Confirmed Nov 20 10:00amTrinity CollegeDrexel UniversityTRIN--90
Confirmed Nov 20 10:00amCornell UniversityWestern OntarioCORN--72
Confirmed Nov 20 12:00pmNaval AcademyDenison UniversityNavy--90
Confirmed Nov 20 12:00pmMITBucknell UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 20 12:00pmDrexel UniversityBowdoin CollegeTRIN--80
Confirmed Nov 20 1:00pmBates CollegeConnecticut CollegeTRIN--90
Confirmed Nov 20 1:00pmCornell UniversityDickinson CollegeCORN--81
Confirmed Nov 20 1:00pmHamilton CollegeWilliams College---09
Confirmed Nov 20 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityPRN--71
Confirmed Nov 20 4:30pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeUniversity of VirginiaF&M--72
Confirmed Nov 30 6:00pmUniversity of RochesterDartmouth CollegeROCH--90
Confirmed Nov 30 6:00pmDrexel UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaDREX--54
Confirmed Nov 30 7:00pmNortheastern UniversityBoston College---36
Confirmed Dec 2 2:00pmTrinity CollegeColumbia University---81
Confirmed Dec 2 6:00pmUniversity of VirginiaGeorge Washington UniversityUVA--36
Confirmed Dec 2 6:00pmMiddlebury CollegeDrexel UniversityMidd--09
Confirmed Dec 2 6:00pmBates CollegeBowdoin College---80
Confirmed Dec 3Vanderbilt UniversitySewanee: University of the SouthVAN1-81
Confirmed Dec 3Fordham UniversityBoston UniversityFU--61
Confirmed Dec 3Lehigh UniversityBoston UniversityFU--54
Confirmed Dec 3Lehigh UniversityColgate UniversityFU--54
Confirmed Dec 3Fordham UniversityColgate UniversityFU--43
Confirmed Dec 3Fordham UniversityLehigh UniversityFU--45
Confirmed Dec 3New York UniversityTufts University---27
Confirmed Dec 3 12:00pmYale UniversityFranklin and Marshall College---90
Confirmed Dec 3 12:00pmHaverford CollegeSwarthmore College---81
Confirmed Dec 3 12:00pmUniversity of RochesterUniversity of PennsylvaniaROCH--72
Confirmed Dec 3 12:00pmMiddlebury CollegeNaval AcademyMidd--27
Confirmed Dec 3 1:00pmAmherst CollegeBrandeis UniversityAMH--90
Confirmed Dec 3 1:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityPrinceton University---81
Confirmed Dec 3 1:30pmColgate UniversityBoston University---34
Confirmed Dec 3 2:00pmHamilton CollegeTufts University---63
Confirmed Dec 3 2:00pmDartmouth CollegeTrinity CollegeDART--09
Confirmed Dec 3 2:00pmWilliams CollegeDrexel UniversityWILL--09
Confirmed Dec 3 3:30pmConnecticut CollegeNortheastern UniversityCC--81
Confirmed Dec 3 5:00pmDickinson CollegeColby CollegeWES--72
Confirmed Dec 3 5:30pmHamilton CollegeNew York University---81
Confirmed Dec 3 6:00pmWilliams CollegeHobart CollegeWILL--81
Confirmed Dec 4 9:30amWesleyan UniversityDickinson CollegeWESL--27
Confirmed Dec 4 11:00amBates CollegeDickinson CollegeWES--81
Confirmed Dec 4 11:00amDartmouth CollegeFranklin and Marshall CollegeDART--81
Confirmed Dec 4 12:00pmColumbia UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityCOL--80
Confirmed Dec 4 12:00pmTrinity CollegeColby CollegeTRIN--72
Confirmed Dec 4 12:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania---45
Confirmed Dec 4 12:00pmUniversity of RochesterPrinceton UniversityROCH--81
Confirmed Dec 4 12:30pmTufts UniversityBard CollegeVass--81
Confirmed Dec 4 2:00pmWilliams CollegeMITWILL--90
Confirmed Dec 4 4:00pmDartmouth CollegeNaval AcademyDART--72
Confirmed Dec 6 7:00pmYale UniversityBrown University---90
Confirmed Dec 7 4:00pmHarvard UniversityDartmouth College---81
Confirmed Dec 9Wesleyan UniversityConnecticut CollegeWESLY--72
Confirmed Dec 10 11:00amBard CollegeNew York UniversityBard--27
Confirmed Jan 5 12:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeColumbia UniversityF&M--09
Confirmed Jan 6 4:00pmWilliams CollegeBowdoin CollegeWill--90
Confirmed Jan 7Williams CollegeColby CollegeWILL--90
Confirmed Jan 7 10:00amMiddlebury CollegeBowdoin CollegeMidd--81
Confirmed Jan 7 2:00pmMiddlebury CollegeBates College---63
Confirmed Jan 7 2:00pmWestern OntarioNaval AcademyUWO--54
