Massachusetts State Junior Championships Regional Junior Championship

Entry Form

Tournament Dates: 03/01/2013 - 03/03/2013

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The Badger Rosen SquashBusters Center at Northeast (Directions)
795 Columbus Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Facility Phone:
Contact (click name to email): Tom Poor:
Contact Phone: 617.851.0722


Wednesday, February 27,2013
    Saturday start times are listed below. Also, the draws are attached showing times throughout the week-end which hopefully will help in planning your schedule.
    Let me know of any problems/concerns.
                           Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee
Division   Start Time
BU15 Ackerman, Alexander 9:15 AM
GU11 Ackerman, Ellie 8:00 AM
BU15 Ackerman, Peter 2:00 PM
BU19 Ames, Carlos 10:45 AM
GU17 Anderson, Grace 9:15 AM
GU13 Anderson, Lily 3:00 PM
GU15 Anwar, Junnat 12:20 PM
GU15 Barbieri, Lauren 8:20 AM
GU17 Barnes, Madeline 11:50 AM
GU11 Bell, Charlotte 8:00 AM
BU17 Bell, Jack 2:30 PM
GU19 Bell, Savannah 10:15 AM
BU13 Berk, Adam 8:20 AM
BU11 Berk, Daniel 8:00 AM
GU19 Blenko, Katie 10:45 AM
GU19 Breitmeyer, Morgan 10:45 AM
GU13 Brownell, Jesse 9:15 AM
GU19 Brownell, Rebecca 10:15 AM
GU17 Carson-Rose, Clarissa 8:45 AM
GU17 Chai, Madeleine 1:25 PM
GU11 Chen, Natalie 8:00 AM
GU15 Cho, Yun Min 8:20 AM
BU17 Cohen, Alexander 2:30 PM
BU13 Conigliaro, Douglas 8:20 AM
GU19 Connor, Haley 3:30 PM
GU17 Conway, Jessica 12:50 PM
GU17 Conza, Adrienne 9:15 AM
BU15 Das, Neel 2:00 PM
BU19 Depina, Keven 10:45 AM
GU17 DiCara, Flora 9:15 AM
GU15 Dowling, Ideal 12:20 PM
BU17 Durfee, Thomas 10:15 AM
BU11 Ehrman, Ben 8:00 AM
GU15 Elizondo, Eve 12:20 PM
BU19 Elizondo, Mason 10:45 AM
BU17 Epstein, Matthew 10:15 AM
BU19 Fernandes, William 10:45 AM
BU17 Finnegan, Daniel 10:15 AM
GU17 Fitzgerald, Cameron 8:45 AM
BU17 Flores, Pedro 9:45 AM
BU13 Freed, Sam 8:20 AM
BU15 George, Ishaan 2:00 PM
BU19 Ghogawala, Zoher 11:20 AM
BU17 Gilbert-Bono, Blake 2:30 PM
BU13 Gloss, Samuel 8:20 AM
BU17 Gulati, Varoun 9:45 AM
BU17 Hailu, Abel 9:45 AM
BU19 Hamlin, Tucker 11:20 AM
GU19 Hartnick, Marina 10:15 AM
GU15 Hinckley, Sasha 12:20 PM
BU17 Hitt, Sam 10:15 AM
GU17 Hoffman, Hannah 9:15 AM
BU19 Hoffman, Zach 10:45 AM
BU17 Hogarty, Michael 10:15 AM
BU15 Holding, Chase 9:15 AM
BU17 Hunnewell, Nicholas 9:45 AM
GU15 Hunt, Haley 12:20 PM
GU17 Imafidon, Lisa 9:15 AM
BU11 Jacobs, Gordon 8:00 AM
BU15 Jaekle, William 2:00 PM
GU19 Jones, Khalilah 10:15 AM
BU15 Kanwal, Deven 2:00 PM
BU17 Karimbux, Tarin 10:15 AM
GU15 Keene, Sara 12:20 PM
GU13 Kelly, Isabel 8:45 AM
BU17 Kim, Sebastian 10:15 AM
BU15 Kurtin, Alex 2:00 PM
GU11 Kurtin, Anna 8:00 AM
BU13 Lazor, Andrew 8:20 AM
GU15 LeBlanc, Abigail 12:20 PM
BU13 Lee, Andrew 8:20 AM
GU15 Lemay, Davis 8:45 AM
BU17 Liftman, Ross 9:45 AM
GU17 Lin, Phyllis 1:25 PM
BU19 Lo, Derek 11:20 AM
GU15 Madden, Natalie 12:20 PM
GU17 Mahalingam-Dhingra, Ananya 1:25 PM
BU19 Manley, Todd 10:45 AM
BU17 Manser, Benjamin 2:30 PM
