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Life Time Berkeley Heights Junior Bronze

Entrants by division

This list is based upon the predicted cut list points at registration deadline.

Before registration deadline the order may change as more players enter or if players participate in more tournaments.

After registration deadline the order will not change.

This list is NOT seeding.

For full details on cut list and seeding policies, please see the Tournament Procedure Policies section of the US Squash junior guidelines page, section 5 and 6.

BU11 Singles   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City State Country  
 1.  Zhang, Eric Sat 9:40am, 1 Princeton NJ United States
 2.  Reddy, Sai Sat 10:00am, 1 NJ United States
 3.  Chen, Eric Sat 10:00am, 1 Livingston NJ United States
 4.  Gopinath, Shrikar K Sat 12:30pm, 1 United States
 5.  Vijayraghavan, Neel Sat 12:30pm, 2 United States
 6.  Bas, Jude Sat 9:40am, 1 United States
BU15 Singles   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City State Country  
 1.  Isserow, David Sat 9:00am, Stirling NJ United States
 2.  Tran, Benjamin Sat 11:30am, 2 Warren NJ United States
 3.  de Grandpre, Aidan Sat 11:30am, 1 Mendham United States
 4.  Tomeo, Christopher J Sat 11:00am, 2 Fort Lee NJ United States
 5.  Wolff, Ryan Sat 9:20am, 1 United States
 6.  Gan, Alexander Sat 9:00am, 2 PA United States
 7.  Meng, Nicholas Sat 9:00am, 1 Short Hills NJ United States
 8.  Arora, Rahul Sat 11:00am, 2 Short Hills NJ United States
 9.  Zhang, Hansen Sat 9:00am, 2 United States
 10.  Marrocco, Francesco M Sat 9:20am, 1 Demarest NJ United States
 11.  Sun, Patrick Sat 9:00am, 1 Millburn NJ United States
GU17 Singles   View Draw   List Results
Name Start time City State Country  
 1.  Abel, Caroline Thu 12:00pm, 1 Morristown NJ United States
 2.  Fu, Julia Thu 11:00am, 1 Whippany NJ United States
 3.  Abbas, Neshmeeya Thu 9:00am, 1 Falls Church VA United States
 4.  Bhowmick, Disha Thu 9:00am, 1 Princeton Junction NJ United States
 5.  Patel, Rhea Thu 9:40am, 2 United States