Confirmed Jan 8Hamilton CollegeColby CollegeMIDD--09
Confirmed Jan 8 11:00amMiddlebury CollegeColby CollegeMIDD--81
Confirmed Jan 8 12:00pmWilliams CollegeBates College---18
Confirmed Jan 8 1:30pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaTrinity College---18
Confirmed Jan 9 12:00pmPrinceton UniversityTrinity College---09
Confirmed Jan 9 3:00pmMiddlebury CollegeHamilton CollegeMidd--90
Confirmed Jan 10 11:00amYale UniversityUniversity of RochesterYALE--18
Confirmed Jan 11Franklin and Marshall CollegeStanford Universitystan--90
Confirmed Jan 11 11:00amBowdoin CollegeWesleyan UniversityBow--54
Confirmed Jan 11 4:30pmAmherst CollegeMiddlebury CollegeAmh--09
Confirmed Jan 12 12:00pmColumbia UniversityUniversity of RochesterNY--54
Confirmed Jan 12 6:00pmMiddlebury CollegeHobart CollegeMidd--90
Confirmed Jan 13MITNortheastern University---80
Confirmed Jan 13Franklin and Marshall CollegeWilliams College---72
Confirmed Jan 13Wesleyan UniversityTufts University---63
Confirmed Jan 13Colby CollegeHobart CollegeCOLBY--54
Confirmed Jan 13Haverford CollegeTufts University---27
Confirmed Jan 13Haverford CollegeWesleyan University---18
Confirmed Jan 13 2:00pmDrexel UniversityHarvard UniversityDREX--27
Confirmed Jan 13 4:00pmBowdoin CollegeHamilton CollegeBow--81
Confirmed Jan 13 6:00pmMITBoston College---81
Confirmed Jan 13 8:00pmBoston CollegeNortheastern UniversityMIT--71
Confirmed Jan 14Haverford CollegeNortheastern University---90
Confirmed Jan 14MITHaverford College---72
Confirmed Jan 14MITNorthwestern University---72
Confirmed Jan 14Wesleyan UniversityColby CollegeWES--36
Confirmed Jan 14Cornell UniversityYale UniversityCORN--18
Confirmed Jan 14 10:00amNorthwestern UniversityNortheastern UniversityMIT--81
Confirmed Jan 14 11:00amFranklin and Marshall CollegeMiddlebury CollegeF&M--54
Confirmed Jan 14 11:00amSt. Lawrence UniversityConnecticut CollegeWESLY--90
Confirmed Jan 14 12:00pmBates CollegeHobart College---90
Confirmed Jan 14 12:00pmColumbia UniversityBrown UniversityCOL--81
Confirmed Jan 14 12:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaHarvard University---18
Scheduled Jan 14 12:00pmNortheastern UniversityHaverford CollegeMIT-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 14 2:00pmBates CollegeHamilton College---90
Confirmed Jan 14 2:00pmMiddlebury CollegeDickinson CollegeF&M--72
Confirmed Jan 14 2:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityWilliams CollegeGWU--72
Confirmed Jan 14 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityDartmouth CollegePRINC--45
Confirmed Jan 14 5:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeDickinson CollegeDSON--81
Confirmed Jan 14 6:00pmBoston CollegeNorthwestern UniversityMIT--54
Confirmed Jan 15St. Lawrence UniversityColby CollegeWES--81
Confirmed Jan 15Haverford CollegeNorthwestern University---72
Confirmed Jan 15 10:00amConnecticut CollegeColby CollegeWES--09
Confirmed Jan 15 10:00amBowdoin CollegeHobart CollegeBow--45
Confirmed Jan 15 11:00amUniversity of PennsylvaniaDartmouth CollegePENN--81
Confirmed Jan 15 11:30amAmherst CollegeNortheastern UniversityAMH--70
Confirmed Jan 15 12:00pmNaval AcademyWilliams CollegeNavy--72
Confirmed Jan 15 12:00pmYale UniversityColumbia University---27
Confirmed Jan 15 12:00pmBrown UniversityCornell UniversityBRO--18
Confirmed Jan 15 12:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeTrinity College---09
Confirmed Jan 15 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityHarvard University---18
Confirmed Jan 18Hobart CollegeCornell University---09
Confirmed Jan 18 5:30pmGeorge Washington UniversityNaval AcademyGWU--45
Confirmed Jan 18 6:00pmTrinity CollegeYale University---90
Confirmed Jan 18 6:00pmUniversity of RochesterCornell UniversityROCH--90
Confirmed Jan 19 4:00pmConnecticut CollegeDickinson CollegeCONN--09
Confirmed Jan 20St. Lawrence UniversityYale University---90