GU13 Masland, Alina 3:00 PM
BU19 McBrian, Will 10:45 AM
BU17 McComish, Benni 10:15 AM
BU13 McIntyre, Myles 11:50 AM
BU15 Montima, Jason 2:00 PM
BU13 Narayanan, Hari 8:20 AM
GU17 Nice, Hannah 1:25 PM
GU15 Oasis, Zoe 12:20 PM
BU19 Osajie, Benedict 10:45 AM
GU15 Paglione, Elizabeth 8:45 AM
GU17 Paglione, Katherine 9:15 AM
BU17 Paolella, James 9:45 AM
BU17 Perkins, Caldwell 9:45 AM
BU17 Phillimore, Robert 9:45 AM
BU13 Prindle, Carson 8:20 AM
GU17 Prockop, Molly 11:50 AM
GU15 Quinn, Birgitta 8:45 AM
BU13 RaoShah, Taalin 8:20 AM
GU17 Roberts, Emma 12:50 PM
BU11 Rosenzweig, Benjamin 8:00 AM
GU17 Ross, Fiona 9:15 AM
BU15 Rubin, David 2:00 PM
BU17 Sanders, Carter 10:15 AM
BU19 Sanquintin, Benny 10:45 AM
BU15 Seck, Boubacar 9:45 AM
BU15 Senalin, Anthony 9:45 AM
BU17 Shadek, Will 2:30 PM
BU17 Shoihet, Ethan 10:15 AM
BU19 Smith, Christopher 10:45 AM
GU13 Soloway, Sydney 9:15 AM
BU15 Soto, Jose 1:25 PM
GU15 Spahr, Caroline 12:20 PM
GU11 Spaulding,Skyler H. 8:00 AM
BU19 Struzenski, Nick 10:45 AM
GU17 Sullivan, Delaney 8:45 AM
BU17 Sunderland, Bradford 9:45 AM
GU13 Supattapone, Emma 8:45 AM
BU15 Supattapone, Sam 2:00 PM
GU17 Swann, Melissa 8:45 AM
GU17 Treacy, Tegan 12:50 PM
GU17 Tryon-Repka, Emma 8:45 AM
BU17 Uhl, Clark 9:45 AM
BU15 von Schroeter, Ian 2:00 PM
BU19 Wain, John 11:20 AM
GU15 Wain, Laurel 8:45 AM
GU17 Wain, Lily 8:45 AM
GU11 Walsh, Kendall 8:00 AM
BU13 Walsh, Matt 8:00 AM
GU17 Walsh, Michelle 9:15 AM
BU13 Walsh, Parker 8:20 AM
BU13 Watkins, Robert 8:20 AM
GU15 Webber, Ainsley 12:20 PM
BU11 Weissman, Andy 8:00 AM
BU11 Weissman, Ethan 11:50 AM
GU15 Werner, Margaret 12:20 PM
BU15 White, Lucan 2:00 PM
BU15 Wiegand, Max 1:25 PM
BU13 Willwerth, Andrew 8:20 AM
GU15 Willwerth, Sarah 12:20 PM
GU17 Wilson, Josie 8:45 AM
BU13 Winston, Thomas (Jack) 8:00 AM
BU17 Wolpow, Thomas 9:45 AM
BU19 Woolverton, Peter 10:45 AM
BU17 Wu, Joseph 9:45 AM
GU17 Wynne, Marina 8:45 AM
BU15 Yedidi, Vijay 2:00 PM
BU11 Yedidi, Venith 8:00 AM
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 
    We'll start all divisions on Saturday at the following times:
        GU11: 8:00 AM
        GU13: 8:45 AM
        GU15: 8:20 AM
        GU17: 8:45 AM
        GU19: 10:15 AM
        BU11: 8:00 AM
        BU13: 8:00 AM
        BU15: 9:15 AM
        BU17: 9:45 AM
        BU19: 10:45 AM
    Remember that only a few players in each division will be playing at the times above. Everyone else will start later.
    Individual start times will be sent out tomorrow.
    Let me know of any problems/concerns.
                          Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee
Monday, February 25, 2013
    I'll be working on draws and scheduling the next three days and plan to have division start times out tomorrow and individual start times out on Wednesday afternoon.
    Please read the notes below which provide details of the week-end. Let me know of any problems or concerns.
                        Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee

