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02/18/17Brandeis University5Sewanee: University of the South4
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  Brandeis University Rating Sewanee: University of the South Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SGan, Wit Lapsed-memberMcGlone, Darby Lapsed-member11-9,11-8,11-3Sewanee: University of the SouthC
2SLelear, Dunca Lapsed-memberFied, William Lapsed-member11-8,8-11,11-6,11-7Brandeis UniversityC
3SChung, E K Lapsed-memberAdams, Richmond Lapsed-member11-7,11-6,1-11,7-11,11-3Sewanee: University of the SouthC
4SFeldman, Alex Lapsed-memberDonaldson, Matt Lapsed-member11-5,9-11,11-5,11-7Brandeis UniversityC
5SGoldman, John Lapsed-memberHolt, Charlie Non-member11-8,11-6,11-5Brandeis UniversityC
6SLu, Tiger Lapsed-memberRobinson, Shel Lapsed-member9-11,11-3,11-4,11-3Brandeis UniversityC
7SLal, Rohan Lapsed-memberKidd, Geneva A.Lapsed-member11-5,11-9,8-11,11-9Brandeis UniversityC
8SDhawan, Vidit Lapsed-memberkasten, david Lapsed-member11-2,11-0,11-1Sewanee: University of the SouthC
9SJeong, Sean Non-memberHolley Iv, William A.Lapsed-member11-3,11-3,11-1Sewanee: University of the SouthC
10S Match not played
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