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11/28/18Radnor00The Hill School09
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  Radnor The Hill School Winner's Score Winner Status
1SSutherby, John P.Hinostroza, Flavio 11-9,11-8,11-7The Hill SchoolC
2SOtt, Ethan Hinostroza, Juanber 11-2,11-4,11-3The Hill SchoolC
3SFrankel, Nathan Cai, Jingyu 11-5,11-2,11-5The Hill SchoolC
4SWallace, Will Felbor, Tytus 11-3,11-3,11-5The Hill SchoolC
5SOtt, Casey Chung, Gene 11-5,11-3,11-5The Hill SchoolC
6SWheeler, RJ Kim, Jason 11-2,11-8,11-6The Hill SchoolC
7SLenhard, Abby Hoang, Nathan 11-4,10-12,11-9The Hill SchoolC
8SGiacomucci, Luigi Meng, Colin 11-1,9-11,8-11,11-8,11-4The Hill SchoolC
9SPage, Morgan Jin, Shuyi 11-6,11-1,11-8The Hill SchoolC
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