Massachusetts State Junior Championships (Closed) Regional Junior Championship

Tournament Dates: 02/28/2014 - 03/02/2014

US Squash members can track the action during the event with the Live Scoreboard.
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Middlesex School (Directions)
1400 Lowell Rd.
Concord, MA 02118
Facility Phone: 617-851-0722
Contact (click name to email): Tom Poor:
Contact Phone: 617-851-0722

  • GU11 Singles (No Entrants)
  • GU13 Singles (10 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU15 Singles (14 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU17 Singles (20 Entrants)  View draw
  • GU19 Singles (5 Entrants)  View draw


February 26, 2014

Mass State Juniors - Start Times and draws

    1) Saturday start times are below and on the web site. Please arrive 30 minutes before as previous matches may finish early.
    2) Draws are attached (not on the web site yet). Note the tabs at the bottom for the different divisions.
    3) Please re-read the notes sent out yesterday. They are on the web site.
    Let me know of any question/concerns.
                    Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee
Ackerman,Alex  11:45 AM
Ackerman,Ellie  8:00 AM
Ackerman,Peter  11:45 AM
Agnihotri,Brahm  8:20 AM
Bardorf,Maya  9:50 AM
Barnes,Madeline  11:45 AM
Bell,Charlotte  9:50 AM
Bell,Jack  12:15 PM
Bell,James  12:50 PM
Bell,Matthew  9:50 AM
Berk,Daniel  8:20 AM
Bokhari,Maya  8:00 AM
Bower,Elizabeth  8:45 AM
Brownell,Jesse  8:00 AM
Bull,Jack  8:20 AM
Bull,Katie  11:15 AM
Carroll,Helena  8:45 AM
Champa,Caroline  8:20 AM
Cohen,Alexander  1:25 PM
Conigliaro,Douglas  10:25 AM
Conza,Adrienne  11:15 AM
Coss, Aaron 9:50 AM
Cummings,Katerina  8:45 AM
Cummings,Nicholas  11:45 AM
Das,Neel  12:15 PM
Depina, Keven 9:50 AM
DiCara,Flora  11:15 AM
Dowling,Ideal  10:50 AM
Englert,Blair  8:00 AM
Epstein,Matthew  12:50 PM
Finnegan,Daniel  9:15 AM
Fox,Bunny  8:45 AM
Freed,Samuel  10:25 AM
George,Ishaan  11:45 AM
Glenn,Evan  9:15 AM
Gliklich,Ben  8:00 AM
Gozigian,Graham  1:25 PM
Grace,Ryan  8:20 AM
Greenaway,Sophia  8:45 AM
Grip,Megan  12:50 PM
Gulati,Varoun  12:50 PM
Hadar,Aaron  11:45 AM
Hailu, Abel 9:50 AM
Hallowell,Rory  8:20 AM
Hitt,Sam  12:15 PM
Hoffman,Hannah  9:15 AM
Hoffman,Zachary  9:50 AM
Hogarty, Michael 9:50 AM
Holding,Chase  12:50 PM
Hunt,Haley  8:45 AM
Jacobs,Gordon  8:20 AM
Jafry,Zarena  11:45 AM
Jones,Natasha  10:50 AM
Kanwal,Deven  12:15 PM
Karimbux,Tarin  9:15 AM
Kaye,Thomas  9:15 AM
Keene,Sara  8:45 AM
Kelly,Isabel  8:45 AM
Kohlmeyer,Christian  11:45 AM
Kurtin,Alexander  12:15 PM
Langlois,Sophie  8:45 AM
Lazor,Andrew  10:50 AM
Lee,Andrew  10:25 AM
Liftman,Ross  12:15 PM
Loop,Christian  11:45 AM
Loop,Ethan  10:50 AM
Madden,Natalie  11:15 AM
Mannion,Sean  8:45 AM
Mannix,Jameson  8:00 AM
Manser,Benjamin  1:25 PM
Masland,Alina  8:45 AM
McBrian,William  1:25 PM
McComish,Benni  12:15 PM
McGrath,David  12:50 PM
McIntyre,Myles  10:50 AM
Montima,Jason  11:45 AM
Narayanan,Hari  10:25 AM
Neal,Dylan  9:15 AM
Nice,Hannah  9:15 AM
Novick,Maxwell  12:50 PM
Oasis,Zoe  11:15 AM
Odegard,Celine  8:00 AM
Olumi,Shayan  11:45 AM
Paglione,Elizabeth  8:20 AM
Paolella,James  12:50 PM
Phillimore,Robert  12:50 PM
Prockop,Molly  11:15 AM
Quigley,Ruslan  10:50 AM
Quinn,Birgitta  8:20 AM
Quinn,Clare  8:20 AM
Quinn,Kevin  9:15 AM
Ram,Rajiv  9:15 AM
Raskin Lantos,Joey  10:50 AM
Roberts,Emma  9:15 AM
Rosenzweig,Benjamin  8:20 AM
Rubin,David  12:15 PM
Sanquintin, Benny 12:50 PM
Santoro,Ryan  9:15 AM
Seck, Boubacar 8:45 AM
Selby,Jackson  8:00 AM
Semones,Aaron  8:00 AM
Semones,William  8:00 AM
Sharma,Baani  8:00 AM
Silverman,Gus  8:00 AM
Soloway,Sydney  8:45 AM
Soto, Jose 9:15 AM
Spahr,Caroline  11:15 AM
Spaulding,Skyler  8:00 AM
Struzenski,Nicholas  12:50 PM
Stuparich Nouel,Paola  8:45 AM
Stuparich Nouel,Sebastian  8:20 AM
Sunderland,Bradford  9:50 AM
Supattapone,Emma  8:20 AM
Supattapone,Sam  9:15 AM
Sutton,Lachlan  8:00 AM
Swann,Melissa  11:45 AM
Uhl,Clark  12:15 PM
Uhl,Thornton  9:50 AM
Wain,Lily  9:15 AM
Walsh,Kendall  8:00 AM
Walsh,Parker  11:45 AM
Watkins,Robert  11:45 AM
Weissman,Andrew  8:00 AM
Weissman,Ethan  8:20 AM
Werner,Edward  9:15 AM
Werner,Margaret  11:15 AM
White,Lucan  11:45 AM
Wiegand,Max  12:50 PM
Williamson,Robert  12:15 PM
Willwerth,Andrew  10:50 AM
Willwerth,Sarah  8:20 AM
Winston,Thomas  10:25 AM
Wynne,Marina  11:15 AM
Yedidi,Vijay  9:15 AM
Yedidi,Vinith  8:20 AM
Yoo,Sarah  8:45 AM
Zhou, Jasmine 8:45 AM

