California Junior Open - PAC - Redwood Shores Junior Gold

Tournament Dates: 06/29/2012 - 07/01/2012

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Bay Club Redwood Shores (Directions)
200 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA
Facility Phone: 650 593-4900
Contact (click name to email): Kim Clearkin (click here to email):
Contact Phone: 650 517-5959
Web Site:

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  • -Recent News
  • -Tournament Schedule
  • -Entry Information
  • -Off-Season Gold Tournament Policy
  • -Venues
  • -Hotel Information
  • -Late Entry and Waitlist Guidelines
  • -Withdraw Information
  • -Refund Policies
  • -Tournament Registration Confirmation
  • -Schedule of Released Tournament Information
  • -Parking
  • -Tournament Rules
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Recent News:

Please note changes to shuttle times below

Player Start times and draws are now ready for viewing. Please also note the following information regarding tournament procedures and guidelines.

GU11 Player`Start Times

Sanjana Vissapragada   Friday 4:00pm (PSRRS)

Andrea Kitahata                Friday 4:00pm   (PSRRS)

Uma Kumar                       Saturday 11:30am (BCSF)

Sunya Siddiqui                  Friday 4:00pm (PSRRS)

Portia Pliam                       Friday 4:00pm (PSRRS)

Tillie Rubin                        Saturday 11:30am (BCSF)

The squash department would like to welcome you to Pacific Sports Resort – Redwood Shores (PSRRS). Situated on 10 picturesque acres in the South Bay, PSRRS is a world-class health and fitness resort with award-winning facilities and a host of indulgent amenities, top-rated services, and the all-new Splash Landing water park. Members enjoy nine tennis courts, five international squash courts and four swimming pools, the Sanctuary Spa, and innovative classes in our 15,000-square-foot fitness center. (

Some of you will also experience our sister club, Bay Club San Francisco (BCSF). Since opening as San Francisco’s first coed club in 1977, Bay Club San Francisco has set the standard of excellence for private health and fitness clubs. The Bay Club is now renowned for its award-winning design, internationally-recognized staff, The Sanctuary Spa, and the best squash, yoga, and Pilates programs on the West Coast. (

In order to help the running of the tournament and to help you enjoy your experience with us please read the following guidelines.


Tournament Matches

All tournament matches on Friday and Sunday will be played at PSRRS. On Saturday the BU15, 17 and 19 draws will be held at PSRRS. The GU11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 draws and the BU11 and 13 will be held at BCSF. Matches start at 4:00pm on Friday, 8:00am on Saturday and Sunday. The last match is scheduled for 2.25pm on Sunday. If you foresee a problem making your Sunday match let me know at the time and we will work out a solution.

Everyone has at least 3 matches scheduled. Please make sure therefore that you know the time of your next match before leaving the courts.

Tournament Registration

Registration for the tournament will be available from Thursday at 4:00pm-7:00pm and Friday from 2:00pm at PSRRS. A registration table will be set up in the lobby of the club. Everyone who is using the club facilities needs to sign a waiver, give a contact number for the weekend and pick up their tournament t-shirt.

All participants of the tournament will be allowed to use all club facilities at PSRRS and BCSF from Friday until Sunday.

Use of Club Facilities

If a member of your family or party would like to use the club facilities during the weekend, or if you arrive early and would like to use the club there is a charge of $30 for an individual or $50 for a family guest fee. This will entitle you to use the pools, work out in the gym, or take a group exercise class. You will need to complete a guest waiver.

All children up to the age of 16 are required to wear wristbands for pool and pool deck use.  We will supply you a wristband on the first day but after that please make sure to stop by the Reception Desk on your way in to get your wristbands for the day.  Children must wear wristbands to utilize the pools, the slide and Splash Landing. Please see the separate sheet for Pool procedures and etiquette.

Practice Courts

A limited number of practice courts will be available at PSRRS and Bay Club San Francisco before the tournament starts. A court fee of $30/hr will apply. Please contact me of you would like to book a session at either of these clubs.

Bag Storage

At PSRRS there is limited locker availability in the locker rooms. Players should bring their bags upstairs to the courts and store them in the Players Area. Please do not leave them by the courts or in the corridors. This is out of respect for the members who pass through the squash lobby to get to the fitness centre.

