Washington DC Gold Junior Gold

Tournament Dates: 05/27/2017 - 05/29/2017

US Squash members can track the action during the event with the Live Scoreboard.
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Squash on Fire (Directions)
2233 M St NW
Washington, DC 20037
Facility Phone: 202-974-6635
Contact (click name to email): David Keating: davidlkeating@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 3017177410

Divisions: Check Starting Times

Please refer to the above tabs for all information about this tournament

May 23: Practice Court Info

There are practice courts available at one of the venues all day Friday until 10 PM -- Squash on Fire. The George Washington University venue is closed until the tournament begins.

Squash On Fire is a facility that is open to the public -- no membership is required. Unlike many squash facilities, players book a court, pay and then play.

To reserve courts for practice at Squash on Fire on Friday (or any day this week), courts will be available on a first booked, first served basis. Go to their booking page  to create an account, schedule and confirm your reservation.

The glass exhibition courts are Courts #1 and #8, and will likely book quickly. Many finals and semi finals matches will be played on the exhibition courts.

Court reservations are priced at $20 (off-peak) and $40 (peak) per court. Each court reservation is for 45 minutes.

Squash on Fire has also arranged clinics available on Friday late afternoon and evening for players to warm up with their coaching staff. Clinics are priced at $39 per player and are for 45 minutes, with a limit of five players per clinic. Please check the calendar on their booking system for coach assignments.

If you have any questions about booking a court or the clinics, please call (202)-241-2233 or email contact@squashonfire.com.

May 19:  Division Start Times.  The start times listed below are the earliest the start times might run for each division.  Actual start times per division may be slightly later and individual start times will be later for many players.

Division Saturday Start Time
BU11 11:10
BU13 9:00
BU15 9:30
BU17 11:10
BU19 1:00
GU11 10:30
GU13 10:30
GU15 9:50
GU17 9:00
GU19 12:15


May 17: Division Size Lock

Registration is now closed and draw sizes have locked. Points will be awarded based on these sizes.


Division Locked Draw Size
BU11 10
BU13 32
BU15 32
BU17 32
BU19 26
GU11 14
GU13 22
GU15 24
GU17 25
GU19 13


May 15: The Hyatt has extended the room block deadline until May 16. The Hilton Garden Inn has extended it to Friday, May 19th.  The Marrriott room block expires today.

May 10: 2 PM The waitlist order is now official. If you are listed in one of the 32 numbered players on the view entrants list, you have been accepted into the tournament. Players will be accepted off the wait list by the number next to their name.  So players with #5 will be the fifth to enter the draw, if 5 other players currently in withdraw from the tournament.

May 8: We have added George Washington University as the second venue instead of the courts at Equinox. This excellent facility is a short walk from the main venue and has 6 courts.

We have also added information on transportation, dining and parking under the Hotels tab.

May 4: We now have additional rooms at the main tournament hotel and have added two more hotels nearby.

April 28: The hotel block sold out. We will add a second tournament hotel, and we plan to annouce it the first week in May.

March 21: The two tournament venues are now confirmed -- 12 courts total, across the street from each other.

March 13: The tournament hotel booking info is now available under the hotels tab.

Play will commence no earlier than Saturday at 8 AM and finish no later than Monday at 3 PM.  We plan to start no earlier than 9 AM each day and finish by 7 PM each day (except Monday, where we will aim to finish by 2 PM or earlier).  However, we may need to start earlier or end later, depending on entries.  

However, we will not start earlier than Saturday at 8 AM or finish later than Monday at 3 PM.


