2013 U.S. Women's Team Squash Championships (Howe Cup) U.S. Championship

Tournament Dates: 10/18/2013 - 10/20/2013 S2 Squash (Directions)
499 S Henderson Rd
King of Prussia, PA
Facility Phone:
Contact (click name to email): Tournament Director: tournaments@ussquash.com
Contact Phone: N/A

Divisions: Check Starting Times


In order to view Friday start times as well as the Howe Cup Draws, please see the below links to the Draws:

To view the Division A Draws, please click here.

To view the Division B Draws, please click here.

To view the Division C Draws, please click here.

To view the Division D Draws, please click here.


CHECK YOUR STATUS: Click on the following link for a list of teams who have registered and to verify that U.S. SQUASH has received all of the necessary materials for your team for the event by clicking here: HOWE CUP STATUS SHEET.

Please see the above tabs for more information.

Please note that there will likely be a Doubles tournament being played at Fairmount Athletic Club while the Howe Cup is being played.   If you would like to participate in the Doubles tournament please click here.


Primary Contacts for the Howe Cup are:


Amy Milanek – blaznamy@msn.com or 610-564-8871

Cathy Popovitch – cpopo@msn.com

Julie Kessler – Julie.Kessler@lifefitness.com


There will be A B C and D levels so all are welcome to play.  If anyone needs a team to play on, contact Julie Kessler at Julie.Kessler@lifefitness.com. Entry is $150 per person, or $750 per team. Entry deadline is Wednesday October 2nd, 2013.   The tournament hotel is the Valley Forge Radisson which is attached to the Valley Forge Casino.  It is $119 if you book by September 17th 2013. Call 610-354-8118 and ask for "Room Block Howe Cup 2013".


• Child care will be available, just make sure to let us know so we can accommodate you.

• There will be breakfast Saturday and Sunday, lunch Friday and Saturday, dinner Friday at FAC, and the Saturday night extravaganza is at the Valley Forge Casino.

• Play will start Friday morning so please plan accordingly.

• There is an airport shuttle from the Philadelphia airport called the Tropiano airport shuttle. 800-559-2040. $53 round trip, $29 one way.






















































































First Matches will begin at 1:00pm on Friday Afternoon.

Division Start Times:

Division A - 1:00pm

Division B - 1:00pm

Division C - 1:00pm

Division D - 1:00pm

In order to view Friday start times as well as the Howe Cup Draws, please see the below links to the Draws:

To view the Division A Draws, please click here.

To view the Division B Draws, please click here.

To view the Division C Draws, please click here.

To view the Division D Draws, please click here.

Thursday evening starts for local players depending on number of entries.

Estimated tournament times below:

Friday: 8AM to 7PM

Saturday: 8AM to 5PM

Sunday: 8AM to Noon

$750 per team ($150 per team member) - Singles Event Regular Fee (received before October 2, 2013, 12:00pm, NOON, EST)
$1000 per team ($200 per team member) - Singles Late Registration (received after October 2, 2013, 12:00pm, NOON, EST)

All participants must be current US Squash members.

The guest fee is $55.00 for the Saturday Night Party.  This includes appetizers, dinner, dessert and wine/beer.   In order to pay the guest fee, please call the U.S. Squash office (212.268.4090) and we will take your credit card information over the phone.


Friday Night Social Events: Pizza will be provided at the courts.


Please note that late registrations are not guaranteed entry into the tournament and will only be granted entry at the discretion of U.S. Squash.

Sponsorship Information:

To become a sponsor for this year's event, please call U.S. Squash at 212.268.4090.  Sponsorship levels are listed below:

Title/Platinum Sponsor: $2000

Gold Sponsor: $1500

Silver Sponsor: $1000

Bronze Sponsor: $500


How to Register a Team for the Howe Cup:


1.      TEAM REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: The link for Online Payment Team Registration can be found here (Note: You must be logged in!):  ONLINE TEAM REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

a.    Please click on the green "sign up" button at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

b.    Note: Only one payment is allowed per team.

c.     Note: The person whose is listed as the "Team Contact Name" in the registration process will automatically be listed as the team captain and will be the only person with privileges to manage the team roster.