Confirmed Jan 20 11:00amDickinson CollegeBowdoin CollegeMIT--54
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmAmherst CollegeStanford UniversityAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 20 2:00pmBowdoin CollegeConnecticut CollegeMIT--90
Confirmed Jan 20 4:00pmAmherst CollegeBrown UniversityAMH--27
Confirmed Jan 20 4:00pmWestern OntarioStanford UniversitySMITH--90
Confirmed Jan 20 5:00pmMiddlebury CollegeWilliams CollegeMidd--45
Confirmed Jan 20 6:00pmMITConnecticut College---90
Confirmed Jan 20 6:00pmTufts UniversityDickinson CollegeHARV--27
Confirmed Jan 20 6:00pmUniversity of RochesterDrexel UniversityROCH--63
Confirmed Jan 20 7:00pmColby CollegeWestern OntarioSMITH--18
Confirmed Jan 21Wesleyan UniversityStanford University---90
Confirmed Jan 21Franklin and Marshall CollegeColby CollegeAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 21Colby CollegeWesleyan UniversityMHC--81
Confirmed Jan 21Bucknell UniversityBard CollegeFdhm--72
Confirmed Jan 21Fordham UniversityBard CollegeFdhm--63
Confirmed Jan 21Fordham UniversityBucknell UniversityFU--36
Bye Jan 21Fordham UniversityByeBye----
Confirmed Jan 21 8:00amAmherst CollegeFranklin and Marshall CollegeAMH--09
Confirmed Jan 21 9:00amFranklin and Marshall CollegeBates CollegeAMH--45
Confirmed Jan 21 9:00amHobart CollegeWestern OntarioSMITH--27
Confirmed Jan 21 10:30amMITDickinson College---63
Confirmed Jan 21 11:00amHaverford CollegeSwarthmore College---90
Confirmed Jan 21 11:00amBoston CollegeGeorgetown UniversityHARV--54
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmWestern OntarioConnecticut CollegeSMTH--90
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityGeorge Washington UniversitySTL--90
Confirmed Jan 21 1:00pmAmherst CollegeHamilton CollegeAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 21 2:00pmMITGeorgetown UniversityMIT--81
Confirmed Jan 21 2:00pmCornell UniversityDrexel UniversityCORN--27
Confirmed Jan 21 3:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityMiddlebury CollegeSt.La--90
Confirmed Jan 21 3:00pmUniversity of RochesterTrinity CollegeROCH--54
Confirmed Jan 21 3:15pmHarvard UniversityTufts University---90
Confirmed Jan 21 4:00pmHobart CollegeConnecticut CollegeAMHR--90
Confirmed Jan 22Colby CollegeStanford UniversityAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 22Tufts UniversityBoston University---81
Confirmed Jan 22Tufts UniversityGeorgetown UniversityTUFTS--90
Confirmed Jan 22Boston UniversityGeorgetown UniversityTUFTS--18
Confirmed Jan 22 9:00amHamilton CollegeStanford UniversitySmith--72
Confirmed Jan 22 9:00amAmherst CollegeBates CollegeAMH--18
Confirmed Jan 22 10:00amHobart CollegeDrexel UniversityHOB--09
Confirmed Jan 22 10:00amCornell UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityCORN--45
Confirmed Jan 22 12:00pmHamilton CollegeWesleyan UniversitySmith--36
Confirmed Jan 22 1:00pmAmherst CollegeColby CollegeAMH--45
Confirmed Jan 22 1:00pmCornell UniversityTrinity CollegeCORN--09
Confirmed Jan 22 2:00pmDartmouth CollegeMiddlebury CollegeDART--90
Confirmed Jan 24 6:00pmWilliams CollegeBrown University---63
Confirmed Jan 25 6:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaNaval Academy---72
Confirmed Jan 25 6:00pmColby CollegeBates CollegeCOLBY--18
Confirmed Jan 27Washington, University ofUniversity of Notre DameSTA--90
Scheduled Jan 27Colby CollegeBryant UniversityCOLBY-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 27 12:00pmColumbia UniversityWilliams CollegeCOL--81
Confirmed Jan 27 2:00pmDrexel UniversityYale UniversityDREX--54
Confirmed Jan 27 4:00pmMinnesota, University ofStanford UniversitySTA4-09
Confirmed Jan 27 5:00pmBowdoin CollegeMITBOWD--45
Confirmed Jan 27 6:00pmBrown UniversityUniversity of VirginiaBROWN--81
Confirmed Jan 27 6:00pmCornell UniversityFranklin and Marshall CollegeCORN--54
Bye Jan 27 6:00pmCornell UniversityByeBye----
Confirmed Jan 27 6:30pmUniversity of California - BerkeleyMinnesota, University ofSTA4-54
