2015 CSA Women's National Team Championships (Howe Cup) U.S. Championship

Tournament Dates: 02/13/2015 - 02/15/2015 Harvard University - Murr Center (Directions)
65 N Harvard St
Allston, MA
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  • CSA Women

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Full draws and times will be available here by Wednesday evening, February 11.

Weather Update
Due to the winter storm, many teams have cancelled their Sunday matches and have returned to their schools.
Team buses may park at the Murr Center lot Sunday, however, parents and fans are required to park at the Business School lot, 125 Western Ave, Boston, MA.
Eight matches will still be played Sunday, with the following updated schedule:

2:30pm - Dartmouth/Stanford
2:30pm - Penn/Princeton

3:00pm - Amherst/Bowdoin 

4:00pm - Harvard/Trinity
4:00pm - Yale/Cornell

5:00pm - MHC/Conn College
5:00pm - Tufts/Williams Smith

5:30pm - Brown/Williams

Annual Meeting Reminder and Request for Discussion Topics
The Women's CSA Annual Meeting will be held at 8:30pm in the Hall of History at the Murr Center, immediately adjacent to the squash courts. All varsity coaches are required to attend, and club coaches/organizers are encouraged to as well. 
If there are any items you would like to have addressed at the annual meeting, please submit them here:
Awards Ceremony Reminder
​WCSA Annual Awards will be given out at an awards ceremony at the Murr Center courts on 6:30pm Saturday evening. All teams are encouraged to attend.
We will also have a tribute to the two CSA coaches we have lost in the last year, John Illig and Bob Callahan.
All matches on the front five courts, as well as the glass court, will be live streamed throughout the weekend. Streaming can be accessed from the following link: http://www.ivyleaguedigitalnetwork.com/harvard.
Parking for team buses and vans is available in the back parking lot of the Murr Center; there is a designated area. There is limited general parking available in the Murr Center lot, however, additional parking is available in the Harvard Business School lot on Western Ave.
Live Scoring
All matches during the championships will use live scoring, where mobile devices are used by the referees to keep track of the scores and report them directly to the tournament desk.
Parents and fans will be able to track the scores of each match live online, by simply going to http://www.clublocker.com and selecting the "featured matches" section. We encourage all coaches to notify those following their teams to engage with the streaming and live scoring to follow the action throughout the weekend!
Shower Facilities
Showers are available for all players in the Blodgett building, immediately adjacent to the squash courts. The building can be accessed by going through the Hall of History.
Bag Storage
With the exception of when their team match is being played, all players and teams are asked to leave their squash bags and additional gear in the Hall of History adjacent to the squash courts.


Line-ups for National Team Championships: All teams must submit final line-ups to the Tournament Director by Monday noon (EST) on the Monday prior to the start of the team tournament.

Teams may submit line-ups of 11 players; however, only the top-10 players are eligible to compete in the top-9 ladder positions. Unless a petition for an exemption is made to the Tournament Director, teams must submit and bring at least 9 players to Team Championships.

If multiple players in the top-9 ladder positions are injured during the tournament and unable to compete, a petition for an exemption may be made to the Tournament Director. Please note that exemptions will be extremely rare.

All line-ups will be posted for review by 8:00 PM on the Monday prior to the event. Coaches have until 5:00 PM on Tuesday to protest a team line-up to the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director and Executive Committee will review all protests and make a decision on each one by Wednesday at noon and communicate the results to the membership.

As a general rule, late changes will not be allowed, and players may not be added to the roster after the deadline. Any proposed late ladder changes (occurring past the posting deadline on that Monday) must be explained by the coach, reviewed be the Ranking Chair and Executive Committee, and approved before the start of the event. The coach is responsible for providing the necessary information to the committee. In the case of line-ups not being submitted on time, the last used line-up in an official intercollegiate CSA dual match will be the one used in the tournament by that team.

Harvard University
Murr Center
65 N Harvard St
Boston, MA 02134

Zesiger and du Pont Squash Courts 
120 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA 02139


Hyatt Regency Cambridge

575 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-492-1234