Locker rooms

At PSRRS all players are allowed to use the main inside locker rooms between the hours of 12:00pm and 7:00pm. Before 12:00pm and after 7:00pm any junior under the age of 16 must use the outside locker rooms only. 16 and over may still use the inside locker rooms.

At BCSF, all players may use the locker rooms at all times.

Towels and toiletries are available at both clubs.




Players may park at 555 Twin Dolphin Drive (5mins walk from club), or in the adjacent Sony-Ericson parking lot weekdays after 6:00 p.m. and all day on weekends.  Make sure to allow yourself ample time to locate parking before your match. Parking at the club itself is reserved for members only.


Parking is provided at Levis parking garage (opposite BCSF on Sansome St.) on Saturday before 1:00pm or there is metered street parking available. Metered parking takes quarters only – and many of them!



The BCSF shuttle will run on Saturday throughout the day to take people from PSRRS to BCSF and back.

The schedule is as follows”-


Depart PSRRS                        Arrive BCSF

7:00am                                       7:45am

9:00am                                    9:45am

2:00pm                                   2.45pm

5:00pm                                  5.45pm


Depart BCSF                          Arrive PSRRS

8:00am                                    8.45am

1:00pm                                    1.45pm

4:00pm                                   4:45pm

7.30pm (last match)   8:15pm

 The shuttle is easily identifiable, it is brown and has San Francisco Bay Club on the front, Western Athletic Clubs on sides. It will pick up and drop off at the main entrance of both clubs.

Local shops/restaurants

There are several restaurants, a bank, and a grocery store adjacent to PSRRS. Please make a right out of the club, and walk past the tennis courts to the shopping parade. There is a Mexican, Chinese, Malaysian, Italian restaurant, Jamba Juice and Starbucks, and a Nob Hill Foods grocery store for your convenience.




If you have any questions regarding the tournament please contact me.


Kim Clearkin

Director of Squash, Pacific Sports Resort Redwood Shores and Bay Club San Francisco

650 417-5959

****Division Start Times ***

BU11    Friday 4:00pm

BU13    Friday 4.30pm

BU15    Friday 5:30pm

BU17    Friday 6:00pm

BU19    Friday 8:00pm

GU11    Friday 4:00pm

GU13    Friday 4.00pm

GU15    Friday 4:30pm

GU17    Friday 6:00pm

GU19    Friday 7:30pm


The tournament entry deadline has passed and registration has closed. Players who are interested in applying for a Late Entry may put players onto a Waitlist as stated by the guidelines on the tournament information page.


Late Entry and Waitlist Guidelines:

-For divisions that are already at capacity, the late-applying player will be placed on the Waitlist in order of their application time and behind any players originally placed on the Waitlist as of the release of the Cut List.

1. Read all of the information on the information below on this tournament information page.
2. Complete the following form for each player interested in participating in the tournament: Tournament Entry Form
3. Submit the form by scanning/emailing it to the U.S. SQUASH Office at 212.268.4091 or and
4. You will receive a confirmation email of your late entry into the tournament.

If you do not get into the tournament, you are entitled to a full refund as described by the refund policies on the tournament information page.

Late Entries are on a first-come-first-serve basis and you will receive a confirmation email once your entry has been processed. You will be contacted if a playing position becomes available in your division.

Cut List Now Available!  You can see players who have been entered in the Main Draw or on the Waitlist by clicking "View Entrants" above.  The order of any Waitlist can be found by clicking here.  If a playing position becomes available for you in the tournament, our tournaments team will reach out to you based on the information you currently have in your U.S. SQUASH Profile.

Waitlist Order

Tournament Schedule:
Start Friday 4.00pm

End Sunday lunchtime to enable flights back to the East Coast.


Entry Information:

Regular Tournament Entry is until 6/13/12 (12:00pm, NOON EST) at $90 per player.
Late Tournament Entry is after 6/13/12* (12:00pm, NOON EST) at $100 per player.


*All entries after the Tournament Entry Deadline are late entries and will be handled according to the Late Entry and Waitlist Guidelines outlined below.  Late entries may be restricted based on either the total number of players signed up for the tournament due to court capacity constraints or due to the number of players already signed up in a particular division where adding more players would alter the division format. 