Confirmed Jan 27 7:15pmFordham UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityMMAC--54
Confirmed Jan 27 7:15pmGeorgetown UniversityChicago, University ofBALT--72
Confirmed Jan 27 7:45pmSwarthmore CollegeLafayette College---18
Confirmed Jan 28Stanford UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame---90
Confirmed Jan 28Denison UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityBalt1-90
Confirmed Jan 28Chicago, University ofJohns Hopkins UniversityBALT--90
Confirmed Jan 28Washington, University ofUniversity of Southern CaliforniaSTA--80
Confirmed Jan 28Chicago, University ofPenn State UniversityBALT--70
Confirmed Jan 28University of California - BerkeleyUniversity of Notre Dame---72
Confirmed Jan 28Tufts UniversityConnecticut CollegeTUFTS--63
Confirmed Jan 28Colby CollegeMITCOLBY--54
Confirmed Jan 28Chicago, University ofNew York UniversityBALT--09
Confirmed Jan 28Washington, University ofMinnesota, University ofSTA--90
Confirmed Jan 28 8:30amVanderbilt UniversitySwarthmore CollegeMMill--90
Confirmed Jan 28 8:30amFordham UniversityLafayette CollegeMMAC--81
Confirmed Jan 28 10:00amAmherst CollegeWesleyan UniversityAMH--54
Confirmed Jan 28 10:30amSwarthmore CollegeSiena CollegeMMill--72
Confirmed Jan 28 10:30amGeorgetown UniversityVanderbilt UniversityBALT--81
Confirmed Jan 28 10:30amGeorge Washington UniversityYale UniversityGWU--27
Scheduled Jan 28 10:30amYale UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityGWU-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 28 11:00amDavidson CollegeUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUVA--27
Confirmed Jan 28 11:30amBard CollegeBoston UniversityVass--63
Confirmed Jan 28 11:30amMiddlebury CollegeUniversity of VirginiaBrown--45
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmHaverford CollegeLehigh University---90
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmUniversity of RochesterHarvard UniversityROCH--36
Confirmed Jan 28 12:30pmDuke UniversitySwarthmore CollegeMMill--90
Confirmed Jan 28 1:00pmWilliams CollegeWesleyan UniversityAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 28 1:00pmSiena CollegePenn State UniversityMMC--36
Confirmed Jan 28 2:00pmColgate UniversityHamilton College---09
Confirmed Jan 28 2:30pmFordham UniversityWilliam & MaryMMAC--90
Confirmed Jan 28 2:30pmBard CollegeBryant UniversityVass--90
Confirmed Jan 28 2:30pmNew York UniversityGeorgetown UniversityBALT--63
Scheduled Jan 28 3:00pmLafayette CollegeJames MadisonMMAC-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 28 3:00pmBrown UniversityBowdoin CollegeBro--81
Confirmed Jan 28 3:00pmMinnesota, University ofUniversity of Notre DameSTA4-63
Confirmed Jan 28 4:00pmBates CollegeMITBA--90
Confirmed Jan 28 4:00pmNaval AcademyYale University---09
Confirmed Jan 28 4:00pmAmherst CollegeWilliams CollegeAMH--09
Confirmed Jan 28 4:30pmNortheastern UniversityBryant UniversityVU--90
Confirmed Jan 28 4:30pmDenison UniversityGeorgetown UniversityBALT1-81
Confirmed Jan 28 6:00pmUniversity of VirginiaConnecticut CollegeBROWN--90
Confirmed Jan 28 6:30pmDuke UniversitySiena CollegeMMAC--90
Confirmed Jan 28 6:30pmLafayette CollegeWilliam & Mary---81
Confirmed Jan 28 6:30pmFordham UniversityVanderbilt UniversityMMAC--63
Confirmed Jan 29New York UniversityVanderbilt University---90
Confirmed Jan 29Washington, University ofUniversity of California - BerkeleySTA--90
Confirmed Jan 29Stanford UniversityUniversity of California - Berkeley---80
Confirmed Jan 29Stanford UniversityUniversity of Southern California---80
Confirmed Jan 29Colby CollegeTufts UniversityCOLBY--81
Confirmed Jan 29Stanford UniversityWashington, University ofSTA--72
Confirmed Jan 29Boston UniversityNortheastern University---63
Confirmed Jan 29Hobart CollegeHamilton CollegeHWS5-54
Confirmed Jan 29University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of Notre Dame---53
