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VisitorBonus PointsPoints
11/05/16University of Virginia09William & Mary00
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  University of Virginia Rating William & Mary Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SBlake, Mason A.Lapsed-memberJacques, Alex Lapsed-member11-3,11-4,11-6University of VirginiaC
2SHansford, Toby S.Lapsed-memberQuagliano, James Lapsed-member11-4,11-0,11-1University of VirginiaC
3SOdrich, Jarett MLapsed-memberThaker, Elliot Lapsed-member11-0,11-0,11-0University of VirginiaC
4SStaunton, Stewart B0.000000Erickson, Ian Lapsed-member11-2,11-0,11-1University of VirginiaC
5SKapp, Harrison A5.697651Weir, Adam Lapsed-member11-2,11-1,11-2University of VirginiaC
6SNovick, Maxwell 5.494806Forman, Emma Lapsed-member11-2,11-2,11-3University of VirginiaC
7SWard, Conner Lapsed-memberArp, Benjamin Lapsed-member11-2,11-1,11-2University of VirginiaC
8SHuang, Michael 4.932277Gardiner, Bryan Lapsed-member11-2,11-1,11-1University of VirginiaC
9SMinor, Winston Lapsed-memberHollerith, Charlie Lapsed-member11-4,11-9,11-1University of VirginiaC
10S Match not played
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