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01/26/18Noble and Greenough School JV5Winsor School JV3
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  Noble and Greenough School JV Winsor School JV Winner's Score Winner Status
1SSchuster, Kaitlin Fulkerson, Ellie 11-2,11-5,11-9Noble and Greenough School JVC
2SLiftman, Caroline P.Karanja, Sora 11-9,6-11,3-11,11-9,11-5Noble and Greenough School JVC
3SGrogan, Katie Smith, Caitlin 7-3,11-7,13-11,11-8Noble and Greenough School JVC
4SYi, Allie Levitzky, Lily S.12-10,12-10,11-9Noble and Greenough School JVC
5SYoo, Sarah Cromwell, Caroline 11-7,13-11,13-11Noble and Greenough School JVC
6SConstable, Hannah sclar, madison 10-12,11-8,11-2,11-5Winsor School JVC
7SMansour, Sarah Farsheed, Emma 11-8,6-11,16-14,11-9Winsor School JVC
8SKee, Talia He, Kathleen 11-3,11-2,11-4Winsor School JVC
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