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Division A (4.25 +)

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Tim Dearnley
Main Line Squash
Jim Brodo
Philly Cricket
Christopher W. Bown
Philly Squash Club
Pierre L Bastien
Racquet Club
Ethan B. Moritz

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Sep 27 7:00 pmGermantownMain Line Squash-2-12
Confirmed Sep 27 06:30pmPhilly Squash ClubPhilly Cricket-1-12
Bye Sep 27 byeRacquet ClubByeBye----
Confirmed Oct 4 06:30pmRacquet ClubPhilly Squash Club-1-30
Confirmed Oct 4 06:30pmPhilly CricketMain Line Squash-2-12
Bye Oct 4 byeGermantownByeBye----
Confirmed Oct 18 7:00 pmGermantownPhilly Squash Club-2-30
Confirmed Oct 18 06:30pmRacquet ClubPhilly Cricket-1-03
Bye Oct 18 byeMain Line SquashByeBye----
Confirmed Oct 25 06:30pmPhilly CricketGermantown-2-21
Confirmed Oct 25 06:30pmRacquet ClubMain Line Squash-1-03
Bye Oct 25 byePhilly Squash ClubByeBye----
Confirmed Nov 1 7:00 pmGermantownMain Line Squash-2-30
Confirmed Nov 1 06:30pmPhilly CricketPhilly Squash Club-1-21
Bye Nov 1 06:30pmRacquet ClubByeBye----
Confirmed Nov 8 06:30pmPhilly CricketMain Line Squash-2-21
Confirmed Nov 8 06:30pmPhilly Squash ClubRacquet Club-1-21
Bye Nov 8 06:30pmGermantownByeBye----
Confirmed Nov 15 06:30pmPhilly Squash ClubMain Line Squash-2-30
Confirmed Nov 15 06:30pmRacquet ClubGermantown-1-12
Bye Nov 15 06:30pmPhilly CricketByeBye----
Confirmed Nov 22 06:30pmPhilly CricketRacquet Club-1-30
Confirmed Nov 22 06:30pmPhilly Squash ClubGermantown-2-12
Bye Nov 22 06:30pmMain Line SquashByeBye----
Confirmed Nov 29 06:30pmRacquet ClubMain Line Squash-1-21
Confirmed Nov 29 7:00 pmGermantownPhilly Cricket-2-12
Bye Nov 29 06:30pmPhilly Squash ClubByeBye----
Confirmed Dec 6 6:30pmPhilly CricketPhilly Squash ClubPCK--30
Confirmed Dec 6 7:00pmGermantownMain Line SquashGCC--21
Confirmed Dec 13 6:30pmPhilly CricketGermantownPCK--30