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02/17/17Trinity College8University of Pennsylvania1
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  Trinity College Rating University of Pennsylvania Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SKumar, Kush 6.15169Mahmoud, Marwan 5.692911-8,11-5,9-11,11-5Trinity CollegeC
2SPenders, Rick 5.8883Hsue, Derek 5.553739-11,11-9,11-4,8-11,11-7Trinity CollegeC
3SMohohlo, Thoboki 5.99861Tarek, Karim 5.6750511-4,11-4,11-2Trinity CollegeC
4SCraig, Michael 6.05538Larson, Anders 5.4942211-7,12-10,11-6Trinity CollegeC
5SDe Mulder, Tom 5.95347Watson, James B.5.556511-5,11-4,11-5Trinity CollegeC
6SIsmail, Affeeq A.Lapsed-memberYacobucci, David M5.6992511-4,11-5,5-11,11-8Trinity CollegeC
7SAllaudin, Omar 5.88042Reed, Max D5.4828411-3,8-11,11-5,11-2Trinity CollegeC
8SEvans, James 5.82988Lemmon, George B5.424628-11,11-5,11-0,11-4Trinity CollegeC
9SEssam, Yehia 5.62049Zeitels, Jonathan M5.5380311-9,11-9,7-11,11-7University of PennsylvaniaC
10S Match not played
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