2.    ROSTER MANAGEMENT: Add your roster by following these steps (Note: You must be logged in!)

a.       Click the following link to find your division for the 2013 Howe Cup: 2013 HOWE CUP TEAMS.

b.      Click on your division

c.       Click on your team

d.      Click “Manage Roster”

e.      Search for your players by using their name (last name, first name) or U.S. Squash Number

                                                               i.      Note: You can search using partial names (ex: to search for Sarah Johnson, you could type: joh, sar)

f.        Add each player to your roster

                                                               i.      Note: If you cannot find a player in our system, you will need to create a free online account for them.

                                                                                   1. Click on the "membership" across the top of the screen and then click "create free online account. 

                                                             ii.      Note: When entering players, the roster does not need to be in order of strength (final order of strength is due when checking in at the event)


3.    HARROW VEST SIZING: Please fill out the following document with the sizing for your team with a maximum of up to five (5) vest: HARROW VEST SIZING DOCUMENT.


4.     BRING A GUEST:  You can bring a guest to the event by registering them in advance by calling U.S. Squash at 212.268.4090 and providing payment information.


6.      CHECK YOUR STATUS: Click on the following link to verify that U.S. SQUASH has received all of the necessary materials for your team for the event by clicking here:HOWE CUP STATUS SHEET.

a.       Note: If next to your team under “STATUS” it says “Complete”, then your registration is complete.

b.      Note: If next to your team under “Status” it says “Incomplete”, then your registration is still missing either your payment or your full roste, or your T-Shirt sizes.


Format and Matching:
The singles division is a team event.  There should be one entry form per five person team.  If you have a partial team or are looking to join a team, please email 
Julie.Kessler@lifefitness.com before submitting an entry.  The following are organizing teams in their regions, please contact them directly if looking to play for these regions:


Mid-Atlantic (except Baltimore) and Washington, D.C. - AJ Copeland  ajcopeland@copelandco.com

Baltimore - Ann Watson at bettyfred@aol.com

New York - Click here or contact team captain Tracy Gates at tracyjgates@gmail.com

California - Kim Clearkin at kclearkin@yahoo.com

Lancaster, PA - Jess May at jmay@nationalbearings.com  or 717-397-6912

Denver - Jesse Anderson at jessewanderson@comcast.net

Atlanta - Leslie Blythe at LBlytheBG@aol.com

Boston A - Susan Greene at MassHoweCup@gmail.com

Ontario, Canada (Georgetown Squash) - Gill More at 905-702-0094 or gmore@cogeco.ca 

Ontario, Canada (Ottawa) - Viola Hennessey at dougandviola@sympatico.ca  

Portland, Oregon - Wendy Comstock at wjcomstock@gmail.com

New Jersey - Dee Schmitz at dee@deezigns.com or 973-942-2429

Detroit/Michigan - Kelly Wellings at kelbuckley@hotmail.com

St. Louis - Heidi Mather at hmather at 314-539-4455 or hmather@mac-stl.org

Philadelphia - Demer Holleran at dholleran@fairmountac.com

Tournament Rules:

HOWE CUP/U.S. Women’s Team Championships Tournament Rules

The competition or the national team championships in the U.S. shall be called the “U.S. Women’s Howe Cup Team Championships” (The Howe Cup Championships, or simply Howe Cup). The Howe Cup, a permanent trophy, was presented by Mrs. Virginia Griggs of New York in 1955 in honor of the leading family in women’s squash. The ‘B’ Howe Cup was given in 1959 by Mrs. Henry Flynt and Mrs. Mary W. Knapp. The ‘C’ Howe Cup was donated in 1969 by Mr. James Traviss of Toronto. The ‘D’ Division
was first played in 2003 and formally sanctioned with a trophy in 2008.

The Howe Cup Championships shall be operated by U.S. SQUASH, with oversight provided by the U.S. SQUASH Women’s Committee. The event shall be managed by a local Howe Cup Committee dedicated to running an outstanding women’s squash tournament.

1. The competition shall be a U.S. SQUASH sanctioned tournament open to members of the Association and invited international teams.