Tournament Timelines

Registration Deadline Wednesday, May 10, 2017 12:00pm
Late Entry Fee begins Wednesday, May 10, 2017 12:01pm
Cutlist created   Friday, May 12, 2017 THE CUTLIST WAS COMPLETED ON MAY 10 AT 2 PM, TWO DAYS EARLY
Final Deadline for entry and possible placement in draw Wednesday, May 17, 2017 12:00pm
Late Withdrawal penalties begin Wednesday, May 17, 2017 12:00pm
Registration Taken Down & Draw Sizes Lock Wednesday, May 17, 2017 12:00pm
Draw Creation Friday, May 19, 2017 5:00pm
Division Start Times Friday, May 19, 2017 5:00pm
Seeding Monday, May 22, 2017 5:00pm
Online Draws available Wednesday, May 24, 2017 5:00pm
Waitlist Management - until Friday, May 26, 2017 12:00pm
Reseeding Friday, May 26, 2017 12:00pm

You can still gain entry into the tournament through May 17 at 12 Noon in the following draws:

BU11, BU19, GU11, GU13, GU15, GU17, AND GU19. You will temporarily be placed on a wait list and we will manually move you into the draw late each evening. If one of these draws reaches 32 players, you will be placed on a waitlist until space becomes available.

If you enter BU13, BU15 or BU17, you will be placed on a waitlist behind all the others who entered before the regular entry deadline.  These draws all have long waitlists, but it may still be possible to gain entry.

Players are listed on the waitlist in the order they will be accepted as others withdraw.


Players will be accepted off the wait list in order by the number listed next to their name.  So a player with #5 next to his name would be the fifth to enter the draw from the wait list, if 5 other players currently in the draw withdraw from the tournament. If other players enter the tournament in your age division, they go to the end of the wait list. Even the #1 ranked player in the USA would go to the end of the line to get in.

In our experience, players in the top 5 to 7 in the original wait list order usually gain entry into the tournament.  We have even seen 12 or more gain entry from the wait list.

The wait list will officially close at 12 Noon on Friday, May 26. At that point, no players will will be moved to the draw, regardless of last minute withdraws. Once the wait list closes, players who did not gain entry into the tournament will be withdrawn from the wait list and issued a refund, less the $10 fee charged by US Squash for its online registration process. 

This tournament is on Memorial Day weekend. No need to miss any school!

More matches and opportunities for more points. We will seek to play this tournament from 1st to 18th place. That means more matches, giving more players an opportunity to build their match skills. Plus, it gives players more points for playing well.  For example a 7th place finish has 50 more points than 7-8, 13th place 37 points more than 13-16, and 17th has 87 more points than 17-24! We can't guarantee playing it out to these many places, as it depends on entries. We are fairly confident we can do it.

The tournament is organized by National Capital Squash, which is well known for running well organized Gold tournaments. 

Entry Deadline and Fees 
Early Tournament Entry is until 12/31/16 at 12:00pm, NOON EST at $119.99*
Regular Tournament Entry is until 5/10/16 at 12:00pm, NOON EST at $125* 
Late Tournament Entry is after 5/10/16 at 12:00pm, NOON EST at $139.99* 
*Includes a non-refundable $10 processing charge per entrant. 

  • NO REFUNDS will be issued to players who withdraw from the main draw after the regular entry deadline. 
  • Players who remain on the waitlist and do not gain entry into their division will automatically receive a refund for their entry fee less the $10 processing fee within 1-2 weeks after the completion of the tournament. 
  • All players MUST be current US Squash members. 
  • Players may only enter one division. 
  • Please read through the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines for all policies governing Junior Accredited Tournaments. 
  • All players who withdraw after 12:00pm, NOON EST on the Wednesday 1.5 weeks before the start of the tournament will receive a ranking penalty as described in the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines


Timeline and Qualification 

  • The cut list will be created within 48 hours of the regular entry deadline. 
  • Division sizes will lock on the Wednesday 1.5 weeks before the start of the tournament. Once division sizes lock, division sizes will not increase in size even if the division is not at capacity. 
  • All players who sign up after the regular entry deadline are considered late entries. These players should assume that they are on the waitlist unless they have been told otherwise by the Tournament Director.


  • This tournament is accredited by US Squash. 
  • All US Squash Accredited Tournaments must abide by the policies outlined here


Code of Conduct 

  • All Players, Parents, Coaches, and Spectators must abide by the US Squash Code of Conduct
  • All Players, Parents, Coaches, and Spectators should review the Rules of the Road for tips and tricks on how to manage common scenarios that may occur at tournaments. 