Confirmed Jan 29University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of California - Berkeley---26
Confirmed Jan 29Siena CollegeWilliam & MaryMMC--27
Confirmed Jan 29 8:30amLafayette CollegePenn State University---52
Confirmed Jan 29 8:30amFordham UniversityDuke UniversityMMAC--27
Confirmed Jan 29 9:00amUniversity of VermontNortheastern UniversityVU--09
Confirmed Jan 29 10:00amDickinson CollegeDenison UniversityDSON--90
Confirmed Jan 29 10:00amDrexel UniversityDartmouth CollegeDREX--63
Confirmed Jan 29 10:30amColumbia UniversityCornell UniversityCOL--81
Confirmed Jan 29 10:30amJohns Hopkins UniversityNew York UniversityMMAC--09
Confirmed Jan 29 10:30amUniversity of VirginiaBowdoin CollegeBROWN--90
Confirmed Jan 29 12:00pmDenison UniversityHaverford CollegeDick--45
Confirmed Jan 29 12:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityHarvard UniversitySLU--36
Confirmed Jan 29 12:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeUniversity of RochesterF&M--09
Confirmed Jan 29 2:00pmMiddlebury CollegeBrown UniversityBrown--72
Confirmed Jan 29 3:00pmDickinson CollegeHaverford CollegeDSON--90
Confirmed Jan 29 6:00pmBates CollegeTufts UniversityBA--90
Confirmed Jan 31 6:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityUniversity of VirginiaGW--81
Confirmed Feb 1Boston UniversityBryant University---90
Confirmed Feb 1 7:30pmPrinceton UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania---36
Confirmed Feb 3Amherst CollegeConnecticut CollegeNESCA--90
Confirmed Feb 3Wesleyan UniversityTufts UniversityNESCA--72
Confirmed Feb 3Bowdoin CollegeHamilton CollegeNESCA--72
S Feb 3Colby CollegeTBDTBD----
Confirmed Feb 3 5:00pmHobart CollegeNaval AcademyHWS--09
Confirmed Feb 3 7:00pmDuke UniversityVanderbilt UniversityUVA--71
Confirmed Feb 3 7:00pmUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUVA--43
Confirmed Feb 3 7:00pmSewanee: University of the SouthBoston CollegeUVA--07
Confirmed Feb 3 7:30pmColgate UniversitySwarthmore CollegeCOLG--81
Confirmed Feb 4Trinity CollegeWesleyan UniversityNESCA--90
Confirmed Feb 4Chicago, University ofWashington University in St. Louis---90
Confirmed Feb 4Bates CollegeBowdoin CollegeNESCA--90
Confirmed Feb 4Middlebury CollegeColby CollegeNESCA--90
Confirmed Feb 4Trinity CollegeMiddlebury CollegeNESCA--90
Confirmed Feb 4Brandeis UniversityBabson College---71
Confirmed Feb 4Tufts UniversityConnecticut CollegeNESCA--72
Confirmed Feb 4Williams CollegeAmherst CollegeNESCA--72
Confirmed Feb 4Bates CollegeWilliams CollegeNESCA--72
Confirmed Feb 4Hamilton CollegeConnecticut CollegeNESCA--63
Confirmed Feb 4Colby CollegeWesleyan UniversityNESCA--63
Confirmed Feb 4Tufts UniversityHamilton CollegeNESCA--63
Confirmed Feb 4Chicago, University ofNorthwestern University---54
Confirmed Feb 4Colgate UniversityBoston University---45
Confirmed Feb 4Bucknell UniversityNew York UniversityBknll--45
S Feb 4Colby CollegeTBDTBD----
Confirmed Feb 4 10:00amUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUVA--70
Confirmed Feb 4 10:00amDuke UniversitySewanee: University of the SouthUVA--70
Confirmed Feb 4 10:00amVanderbilt UniversityBoston CollegeUVA--07
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmHobart CollegeBard CollegeRoch--90
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmHarvard UniversityColumbia UniversityHAR--81
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmDartmouth CollegeCornell UniversityDART--81
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmSwarthmore CollegeBryant UniversityCOLG--27
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmHaverford CollegeGeorgetown UniversityHAV--90
Confirmed Feb 4 1:00pmSewanee: University of the SouthVanderbilt UniversityUva--17
Confirmed Feb 4 1:00pmBrown UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania---18
Bye Feb 4 1:00pmUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillByeBye----
