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Tournament Dates: 01/17/2014 - 01/19/2014

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Pyramid Squash (Directions)
30 Elm Street
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
Facility Phone: 914-961-7529
Contact (click name to email): Katja Amir:
Contact Phone: 914-961-7529
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Divisions: Check Starting Times
  • BU11 Singles (5 Entrants)  View draw
  • BU13 Singles (6 Entrants)  View draw
  • BU15 Singles (No Entrants)
  • BU17 Singles (16 Entrants)  View draw
  • BU19 Singles (No Entrants)
  • GU11 Singles (No Entrants)
  • GU13 Singles (No Entrants)
  • GU15 Singles (11 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU17 Singles (No Entrants)
  • GU19 Singles (No Entrants)


U9 Entries;

Katie Nichols

Maggie Nichols

Liam Neild

Caio Paiva

Nevin Mital

William Jebejian

We have decided to combine the GU13/15 and BU15/17divisions. If the younger players want the points to count towards the younger division, please let me know. I will forward a list of players to ussquash.



For some this will be their first tournament, some are more experienced, but maybe the following information will still answer some critical questions concerning tournament play.


By Wednesday before the tournament starts you will find the start times of the tournament published on ussquash. This will be the time when your child has his first match. The rest of the draw/ weekends schedule will be posted on ussquash by Friday afternoon. We will send out an email on Thursday reminding you to double check those times, since last minute changes can always happen (withdrawal, wrong age division, oversight of registration,…). We are asking for email addresses/phone numbers on the entry form so that we can inform you about changes that appear after office hours and during the tournament, so please make sure that you can be reached under the number/email you gave us.


I want to remind everyone that the scheduled match times are approximate times; it could be a bit earlier or a bit later. So please plan on being on site on time to accustom, warm up/stretch and to check the status of your match. I would suggest an arrival time of 20 minutes prior your match time. If 10 kids are 5 minutes late for their match we will be running an hour behind schedule.


After arriving to the tournament you should first check in (at the bar), then check the draw and wait in front of your assigned court until your match is up.The organizers are not responsible for finding you. If you don't show up you will receive a default after 15 minutes. In case we have a court/time change we will find you and inform you.


Warm-up time is on court, 2.5 minutes on each side. The ball should be passed over to the opponent after hitting it twice to yourself, not more. Again: If 10 kids warm-up for 5 extra minutes or run to the bathroom, we will run another hour behind schedule.

The referees are responsible to check if the players obey those rules. Referees: Don’t wait for the players/organizers to get you and tell you that the players are ready. We all need to stick to the schedule to avoid running late.

If there are any problems with the refereeing or the players/parents, please come to the tournament staff and we will help to keep it a fair match. Please remember that the sport, competing and being watched by so many is a lot of pressure on the kids and we (parents, coaches and organizers) should not add to it. Players can receive a default if parents don’t obey the code of conduct.


The winner of the match is responsible for handing in the score sheet and to double check the result. He will receive the score sheet for the next match that both winner and loser will have to referee. Not refereeing will result in a default. These are USSQUASH rules and is not fair to others that have to step in and referee additional matches.


After refereeing the next match, please verify your next match time and confirm with the tournament desk if you are done for the day. Remember everyonewill get 3 scheduled matches guaranteed. A default counts as a scheduled match and the only exception is a draw of 13 players.

Players that lose in the consolation round will go to Plate 1; if the draw was not a full draw (some byes in the first round) then losers of the second round will go to Plate 2. Once you reached the semi finals there might be a ¾ play-off match scheduled. Please look out for it or ask the organizers.


One more thing: Our club is a family owned club and we (owners) will have to do the cleaning at the end of the day. Therefore I want to kindly ask you to throw out all trash and treat our club respectfully. It’s a long day for us, too and it would be truly appreciated. Also, NO PLAYERS are allowed in the upper mezzanie level.  The fitness room may be used for warm-up IF it is not in use and ONLY with parental supervision.