Massachusetts State Junior Championships

 @ SquashBusters

March 1-3, 2013


The Massachusetts States is the oldest tournament on the Mass Squash Junior schedule, and the State champions are recognized on the web site and on a plaque at the University Club. We’re looking forward to a full week-end festival of squash at the SquashBusters Center, 795 Columbus Ave. in Boston. We expect nearly 150 players from all over New England, including a large contingent of SquashBusters playing on their home courts, so there’ll be plenty of matches to be played and watched. Below are a few details for the week-end:


Registration: On the second floor of the SquashBusters Center. Please try to register ½ hour before your first match as previous matches may be finished sooner than scheduled. There is no need to register again for succeeding matches.


Draws and Play: Posted in the Registration area. When a match is finished, leave the ball on the court, and the winner brings the score sheet back to the Registration desk and receives the score sheet for the next match on the same court. The winner and loser are responsible for refereeing that next match, even if it does not follow immediately. Be sure to check the draw for your next match time and court. All of you will be playing several times during the tournament – double check your next match start time and be at the court 15 minutes early.


Scoring: We’ll be using the PAR-11 (point-a-rally) scoring system.


Warm-up: Should be 5 minutes of alternating shots back and forth. No solo warm-ups along your own side wall. Why is this so hard for juniors to do?


Referees: As mentioned, the winner and loser referee the next match. Parents and others should not interfere in any way with the referee. If there’s a problem, find one of the tournament officials with a badge. Also, please be willing to help referee if needed, even if it’s not your scheduled match to referee. There may be some instances where very young players are scheduled to referee older players. We’ll try to anticipate those, but please see an official if there’s a problem. Referees are expected to concentrate and do the best job possible, exactly as you would wish those refereeing your match to do – that means no iPods, smart phones or any other distractions.


Traffic: Please do not walk behind the courts while a point is being played. Movement is bothersome to the players and obstructs the referee’s view. There is ample space behind the courts for parents, coaches and guests to watch.


Chairs: Will be set up behind all courts. These chairs are for the referees and adults. Please make sure any adult standing is offered a chair. Please keep the chairs orderly behind the courts as there will be a lot of traffic.


Amenities: There are bathrooms, showers and water fountains. Bring your own towel, a change of clothes and warm-up suits to stay warm between matches and spectating.


Medical: We will have ice packs and a few bandages and wraps on hand.


Belongings: Please be sure to have your name on your belongings and keep them near you. It’s amazing how much extra equipment and clothing we have that’s left behind at the end of each tournament.


Food: We will not be having any food at the tournament. This is because no food or drink is allowed at the courts on the second floor, there is little space on the first floor to adequately serve, SquashBusters has a new carpet and there’s a plethora of local establishments for meals. We’ll have a brochure available listing these places. Please – no coffee or drinks on the second floor.


Parking: Parking is available in the Renaissance Garage three blocks beyond SquashBusters. Also, on Saturday & Sunday, in the open lot next door if available and on the street, if you’re lucky.


