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Entered by Dhruv KapoorConfirmed by Emma Moore
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12/02/18Notre Dame, University of06Wisconsin, University of03
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  Notre Dame, University of Rating Wisconsin, University of Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SCooper, Max Lapsed-memberThanakornyothin, Jadetawat Lapsed-member11-6,11-9,11-7Notre Dame, University ofC
2SRaimann, Brendan MLapsed-memberBarrett, Matthew Lapsed-member11-9,18-16,7-11,3-11,11-3Wisconsin, University ofC
3SO'Shea, Kevin Lapsed-memberGalada, Sachin Lapsed-member10-12,12-10,11-9,2-11,11-8Notre Dame, University ofC
4SKusznerko, Michael Lapsed-memberYang, Yeng Lapsed-member11-5,11-8,11-6Notre Dame, University ofC
5SLicursi, Matthew Lapsed-memberSouza, Annalisa Lapsed-member11-7,11-5,11-4Notre Dame, University ofC
6SNot on roster0.000000Kainuma, Kenji Lapsed-member11-5,11-3,11-8Notre Dame, University ofC
7SMoynihan, Thomas Lapsed-memberKalwani, Diren Lapsed-member11-5,11-4,11-6Notre Dame, University ofC
8SNot on roster0.000000Lara, Joaquin Lapsed-member11-4,11-4,13-15,11-8Wisconsin, University ofC
9SDefault.0.000000Farley, Dori Lapsed-member11-0,11-0,11-0Wisconsin, University ofDF
10S Match not played
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