Tournament Matches

2019 U.S. Father-Son and National Mother-Daughter Squash Doubles Championships

Results List

Father-Son Open Doubles

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score  
Classic Plate Finals04/14/19Dominic Hughes / Josh HughesDana A. Santry / Peter Santry10-15,15-13,15-12,15-5
Classic Plate Semis04/13/19Dana A. Santry / Peter SantryCharles H. Parkhurst / Henry C. Parkhurst14-15,15-5,12-15,15-11,15-13
Classic Plate Semis04/13/19Dominic Hughes / Josh HughesAndrew A Orr / Maxwell E Orr15-11,15-5,10-15,15-3
Consol Finals04/14/19Amrit Kanwal / Kanwal DevenBarclay Jones III / A. Jones15-5,15-11,15-8
Consol Semis04/13/19Barclay Jones III / A. JonesGreg Martino / Kyle MartinoRE-15-9,14-15,14-15,15-13,7-14
Consol Semis04/13/19Amrit Kanwal / Kanwal DevenChristian L Oberbeck / John Eric Oberbeck15-10,15-7,15-7
Consol Quarters04/13/19Christian L Oberbeck / John Eric OberbeckJohn C. McAtee / Jackson McAtee15-8,15-14,15-13
Consol Quarters04/13/19Greg Martino / Kyle MartinoWilliam T Dowling / Clark Dowling15-4,15-11,15-14
Finals04/14/19George Lemmon / George LemmonRob Berner / Robert Berner15-11,15-10,15-10
Semis04/13/19Rob Berner / Robert BernerMichael P Scherl / Ezekiel B. B Scherl15-3,14-15,15-10,15-6
Semis04/13/19George Lemmon / George LemmonWilliam B. Hartigan / Anthony F. Hartigan15-7,15-9,15-5
Quarters04/13/19Michael P Scherl / Ezekiel B. B ScherlCharles H. Parkhurst / Henry C. Parkhurst10-15,11-15,15-11,15-13,15-13
Quarters04/13/19Rob Berner / Robert BernerDana A. Santry / Peter Santry15-10,15-7,15-12
Quarters04/13/19George Lemmon / George LemmonAndrew A Orr / Maxwell E Orr15-11,12-15,8-15,15-8,15-12
Quarters04/13/19William B. Hartigan / Anthony F. HartiganDominic Hughes / Josh HughesRE-12-15,15-10,15-12,12-12
Round 1604/12/19William B. Hartigan / Anthony F. HartiganBarclay Jones III / A. Jones15-11,15-14,15-12
Round 1604/12/19Dana A. Santry / Peter SantryJohn C. McAtee / Jackson McAtee12-15,11-15,15-10,15-5,15-13
Round 1604/12/19Michael P Scherl / Ezekiel B. B ScherlAmrit Kanwal / Kanwal Deven15-11,15-12,15-13
Round 1604/12/19Rob Berner / Robert BernerChristian L Oberbeck / John Eric Oberbeck15-8,15-12,15-6
Round 1604/12/19George Lemmon / George LemmonWilliam T Dowling / Clark Dowling15-7,15-3,15-6
Round 1604/12/19Andrew A Orr / Maxwell E OrrGreg Martino / Kyle Martino15-5,13-15,15-10,15-11