Confirmed Feb 4 1:00pmDuke UniversityBoston CollegeUVA--25
Confirmed Feb 4 1:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityFranklin and Marshall CollegeGWU--72
Confirmed Feb 4 1:00pmYale UniversityPrinceton University---63
Confirmed Feb 4 2:00pmUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of Notre DameUVA--70
Confirmed Feb 4 3:00pmHaverford CollegeNaval AcademyHAV--09
Confirmed Feb 4 4:00pmUniversity of VirginiaDuke UniversityUVA--70
Confirmed Feb 4 4:00pmSewanee: University of the SouthUniversity of Notre DameUVA--16
Confirmed Feb 4 4:30pmBoston UniversitySwarthmore CollegeCOLG--90
Confirmed Feb 4 6:30pmAmherst CollegeBowdoin CollegeNESCA--63
Confirmed Feb 4 7:30pmVanderbilt UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame---52
Confirmed Feb 4 7:30pmUniversity of RochesterSt. Lawrence UniversityROCH--45
Confirmed Feb 5Boston UniversityIthaca College---90
Confirmed Feb 5Chicago, University ofWashington University in St. Louis---90
Confirmed Feb 5Northwestern UniversityWashington University in St. Louis---90
Confirmed Feb 5St. Lawrence UniversityHobart College---81
Confirmed Feb 5Trinity CollegeBates CollegeNESCA--81
Confirmed Feb 5Colgate UniversityBryant University---81
Confirmed Feb 5Williams CollegeMiddlebury CollegeNESCA--45
Confirmed Feb 5Bowdoin CollegeWesleyan UniversityNESCA--09
S Feb 5Colby CollegeTBDTBD----
Confirmed Feb 5 9:00amUniversity of VirginiaSewanee: University of the SouthUVA--70
Confirmed Feb 5 9:00amUniversity of RochesterBard CollegeROCH--90
Confirmed Feb 5 10:00amBryant UniversityIthaca CollegeCOL--90
Confirmed Feb 5 10:30amUniversity of RochesterHobart CollegeROCH--90
Confirmed Feb 5 11:00amSt. Lawrence UniversityBard CollegeRoch--90
Confirmed Feb 5 11:00amUniversity of VirginiaBoston CollegeUVA--70
Confirmed Feb 5 11:00amColby CollegeAmherst CollegeNESCA--63
Confirmed Feb 5 11:00amSewanee: University of the SouthUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUVA--16
Confirmed Feb 5 11:00amDartmouth CollegeColumbia UniversityDART--18
Confirmed Feb 5 12:00pmHarvard UniversityCornell UniversityHARV--90
Confirmed Feb 5 12:00pmYale UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania---72
Confirmed Feb 5 2:30pmBrown UniversityPrinceton University---18
Confirmed Feb 5 4:00pmVanderbilt UniversityUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUVa--43
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Feb 6Stanford UniversityUniversity of California - Berkeley---90
Confirmed Feb 6Northwestern UniversityWashington University in St. Louis---90
Confirmed Feb 8 4:00pmHarvard UniversityTrinity College---45
Confirmed Feb 8 5:00pmDartmouth CollegeWilliams CollegeDART--90
Confirmed Feb 8 6:00pmPrinceton UniversityDrexel UniversityPRIN--36
Confirmed Feb 10MITTufts University---90
Confirmed Feb 10 5:00pmYale UniversityDartmouth CollegeYALE--72
Confirmed Feb 10 5:30pmCornell UniversityPrinceton UniversityCORN--36
Confirmed Feb 10 6:00pmHarvard UniversityBrown University---81
Confirmed Feb 10 6:00pmBowdoin CollegeColby CollegeBOW--36
Confirmed Feb 10 6:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityDrexel UniversityGWU--09
Confirmed Feb 10 6:45pmColumbia UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania---63
Confirmed Feb 10 7:00pmAmherst CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityAMH--09
Confirmed Feb 11Haverford CollegeBoston College---90
Confirmed Feb 11Hamilton CollegeConnecticut CollegeHAM--63
Confirmed Feb 11 11:00amVanderbilt UniversitySewanee: University of the SouthVAN1-71
Confirmed Feb 11 11:00amBoston CollegeBucknell UniversityHAV--45
Confirmed Feb 11 12:00pmTrinity CollegeSt. Lawrence University---81
Confirmed Feb 11 1:00pmAmherst CollegeMITAMH--27
Confirmed Feb 11 2:30pmNortheastern UniversityBrandeis UniversityNU--90
Confirmed Feb 11 3:00pmDickinson CollegeGeorge Washington UniversityDSON--09
Confirmed Feb 11 3:30pmConnecticut CollegeBard CollegeHam--90