Telephone: If you need to reach me during the tournament, my cell is: 617-851-0722. I will not be checking e-mail, so if something comes up, call me.


Parents and Coaches: On occasion we may need help at the desk or in refereeing. If you’re willing to help at times when your son/daughter/charge is not playing, please let me know by e-mail or at the tournament.


Finally, we are guests of SquashBusters. Please be courteous, neat and leave the facility in better shape than we found it.


                                        Many thanks,

                                                Tom Poor, for the Mass Squash Junior Committee



Massachusetts State Junior Champions
  ---------- Girls ----------
  GU 11   GU 13   GU 15   GU 17   GU 19
1996 --   --   --   --   Sara Connolly
1997 --   --   --   --   Lillian Rosenthal
1998 --   --   --   --   Lillian Rosenthal
1999 --   --   --   --   Ashley Harmeling
2000 --   Haley Hogan   Rebecca Loucks   Lillian Rosenthal   Lillian Rosenthal
2001 --   Cece Cortes   Julia Nickrosz   Rebecca Loucks   Andrea Berberian
2002 Sarah Loucks   Cece Cortes   Cece Cortes   Rebecca Loucks   Rebecca Shingleton
2003 --   Casey Cortes   Cece Cortes   Cece Cortes   Elisabeth Berylson
2004 --   Sarah Loucks   Alli Rubin   Johanna Snyder   Rebecca Loucks
2005 --   Ashley Brooks   Dori Rahbar   Elena Laird   --
2006 --   Leigh Peterson   Dori Rahbar   Sarah Crosby   Elena Laird
2007 --   Lily Grant   Katherine Nimmo   Sarah Crosby   Maura Neal
2008 --   Addie Fulton   Caroline Monrad   Dori Rahbar   Sarah Crosky
2009 Madeleine Chai   Samantha Chai   Caroline Monrad   Ashley Brooks   Dori Rahbar
2010 Casey Kelly   Madeleine Chai   Rebecca Brownell   Addie Fulton   Katherine Nimmo
2011 Katherine McElroy   Margaret Werner   Tegan Treacy   Zoe Carey   Caroline Monrad
2012 Jesse Brownell   Natasha Jones   Madeleine Chai   Devin Mullaney   Caroline Monrad
  ---------- Boys ----------
  BU 11   BU 13   BU 15   BU 17   BU 19
1996 --   --   --   --   --
1997 --   --   --   --   T. J. Quinn
1998 --   --   --   --   Neil Pallaver
1999 --   --   --   --   T. J. Quinn
2000 Toby Thompson   Andrew Fine   Chessen Gertler   Nathan Beck   Patrick Malloy
2001 --   Barrett Takesian   John Fulham   Will Simonton   Nick Lacaillade
2002 Julian Kirby   Barrett Takesian   Mark Froot   William Walter   Will Simonton
2003 --   Barrett Takesian   Christopher Vernick   John Lingos-Webb   Greg Vernick
2004 Liam McClintock   West Hubbard   Amory Bennett   Stephen Preefer   --
2005 James Fulham   Julian Kirby   Barrett Takesian   Christopher Vernick   Dan Wagman
2006 Gordon Michas   Liam McClintock   Julian Kirby   Jason Michas   Andrew Macalaster
2007 --   Henry Bell   Conor McClintock   Taylor Foehl   Pedro Souza
2008 --   Thomas Dembinski   Liam Quinn   Taylor Foehl   Adam Vartikar
2009 Reg Anderson   Timothy Brownell   Benjamin Krant   Derek Chilvers   Taylor Foehl
2010 Patrick McElroy   Timothy Brownell   Atticus Kelly   Aneesh Chuttani   Taylor Foehl
2011 David Rubin   Jack Bell   Ethan Shoihet   Atticus Kelly   Mathieu Diab
2012 Miles McIntyre   Nicholas Cummings   Dylan Kachur   Timothy Brownell   Atticus Kelly