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02/17/18University of Rochester00Johns Hopkins University09
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  University of Rochester Rating Johns Hopkins University Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SErdenebat, Maralmaa 3.161672Petrone, Carley Lapsed-member11-3,11-5,11-0Johns Hopkins UniversityC
2SMajid, Maria Lapsed-memberColwell, Courtney Lapsed-member11-6,11-3,11-4Johns Hopkins UniversityC
3SModi, Khusbu Lapsed-memberKim, Charlotte 0.00000011-3,11-5,11-3Johns Hopkins UniversityC
4SBullock, Hannah Lapsed-memberMongia, Manavi 0.00000011-5,11-5,11-9Johns Hopkins UniversityC
5SBye, Yasmin Lapsed-memberSargeantson, Anna 3.63824011-3,11-2,11-6Johns Hopkins UniversityC
6SRinaldi, Nicole 0.000000Rapoport, Allegra 0.00000011-3,11-2,11-5Johns Hopkins UniversityC
7SSaco, Sarah 2.672190Jandhyala, Nora 0.00000011-8,11-6,11-3Johns Hopkins UniversityC
8SGarcia, Ana Lapsed-memberPaine, Emma Lapsed-member3-11,11-3,11-3,11-2Johns Hopkins UniversityC
9SDefault.0.000000Collins, Audrey 0.00000011-0,11-0,11-0Johns Hopkins UniversityDF
10S Match not played
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