Summer Solstice Classic Open/Adult

Tournament Dates: 06/23/2018 - 06/24/2018

US Squash members can track the action during the event with the Live Scoreboard.
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Wilmington Country Club (Directions)
4825 Kennett Pike
Wilmington, DE 19887
Facility Phone: 302-655-6171
Contact (click name to email): Edmund Chilton:
Contact Phone: N/A


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Here is a breakdown in order to understand the rating system:


Starting to hit for power. Can retrieve in the front and back corners. Can hit cross court and down the rail for power. Can lob off both sides but without much touch.
Starting to regularly keep away from the ball, the walls and corners. Now is trying to anticipate opponents shots. This player is typically not balanced enough to have a wide selection of shots after a dash to the ball.
Still occasionally hits a short return. Volleys to depth only.
Will volley off both sides on easy balls. Starting to drop off the volley.
Special Shots
Now uses boasts and lobs to augment drives.
Playing Style
Can retrieve or go for shots though not able to hit good shots consistently.
Tournament Experience
Has played and probably won a D level tournament.


Can drive the ball for width and power. Starting to hit drops from mid and front court. Hits the backhand hard but can drop. Misses drop under pressure.
Can now play hard 5 game tournament matches, and have some reserves. Recovery to the T is a part of this player’s movement. Starting to show good balance and body control after a sprint to the ball.
Serves hard and wide with consistency. Lob serve drifts to the middle. Serve returns are generally good shots.
Now volleys for depth, power and shoots on easy balls.
Special Shots
Boast, lob and drops are part of this player’s arsenal. Hits 50% of those shots well.
Playing Style
Physical make up now determines playing style. Big player powers the ball to the corners, tries drops. Smaller, quicker, fitter player plays retrieving game with counter punch shots.
Tournament Experience
Would win a “C” tournament. Could win a match or two in the “B’s”


Forehand is a strong shot with power, depth. On backhand, controls depth and power but still occasionally breaks down under pressure.
Watches the other player as a key to moving properly. Recovery is a consideration on virtually every shot. Starting to pay attention to balance when stretching to the ball.
Aggressive server, tries to use serve to advantage. Returns tend to be consistent along the walls.
Volleys for drops and length from the front and mid court, but not with great consistency.
Special Shots
Has two or three shots that he/she rallies to get. Can use the drop shot effectively.
Playing Style
Consistently keeps the ball in play against equal opponents. Controls T against the other players.
Tournament Experience
Would win a “C” or “CC” tournament. With minimal improvement, can compete with “BB” players.

All Draws will Begin Saturday June 23 by 9:00AM and will End Sunday June 24 by 2:00 PM

Entry Deadline and Fees 

Early Tournament Entry is until June 6 at 12:00pm at $55
Regular Tournament Entry is until June 18 at 12:00pm, NOON EST at $65 

 Non-members are charged an additional $15 fee. 

 *Includes a non-refundable $10 processing charge per entrant. 

  • NO REFUNDS will be issued to players who withdraw from the main draw after the regular entry deadline.


All players who sign up after the regular entry deadline are considered late entries. These players should assume that they are on the waitlist unless they have been told otherwise by the Tournament Director.


  • This tournament is accredited by US Squash. 
  • All US Squash Accredited Tournaments must abide by the policies outlined here


Code of Conduct 

  • All Players, Parents, Coaches, and Spectators must abide by the US Squash Code of Conduct
  • All Players, Parents, Coaches, and Spectators should review the Rules of the Road for tips and tricks on how to manage common scenarios that may occur at tournaments. 


Protective Eyewear 

  • All players and attendees must comply with the US Squash Eyewear Policy, which requires that eyewear meet ASTM-F803 standards at all times during accredited play. 


Cut List 

  • All age divisions are open to the highest ranked 32 eligible players who enter per division. If less than 32 players enter per division, any eligible player will be accepted. If there are more than 32 players in any division, players will be placed on a waitlist based on their ranking and will only be granted entry if a playing position becomes available. 
  • NOTE: In divisions with waitlisted players, the 30 highest ranked eligible players will gain entry into the tournament. The remaining two players to be admitted into the event will be notified within 48 hours of the release of the Cut List. This is to allow a grace period for any potential registration errors. 



  • Tournament seeding is based off of the rankings calculation that occurs on the Wednesday 1.5 weeks before the start of the tournament. Players will be seeded in accordance with the Seeding Guidelines


Division and Player Start Times 

  • Division Start Times indicate the earliest possible match time a player can expect to play within their division.  
  • Player Start Times indicate the first match time for each player. 


How to Withdraw or Change Divisions 


If a player wants to either withdraw from a tournament or request to change divisions, follow the directions outlined below:  

  • Log in to your account.  
  • Go to the “tournaments” tab on your player profile.  
  • Click on “Withdraw/Change Division” next to the tournament you would like either withdraw from or request a division change.  
  • Select “Request Change Division” or “Request Withdraw/Refund”  
  • If selecting “Request Change Division,” select the division you would like to change to and click “Submit.”  
  • If selecting “Request Withdraw/Refund” read all US Squash policies and check the “Yes, I wish to withdraw” box and click “Submit.”  
  • Once you submit your request, you will receive an email that states that your request has been sent to the Tournament Director.  If you have not received an email indicating that your request has been processed within 48 hours, please follow up with the tournament director.  


All of the Withdraw and Change Division Policies can be found by clicking here.  

Wilmington Country Club

4825 Kennett Pike

Wilmington, DE 19807

302 655-6513

Homewood Suites

350 Rocky Run Parkway

Wilmington, DE 19803


Tournament Rate is $119. Please use code JST to get Tournament Rate.