No refunds will be available for players that withdraw after the Regular Tournament Entry deadline. 


Off-Season Gold Tournament Policy:


Players may use the points from only two (2) Gold tournaments held between and including the months of May through August.  If a player plays in more than two Gold tournaments during this period, that player’s top two point-earning events will be used.  In this case, the additional Gold tournaments will not count towards a player’s ranking average nor affect that player’s overall exposure count.



Pacific Sports Resort - Redwood Shores
200 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065

If extra court capacity is required, matches may also be played at the Bay Club San Francisco, 150 Greenwich Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 (
If this proves necessary we will provide a shuttle service between the two clubs.

Hotel Information:

Marriott Towne Place Suites, 1000 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065 Special Tourney room rate of $109 per night for studio suite. For reservations: call 650-593-4100 and quote PAC Squash Tournament.


Late Entry and Waitlist Guidelines:


Players applying after the entry deadline:

-Entrance into the tournament is not guaranteed.  The late-applying player will be placed on the Waitlist in order of application time and behind any players originally placed on the Waitlist as of the release of the cut list.


After Seeding and Start Times are Released:

-A player on the Waitlist may only take the position of a withdrawing player in the event that the waitlisted player would be seeded at or below the position of the withdrawing player to keep the integrity of the seeding for the draw.

Withdraw Information:

If you need to withdraw from the tournament, you must do so in writing to and with subject “Withdraw  – CA JR Open”.  It is the responsibility of each player that has signed up for the tournament to check the ‘Cut List’ to ensure they have been withdrawn properly.

*REMINDER* Players have up the MONDAY prior to the tournament before 5:00pm EST to withdraw without a Rankings Penalty from the Tournament.


Refunds Policies:


Players not eligible for a refund:


No refunds will be provided to players eligible for the tournament after the Entry Deadline. 


Players eligible for a refund:


Players eligible for a refund who are either on the Waitlist or withdraw before the Entry Deadline must submit an online refund request form to U.S. SQUASH within 7 days of the last day of the tournament.  Players who have not submitted their online refund request to the U.S. SQUASH Office within 7 days after the last day of the tournament will forfeit their entry fee.  The online refund form is available here.


Any questions regarding refunds can be directed towards


Tournament Registration Confirmation:


Want to confirm that you have signed up for this tournament?  Go to your player profile and you should see this tournament listed under "Competitions" on the bottom right of your profile with "Registered" text next to it.  If you do not see this information, this means you are not registered for this event.


Schedule of released tournament information:

Cut List* - 14 days prior to the start of tournament
Division Start Times* -  7 days prior to the start of tournament
Player Start times* -  2-3 days prior to the start of tournament

*see below for explanations


Parking is provided at Pacific Sports - Resort Redwood Shores.




Draw Types
Players will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches.


Matches will be best 3 out of 5 games with PAR scoring to 11.


Non-Marking Shoes, Eye-Wear, and Attire
Competitors must wear non-marking shoes, protective eye wear, and appropriate squash attire.


Squash Ball
Dunlop Revelation Pro (double yellow dot) will be the official tournament ball.


Code of Conduct
The U.S. SQUASH Code of Conduct and Junior Guidebook Rules and Regulations apply.


Winners and Losers of matches will be required to referee a match during the next scheduled match time.


Number of Divisions
Players are restricted to entering only one age division.

Tournament Seedings will be based on the most recent Rankings run.  Tournament Seedings will also be randomized within "seeding groups."


This tournament is sanctioned by U.S. SQUASH.


Miscellaneous Explanations


Cut List
All age divisions are to be open to the highest ranked 32 players who enter per division.  If less than 32 players enter per division, any level player will be accepted.   If there are more than 32 players in any division, players will be placed on a wait list based on their ranking and will only be granted entry if a playing spot opens up.

NOTE: In divisions that have players waitlisted, the 30 highest ranked players have gained entry into the event.  The remaining 2 players to gain entry into the event will be notified by within 48 hours of the release of the Cut List.  This is to allow a grace period for any potential registration errors. 


Division Start Times
This will indicate the earliest possible match a player can expect within their Division.


Player Start Times 
This is the assigned match time for a players first match.