U.S. Junior Bronze Squash Championships U.S. Championship

Tournament Dates: 04/23/2010 - 04/25/2010

US Squash members can track the action during the event with the Live Scoreboard.
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Yale University (Directions)
70 Tower Parkway
New Haven, CT
Facility Phone:
Contact (click name to email): Conor O'Malley: tournaments@ussquash.com
Contact Phone: N/A

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****Now Available  4.20.10****  "Player Starting Times"

Please click on "Check Starting Times" Above to view Player Start Times. 

****Now Available  4.15.10****  "Cut List"

Please click on "View Entrants" above to view players in their Divisions.  PLEASE NOTE: Players may have been moved up to an older Age Division based on the National Ratings Cut Off.  Please be sure to check all Age Divisions. 

NOTE: There is a wait list for the BU13 & BU17 Divisions. Players that would like to be removed from the waitlist should email tournaments@ussquash.com  to be removed. Otherwise,should a playing position become available you will be notified immediately by the Tournament Director via email.

If you need to withdraw from the tournament you must do this in writing to tournaments@ussquash.com with the subject "Withdraw from - JR Champs BRONZE." It is also the responsibility of each player that has signed up for the tournament to check the "Cut List" to ensure they have withdrawn properly

Email Updates: Please note email updates about the Tournament have been emailed to the player's registered email address with their U.S. SQUASH account.

If you would like to recieve tournament email updates please email tournaments@ussquash.com with subject "ADD ME - JR Champs BRONZE" to be added to the email list.

Entry Qualification Notice

You are entering the U.S. Junior Bronze Championships, which is a part of the U.S. Junior Championships Series.  Refunds will only be provided for those players withdrawing prior to the entry deadline or if are not qualified for the Junior Bronze Championships.

Entry Deadline 
Entries and payments must be received by Thursday, April 1st, 2010, 5:00 PM EST. No phone or fax entries accepted.  There is only Online Tournament Registration available for this tournament.  No refunds will be provided after the Entry Deadline.

Tournament Playing Schedule
 Apr. 23: All players should be available for matches starting at 8:00 a.m.
Sunday Apr. 25: All players should be available through until 4:00 p.m.

Please plan accordingly.

If you need to withdraw from the tournament you must do this in writing to tournaments@ussquash.com with the subject "Withdraw - U.S. Jr. Bronze." It is also the responsibility of each player that has signed up for the tournament to check the "Cut List" to ensure they have withdrawn properly.

*NEW* Please note: players have up to the MONDAY prior to the tournament before 5:00 pm to withdraw without Rankings Penalty from the Tournament.

Age Eligibility Policy:
For the 2009-20010 U.S. Junior Championships, a player's age eligibility for all three tournaments will be determined by the player's age as of season end on February 28th, 2010. So, even though all three tournaments take place after that date, and even if a player's birthday falls between February 28th and the "Nationals" tournament in which they are qualified and they "age out, they can play in the age division in which they qualified on February 28th if they meet all other entry qualifications.

Eligibility Policies for U.S. Junior Bronze Championship 

  • Must have competed in at least one (1) sanctioned tournament in the age group during the season.
  • * Any U11 players interested in participating may enter.
  • Rankings as of the February 22nd run date will determine eligibility for the U.S. Junior Bronze Championships.
  • Players must be ranked #65 or below (#65, #66, #67, +) in their age group in order to participate.
  • Must be age eligible for the division as of February 28th, 2010
  • Players may play up in a higher age division, provided that they meet the exposure requirements to play in that division.
  • Players may only compete in one age division at the tournament.
  • All players must be U.S. Citizens or U.S. Residents to be eligible to compete.
  • Draw sizes may be limited to highest ranked 32 players who enter ranked #65 or below (65,66,67...) as of the February 22nd Nationals Eligibility rankings run.   
  • Guarantee of two (2) matches and in most cases players will get three (3) matches.
  • Seedings will be based on the most recent Rankings Run prior to the start of the Tournament.

Information released for players participating in the Tournament:

  • The Final Cut list will be published 10 days (usually the Tuesday) prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Division start times will be published seven days (usually Friday) prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Individual start times will be posted three days (usually Tuesday) before the start of the tournament.

    Courtyard Marriott

    New Haven, CT: 203-777-6221:

    New Haven Hotel
    New Haven, CT: 203-498-3142:

    Omni Hotels
    New Haven, CT: 203-974-6712

    Clarion Hotel & Suites
    Hamden, CT (203) 288-3831

    Format and Scoring
    Matches will be best 3 out of 5 games with PAR scoring to 11.

    Entry Fees
    Entry Fees - 4/1 $150 per player - Includes player gift
    Late After 4/1 $195 per player - Includes player gift
    *Late entries will be accepted if there is room in the draw at the discretion of U.S. SQUASH.

    Online entry only using VISA, MASTERCARD and Amex

    Tournament Registration 
    Registration will occur at the Yale University beginning from 5:00-7:30pm Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 and
    Friday, April 23th beginning either 8:00 or 8:30am depending on Final match start times.

    Transportation and Parking
    Shuttle service will not be provided.  There is parking available at the venue.

  • Event Schedule
    More information to follow.


    Competitors must wear appropriate squash attire.

    Dunlop Revelation Pro (double yellow dot) will be the official tournament ball.

    Code of Conduct: 
    The U.S. SQUASH Code of Conduct and Junior Guidebook Rules and Regulations apply.

    Players may only play in one division.

    Protective Eyewear:
    ASTM-F803 approved protective eyewear must be worn by all players at all times while on court. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

    Winners and Losers of matches will be required to referee a match during the next scheduled match time. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

    All players entering this event must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. Resident.


    The tournament is sanctioned by U.S. SQUASH..