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Entered by Henry GreerConfirmed by Michael Bello
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02/03/17University of Notre Dame04University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill03
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  University of Notre Dame Rating University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Rating Winner's Score Winner Status
1SGreer, Henry JLapsed-memberTilghman, Henry Lapsed-member7-11,11-6,10-12,11-3,11-6University of North Carolina, Chapel HillC
2SCooper, Max M4.823097Hinton, Webb Y.Lapsed-member11-1,11-6,11-7University of Notre DameC
3SHenry, Mary Grace Lapsed-memberRemmel, Remington R.Lapsed-member11-13,11-7,11-7University of Notre DameC
4SMcGuinness, John Lapsed-memberSawhney, Nirvaan Lapsed-member12-10,11-6,11-5University of North Carolina, Chapel HillC
5SMickan, Kevin Lapsed-memberGolann, Sky Lapsed-member12-10,9-11,11-9,12-10University of Notre DameC
6SFerguson, John Paul Lapsed-memberAdamkiewicz, Daniel Lapsed-member12-10,11-6,11-13,12-10University of Notre DameC
7SCove, Ryan Lapsed-memberGrover, Kurren Lapsed-member9-11,7-11,12-10,11-6,11-7University of North Carolina, Chapel HillC
8S Match not played
9S Match not played
10S Match not played
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