Completed Score Sard
Singles    Indicates Winner
  Greens Farms Academy School of Holy Child Winner's Score Winner Status
1SMackle, Katie Mills, Eliza 11-8,11-9,12-10School of Holy ChildC
2SBurbank, Ellen Hodulik, Katie 11-2,11-6,11-1School of Holy ChildC
3SCohen, Charlotte Duffy, Paige 11-4,11-8,11-0School of Holy ChildC
4SNelson, Lucy McConnell, Kate 9-11,11-8,11-1,11-9Greens Farms AcademyC
5SEdwards, Julia Shultis, Sara 3-11,11-9,11-4,11-7School of Holy ChildC
6SCohen, Samara Samuel, Amalia 5-11,11-8,5-11,11-6,11-5Greens Farms AcademyC
7SMillard, Kate Pagnani, Kristy 11-9,11-6,11-8School of Holy ChildC
8S Match not played