At home please check your results online (organizers will enter all results the same day). If anything is wrong please inform us immediately so that we can fix the error.


We wish everyone a successful, fair and fun tournament.


Your Pyramid Squash Team

Start Times: All draws with more then 16 players will start on Friday, unless the total combined participation is less then 80 players. If you requested a Saturday start time or any other time accomodations please be aware that we will do our outmost best to accomodate you, but there is NO guarantee/refund/with drawal with out penalty. You can watch the entries and contact us to avoid penalization.


U9 divisions will play on court 1 in a round robin format. Everyone will get 3 games guaranteed, a shirt and a trophy. Please gather infront of the court by 12:00pm where the Pro will explain the rules. Depending on participation the U9 division will be done by 1:00/1:30pm.

Adult draws: Will start Sundays from 1:00/1:30pm. Everyone will be guaranteed 2 matches, receive a shirt and the winner will get a trophy. We estimate the event to run until 3:00/4:00, depending on participation.

Late Entries: Online (credit cards only) are excepted (unless draws are full/participation is well over 100) until Tuesday before the tournament. Absolutely no entries are excepted without the application or payment.

Entry list will be posted the day after the deadline. We do expect over 50% to be late entrants. Final closing date is Tuesday before the tournament. You may send an email after that to request a wait list position. In the event of a cancellation we will contact you immediately.

Start Times (first match time) will be published on US Squash (tournament listing) by Wednesday 5:00pm and draws will be published Friday afternoon. Please recheck your start time by Friday afternoon in case it got changed and we could not reach you (wrong/unreadable email/phone number).



Draw Types
Players will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches.


Matches will be best 3 out of 5 games with PAR scoring to 11.


Non-Marking Shoes, Eye-Wear, and Attire
Competitors must wear non-marking shoes, protective eye wear, and appropriate squash attire.


Squash Ball
Dunlop Revelation Pro (double yellow dot) will be the official tournament ball.


Code of Conduct
The U.S. SQUASH Code of Conduct and Junior Rules and Guidelines apply.


Winners and Losers of matches will be required to referee a match during the next scheduled match time.


Number of Divisions
Players are restricted to entering only one age division.

Tournament Seedings will be based on the Rankings run 1.5 weeks before the start of the tournament.  Tournament Seedings will also be randomized within "seeding groups."


This tournament is sanctioned by U.S. SQUASH.


Miscellaneous Explanations


Cut List
All age divisions are to be open to the highest ranked 32 players who enter per division.  If less than 32 players enter per division, any level player will be accepted.   If there are more than 32 players in any division, players will be placed on a wait list based on their ranking and will only be granted entry if a playing spot opens up.

NOTE: In divisions that have players waitlisted, the 30 highest ranked players have gained entry into the event.  The remaining 2 players to gain entry into the event will be notified by within 48 hours of the release of the Cut List.  This is to allow a grace period for any potential registration errors. 


Division Start Times
This will indicate the earliest possible match a player can expect within their Division.


Player Start Times 
This is the assigned match time for a players first match.

In case you are looking for a hotel here

is a list of  hotels near Tuckahoe, NY 

ROYAL REGENCY, near Ridgehill Mall

165 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710 || Toll Free: 1-800-215-3858    , 5 min. from club

RAMADA YONKERS, 3 min. from club, near Ridgehill Mall

125 Tuckahoe RoadYonkersNY 10710 US                 

Hampton Inn & Suites Yonkers 

4.2 / 5           3.2 miles Northwest from the center of Tuckahoe

Radisson Hotel New Rochelle

3.9 / 5                 3.4 miles Southeast from the center of Tuckahoe

Residence Inn by Marriott New Rochelle

  4.1 / 5                         3.4 miles Southeast from the center of Tuckahoe

Residence Inn by Marriott Yonkers    

4.3 / 5            3.5 miles Northwest from the center of Tuckahoe

Ardsley Acres Hotel – Westchester