Confirmed Feb 11 3:30pmHaverford CollegeBucknell University---45
Confirmed Feb 11 5:30pmHamilton CollegeBard CollegeHam--90
Scheduled Feb 12Wesleyan UniversitySt. Lawrence University--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 12Hobart CollegeConnecticut CollegeHAM-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 12 12:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaCornell UniversityPENN--81
Confirmed Feb 12 12:00pmDrexel UniversityDickinson CollegeDREX--90
Confirmed Feb 12 1:00pmHarvard UniversityYale University---54
Confirmed Feb 12 1:30pmUniversity of VirginiaRichmond, University ofUVA--81
Confirmed Feb 12 2:00pmDartmouth CollegeBrown UniversityDART--90
Confirmed Feb 12 2:00pmLehigh UniversityLafayette CollegeLU--81
Confirmed Feb 12 2:00pmNaval AcademyFranklin and Marshall CollegeNavy--54
Scheduled Feb 12 2:00pmTufts UniversityBoston College--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 12 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityColumbia University---36
Scheduled Feb 12 3:00pmNortheastern UniversityBoston UniversityNU-Print Blank score card!--
N Feb 17Colby CollegeTBDTBD----
N Feb 18Colby CollegeTBDTBD----
N Feb 19Colby CollegeTBDTBD----
Scheduled Oct 15 5:00pmBoston UniversityBrandeis UniversityBU-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 4 10:00amVassar CollegeFordham UniversityVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 4 12:00pmVassar CollegeBoston UniversityVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 4 12:00pmVassar CollegeLafayette CollegeVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 4 3:00pmVassar CollegeSwarthmore CollegeVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 5 9:00amUniversity of Notre DameMinnesota, University of--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 11Bard CollegeVassar CollegeBard-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 17 6:00pmBowdoin CollegeBates College--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 18Wesleyan UniversityVassar CollegeWU-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Nov 18 11:00amBates CollegeConnecticut College--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 2Vassar CollegeHaverford CollegeVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 2Vassar CollegeBates CollegeVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 2 2:00pmBates CollegeHaverford CollegeVAS-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 12 6:30pmBates CollegeMiddlebury College--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 13 12:00pmBates CollegeWilliams College--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 14 11:00amBates CollegeGeorge Washington University--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 24 6:00pmBates CollegeColby College--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 27Vassar CollegeBryant UniversityVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 27Vassar CollegeLehigh UniversityVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 27Vassar CollegeNortheastern UniversityVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 27Vassar CollegeConnecticut CollegeVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 27 11:00amBates CollegeFranklin and Marshall College--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 27 4:00pmBates CollegeBrown University--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 3Vassar CollegeUniversity of RochesterVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 3Vassar CollegeBard CollegeVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 3Vassar CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 3Vassar CollegeHobart CollegeVC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 10Colgate UniversityVassar CollegeHC-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 10Hamilton CollegeVassar CollegeHC-Print Blank score card!--