Protective Eyewear 

  • All players and attendees must comply with the US Squash Eyewear Policy, which requires that eyewear meet ASTM-F803 standards at all times during accredited play. 


Cut List 

  • All age divisions are open to the highest ranked 32 eligible players who enter per division. If less than 32 players enter per division, any eligible player will be accepted. If there are more than 32 players in any division, players will be placed on a waitlist based on their ranking and will only be granted entry if a playing position becomes available. 
  • NOTE: In divisions with waitlisted players, the 30 highest ranked eligible players will gain entry into the tournament. The remaining two players to be admitted into the event will be notified within 48 hours of the release of the Cut List. This is to allow a grace period for any potential registration errors. 



  • Tournament seeding is based off of the rankings calculation that occurs on the Wednesday 1.5 weeks before the start of the tournament. Players will be seeded in accordance with the Seeding Guidelines


Division and Player Start Times 

  • Division Start Times indicate the earliest possible match time a player can expect to play within their division.  
  • Player Start Times indicate the first match time for each player. 
  • Both Division and Player Start Times will be released in accordance with the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines


How to Withdraw or Change Divisions in a Junior Bronze, Silver, Gold, JCT, or National Championship Tournament  


If a player wants to either withdraw from a tournament or request to change divisions, follow the directions outlined below:  

  1. Log in to your account.  
  2. Go to the “tournaments” tab on your player profile.  
  3. Click on “Withdraw/Change Division” next to the tournament you would like either withdraw from or request a division change.  
  4. Select “Request Change Division” or “Request Withdraw/Refund”  
  5. If selecting “Request Change Division,” select the division you would like to change to and click “Submit.”  
  6. If selecting “Request Withdraw/Refund” read all US Squash policies and check the “Yes, I wish to withdraw” box and click “Submit.”  
  7. Once you submit your request, you will receive an email that states that your request has been sent to the Tournament Director.  If you have not received an email indicating that your request has been processed within 48 hours, please follow up with the tournament director.  


All of the Withdraw and Change Division Policies can be found by clicking here.

The two venues are five blocks from each other.  

From Squash on Fire, walk out the front door and TURN LEFT on 23rd Street.  Continue on 23rd Street until you reach the traffic circle. Take the crosswalk into the traffic circle and walk to the other side of the circle.  Then take another crosswalk to exit the circle and rejoin 23rd Street.  Stay on the RIGHT side (west side) of 23rd Street.  Turn RIGHT on G Street and the entrance to the George Washington University Venue (Lerner Health and Wellness Center) is to your immediate right.

From the George Washington University Venue, walk out the front door and TURN LEFT on G Street.  TURN LEFT on 23rd Street until you reach the traffic circle. Take the crosswalk into the traffic circle and walk to the other side of the circle.  Then take another crosswalk to exit the circle and rejoin 23rd Street.  Stay on the RIGHT side (east side) of 23rd Street.  After your cross M Street the entrance to Squash on Fire is to your immediate right.

The main venue will be the brand new Squash on Fire facility located at 2233 M St NW, Washington, DC 20037.  This incredible facility is scheduled to open in April and has 8 courts.

The other venue will be George Washington University, with 6 additional courts, located an easy half mile walk away at the Lerner Health and Wellness Center at 2301 G St NW, Washington, DC.

Here is a map of the venues, hotels and some dining options.

Campus Tours:  For players interested in an info session on or campus tour of George Washington University, you can find more information on visiting GWU's campus here.  

Washington DC Sightseeing.  There is a good information page on Washington DC's tourist attractions at this page.


Due to strong demand for convenient hotels, we now have three great options.  Scroll down for information on parking, dining and airport and Amtrak transportation options.

Here is a map of the venues, hotels and some dining options.