February 25, 2014

    We're set to go this week-end @ Middlesex. As mentioned before and on the web site, matches will begin Saturday morning and end early evening Sunday.
    I'll send out starting times and draws tomorrow. Please read the notes below for further information.
                      Tom Poor

Massachusetts State Junior Championships

 @ Middlesex


March 1-2, 2014


The Massachusetts States is the oldest tournament on the Mass Squash Junior schedule, and the State champions are recognized on the web site and on a plaque at the University Club. The tournament is being held for the first time at the Middlesex School, and we’re looking forward to a full week-end festival of squash. We expect nearly 140 players playing close to 300 matches from all over New England, including a contingent of SquashBusters, so there’ll be plenty of matches to be played and watched.


Your Responsibility as a Player: As an entrant in this tournament you are expected to play/referee every match to which you are assigned through the end of the tournament. Any default deprives another player of a match and experience, hence there should be no defaults except under the most extenuating of circumstances. Any default must be personally granted by one of the Tournament Committee.


Below are a few details for the weekend:


Directions: For your GPS, use: 1400 Lowell Road, Concord, MA. When you reach the school, go to the “Athletics” entrance. The Athletic Center is straight ahead. 


Registration: Begins at 7:30 AM Saturday in the mezzanine above the squash courts in the Athletic Center located to the left as you enter. Please try to register 30 minutes before your first match as previous matches may be finished sooner than scheduled. There is no need to register again after your first match.


Draws and Play: Draws will be posted and updated on easels in the mezzanine. When a match is finished, leave the ball on the court. The winner brings the score sheet back to the Registration

Desk and receives the score sheet for the next match on the same court. Both players, winner and loser, are responsible for refereeing the next match, even if it does not follow immediately.


Draws: We are using Monrad and round robin draws which a) give everyone more play and b) end in an exact Finishing Position. Be sure to check the draw for your next match time and court. Be there 15 minutes early. Remember that each player has a minimum of three matches so check the draws carefully.


Warm-up: Should be 5 minutes of alternating shots back and forth. No solo warm-ups along your own side wall. Why is this so hard for juniors to do?


Referees: As mentioned, the winner and loser referee the next match. Parents and others should not interfere in any way with the referee. If there’s a problem, find one of the tournament officials with a badge. Also, please be willing to help referee if needed, even if it’s not your scheduled match to referee. There may be some instances where very young players are scheduled to referee older players. We’ll try to anticipate those, but please see an official if there’s a problem. Referees are expected to concentrate and do the best job possible, exactly as you would wish those refereeing your match to do – that means no iPods, smart phones or any other distractions.


Traffic: Please do not walk behind the courts while a point is being played. Movement is bothersome to the players and obstructs the referee’s view. There is ample space behind the courts and in the mezzanine for parents, coaches and guests to watch.


Amenities: There are restrooms and locker rooms for players, parents, coaches and other guests. Signs will direct and identify the proper locker rooms. Bring your own towel. If you bring a drink, please dispose of it properly after use. Bring a change of clothes and warm-up suit to stay warm between matches and spectating.


Medical: An ice machine is available on the main level near the locker rooms. We will have a small amount of other medical supplies available.


Belongings: Please be sure to have your name on your belongings and keep them near you. It’s amazing how much extra equipment and clothing we have that’s left behind at the end of each tournament.