2. The tournament shall be divided into Skill Level divisions conforming to such definitions which are established by U.S. SQUASH. Additional categories such as Age Division and “Doubles” may be added at the discretion of the Women’s Committee and U.S. SQUASH.

3. Each Region shall be entitled to enter one team in each division, and may request to enter additional teams in one or more division. The members of a Regional team must be residents of that Region, except as provided below: 
    a. Any player not residing within a Region may represent the Region geographically closest to her residence. 
    b. Any Region not able to field a complete team in any category may complete the team with players who do not reside within the boundaries of that Region provided, however, that at least half of all the teams from a given Region are made up of members from that Region. The captain of any co-mingled team must be a member of the Region the team represents.

4. Rating guidelines to describe the A, B, C, and D divisions will be published each year with the Howe Cup tournament promotional materials. A player may play at or above her U.S. SQUASH established rating level, but not below. Exceptions will be reviewed and approved by the Women’s Committee in consultation with U.S. SQUASH. If a player is found to be playing below her skill level without approval, penalties will be determined by the Women’s Committee in consultation with U.S. SQUASH.

5. There is no age limit to players in the tournament. No team may have more than two juniors (U-19 players).

6. In the event that the number of teams must be limited, teams will be accepted in the following order:
• One Regional team per skill level division
• Co-mingled teams
• International teams
• Additional teams from Regions


1. Entries are processed by U.S. SQUASH
2. All U.S. resident players MUST be current members of U.S. SQUASH through the last day of the tournament.


The event will be played according to U.S. SQUASH sanctioned tournament guidelines including the requirement for all players to wear eye guards.


·         At the start of competition each coach/captain must provide a ladder order (Event Line-up) listing all of the participating players in rank (ladder) order to U.S. SQUASH which will post it for review by other captains.  This ladder order must be maintained throughout the competition.


·         If a player is unable to participate in a match, she may default her position in the ladder order and the team members below her position must all move up on the ladder to fill her position, thereby defaulting the #5 match.  In any case of injury or default, the team captain must notify the opposing captain and tournament director before the beginning of the match.  


·         If a player has defaulted a match or otherwise is removed from the team line-up, for later matches she may be placed back in her original ladder position if she is able to resume play.



The Women’s Committee, in collaboration with U.S. SQUASH will determine the manner of play. For example if four or fewer teams are entered in one skill level division, a round robin may be played.


1. In the event of a round-robin, the team winning the greatest number of team
matches shall be declared the winner. In the event of a two-way tie, the
team winning the head-to-head match between those two teams shall be
declared the winner.  In the event that three or more teams are tied, the
following criteria will be used until there are two remaining teams, at
which time the head-to-head match between those two teams will be used to
determine the winner:


·         Most total individual matches won


·         Most total individual games won


·         Fewest total individual games lost


·         Most individual points won


2. In the event of an elimination tournament, the winner of the final round shall be declared the Winner.




1. The Howe Cup shall be awarded at the completion of matches to the Region represented by the winning team in each category. The captains of the winning teams shall retain custody of the Cups until the next competition, and shall be responsible for bringing the Cups to the tournament. Each winning region shall have the year and its name engraved on the trophy at the expense of the U.S. SQUASH.

2. Individual prizes shall be awarded to the members of the winning team in each category. There shall be a minimum of five prizes per team.

U.S. SQUASH determines the definition of Regions, which may be changed from time to time. They are currently defined as:


The Central States Region AR, CO, KS, LA, NE, OK, TX-D, TX-H
The Great Lakes Region IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, ND, OH-CI, OH-CO, OH-D, OH-NE, OH-NW, SD, WI, WV
The Mid Atlantic Region DC, DE, MD, NJ-C, NJ-N, VA
The New England Region CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT
The New York Area Region NY-A, NY-B, NY-M, NY-R
The Pennsylvania Area Region PA-PH, PA-PI
The Southeast Region AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN
The Western States Region AK, AZ, CA-N, CA-S, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY

Originally created 1978
Updated May 1983
Updated September 2009 


Revised April 2012

Fairmount Athletic Club
499 South Henderson Road
King of Prussia,PA 19406

Radisson Hotel Valley Forge
1160 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406

To make reservations, please click here: US SQUASH