HERE ARE THE THREE TOURNAMENT HOTELS (If rooms are sold out at our special rate, please contact the tournament director -- info on the information tab -- and we will ask the hotel to add more rooms to our room block): 

1.  The new Hilton Garden Inn is less than one block from the Squash on Fire courts.  The rate is $149 per night and includes wifi. You have a choice of rooms with two queen beds or a deluxe king room with a sleep sofa bed.  MAY 17 UPDATE -- ROOMS WITH 2 QUEEN BEDS ARE SOLD OUT, IF THERE ARE CANCELLATIONS, A ROOM WITH 2 QUEEN BEDS MAY BECOME AVAILABLE.

The hotel is located at 2201 M Street NW Washington DC 20037.  Please note this hotel requires 72 hours notice in order to get a full refund on a cancelled reservation at the special rate. Late cancellations result in forfeiting the first night's room charge. If a family emergency results in a cancellation, let me know and I'll ask them to waive the fee (though there is no guarantee the hotel will honor my request).

Book online here by May 19 to obtain the tournament rate. (The rate may also available, based on availability, from May 24-26 or May 29-30 should you decide to arrive earlier or stay longer.)

2.  Another great option is the brand new Hyatt Place, located just one block away at 2121 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20037.  The rate is $189 per night for a king bed room with sofa sleeper bed. This rate includes a hot breakfast and wifi.

Book online here by May 16 to obtain the tournament rate. Or you may call 800-992-0698 and ask for the Washington DC Gold Tournament rate, group code G-DCGT.

3. THIS ROOM BLOCK HAS EXPIRED, THOUGH ROOMS MAY STILL BE AVAILABLE DIRECTLY FROM THE HOTEL. The main tournament hotel is the Washington Marriott Georgetown, one block from the Squash on Fire courts.  The rate is $169 per night. The hotel is located at 1221 22nd Street NW Washington DC 20037. We estimate between 50 and 80 families will be staying at this hotel.

Book online here by May 15 to obtain this special rate.

There is no need to have a car.  There are many restaurant options within a few blocks of the hotel.

PARKING OPTIONS: If you do drive a car, there is on street meter parking with a two hour limit on Saturday. On street parking is free after 10 PM Saturday evening through the end of the tournament. Please carefully read obey all parking signs.  

Each tournament hotel offers parking, but it's pretty expensive. There is a Park America parking garage at 2145 M St NW (less than one block for each hotel) with a much lower rate than available at the hotels.  The garage has the best rate in the area -- $7 a day on Saturday from 10 AM to Midnight and Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM. If you leave the car there overnight, the rate is $30 per 24 hours. 


You can fly into the DC area via the three regional airports -- Washington Reagan, Washington Dulles and Baltimore Washington (BWI) Airports. Amtrak provides two trains per hour from New York and Boston into Union Station, which is 20 minutes via public transportation to the Squash on Fire venue.
United has many nonstops into Dulles, while American provides many nonstops into Reagan and Southwest provides many nonstops into Baltimore Washington Airport.  There are Amtrak and low cost MARC commuter trains from BWI to Washington DC.  Reagan Airport is most convenient to the venues.  Reagan is the easiest to use if you plan on using public transportation to get to and from the airport and would have the cheapest cab fares to all the venues. 
Southwest Airlines now flies in to Reagan and has a major hub at BWI, which normally has the lowest fares of the three airports.
Estimated times using public transportation from each airport (not counting waiting time for departing trains and buses, but counting walking time to Squash on Fire):
Reagan -- 20-25 minutes
Dulles -- 1 hour
BWI -- 1.5 hours
Estimated Uber fares for Uber X, assuming no surge pricing and travel during off peak hours:
Reagan -- $17-$22
Dulles -- $40-$50
BWI -- $50-$60
Taxis are more expensive, but each airport has plentiful taxi service.
Using public transit to get to the courts:
Reagan: This link explains.
Dulles: This link explains.
BWI: Here are the two options: Click here for one option. Click here for the other.
Here are local food writers' top picks for dining:
Rasika, located within one block of the tournament hotels, is widely considered to be one of the top Indian restaurants in the United States.