Food: A light breakfast on Saturday and Sunday will be available from 8:00 AM. Lunch will be available on both days from around 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. All food will be served in the lounge area near courts 7 & 8 and is not to be brought into the squash courts. There won’t be drinks so please bring your water bottles, energy drinks, etc. with you. Please be sure to throw all trash in trash cans and leave the area spotless.


Mementoes: A tote bag will be given to each player at registration with the Mass State Juniors logo. We’ll also have some extra shirts from previous Mass Junior tournaments which you are welcome to take.


Parking: Parking is available in the front of the Athletic Center and along the side. 


Telephone: If you need to reach me during the tournament, my cell is: 617-851-0722. I will not be checking e-mail, so if something comes up, call me.


Parents and Coaches: Please do not interfere or speak/bother the referees in any way during the course of a match. If you have a problem, please speak to one of the committee immediately. On occasion we may need help at the desk or in refereeing. If you’re willing to help at times when your son/daughter/charge is not playing, please let me know by e-mail or at the tournament.


Finally, we are guests of Middlesex School. Please be courteous, neat and leave the facility in better shape than we found it.


                      Many thanks,

              Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee

February 24, 2014

Division Start Times

Players, Parents & Coaches:

   We'll run this tournament on Saturday and Sunday with 137 entrants and 286 matches to be played. Everyone will start on Saturday with opening rounds as follows:

   GU13 @ 8:00 AM: GU15 @ 8:20 AM; GU17 @ 8:45 AM and GU19 @ 9:15 AM

   BU11 @ 8:00 AM; BU13 @ 8:20 AM; BU15 @ 8:45 AM; BU 17 @ 9:15 AM and BU 19 @ 9:50 AM

   Sunday morning will also start @ 8:00 AM with matches finishing around 4:00 - 5:00 PM Sunday afternoon. Let me know of any concerns/questions.

          Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee



February 10, 2014

Mass State Junior tournament - entry deadline on Feb 12

    The regular entry deadline ($100) for the Mass States is noon on Wednesday, February 12. Late entries ($125) can be made thereafter. Sign up is on the US Squash web site.
    The Mass States are open to any player who resides in or goes to school in any of the New England states except Connecticut. This is a Tier 1 tournament, meaning the winner earns 1500 points. Finishing points are scaled down from there, depending on the size of the draw.
    This year's tournament will be held at the Middlesex School in Concord, MA. We will be using Monrad draws and start on Saturday morning unless the number of entries increases dramatically.
    Let me know of any questions/concerns.
                   Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee

Entry Information:


Regular Tournament Entry is until 2/12/14 (12:00pm, NOON EST) at $100* per player.

Late Tournament Entry is after 2/12/14 (12:00pm, NOON EST) at $125* per player.


*Includes a $10 non-refundable online processing charge per entrant.

·         No refunds will be available for players who withdraw from the main draw after the Regular Tournament Entry deadline.

·         If a player does not make it into a division based on his or her ranking, he or she may participate in an older age division if space still remains after the release of the cut list in accordance with the Locked Division and Draw Policies in the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.

·         All players must be current US Squash members.

All entries after the Regular Tournament Entry Deadline are late entries and will be handled according to the Late Entry and Waitlist Guidelines outlined below. 


Late Entry and Waitlist Guidelines:

Players that sign up after the regular entry deadline will only be moved to the main draw in accordance with the policies laid out in the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.

After seeding and player start times are released, players will only be moved from the waitlist to the main draw in accordance with the policies laid out in the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.


Players must have primary residency in the region of the Regional Junior Championships (Closed) tournament in which they are participating.  A primary residence is defined by where a player resides for the majority of a year.  For example: if a player lives in PA, and he/she attends boarding school in MA, he/she may only participate in the New England Junior Championships (Closed).  To view the full eligibility criteria, please click here.



All US Squash Accredited tournaments will abide by the policies outlined here.

Tournament Seeding will be based off of the ranking run that occurred on the Tuesday 1.5 weeks before the start of the tournament.   Players will be seeded in accordance with the Seeding Guidelines outlined in the
Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.


This tournament is accredited by US Squash.


Miscellaneous Explanations:


Cut List:
All age divisions are to be open to the highest ranked 32 players who enter per division.  If less than 32 players enter per division, any level player will be accepted.   If there are more than 32 players in any division, players will be placed on a wait list based on their ranking and will only be granted entry if a playing spot opens up.

NOTE: In divisions that have players’ waitlisted, the 30 highest ranked players have gained entry into the tournament.  The remaining 2 players to gain entry into the event will be notified by within 48 hours of the release of the Cut List.  This is to allow a grace period for any potential registration errors.


Division Start Times:
This will indicate the earliest possible match a player can expect to play within their Division.   These will be released in accordance with the
Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.


Player Start Times: 
This is the assigned match time for a player’s first match.   Player Start Times will be released in accordance with the
Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.


Draw Size Locking Deadline:

This is that date after which draws will no longer increase in size.   Draw Sizes will lock in accordance with the Junior Rules, Guidelines, and Timelines.