U.S. SQUASH - Position Ladder
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Life Time Athletic- Westchester
Masters Clinic Ladder

1/1/2021 9:00:00 AM thru 6/30/2021 8:00:00 AM
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U:Unavailable (away), Date:Suggested Date to be played and (last day to play), W:Wait before re-challenge,*=Played within 5 days
Status Return Number of
Win Loss
1Khan, Faraz 6.81-11-1
2Lopez Valdivia, Ricardo 6.38-11-1
3Beeson, David 5.94-5325
4Chin, Richard A5.89-1-11
5Parkhurst, Henry C.5.79-1-11
6Cheung, Kevin 5.66-33-3
7Stoltz, Molly B5.21-3123
8Boateng, Caleb 5.22-1-11
9Fouts, Caroline M5.34-3213
10Kulsakdinun, Ryan 5.08-12-2
11Velasco, Oliver 4.91-3213
12Raine, Henry W.4.98-22-2
13Hindy, Ali 4.97----0
14Huffman, Walter 5.13-2-22
15Callaway, Harrison 4.93-3134
16Wolf, Jonathan Turner 4.40-2112
17Lopez, Alan 4.25-5145
18Hennessy, Katie 4.05-1-11
19Cruz, Roberto 4.15----0
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