Tournament Matches

2018 U.S. Father-Son Squash Doubles Championships

Results List

Father-Son 13 & Under Doubles

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score  
04/21/18Jerome Trail / Liam TrailAnden Boulan / Sebastian Boulan15-8,15-10,15-4
04/21/18Kumar Dasani / Vishal DasaniRick Wahlstedt / Lukas Wahlstedt13-15,6-15,15-13,15-11,15-11
04/20/18Darren Fogel / Henry FogelSamuel C Subramaniam / Rama Subramaniam14-15,11-15,15-11,15-14,15-13
Final04/22/18Rick Wahlstedt / Lukas WahlstedtSamuel C Subramaniam / Rama Subramaniam13-15,4-15,15-11,15-7,15-6
Final04/22/18Scott Poirier / Hudson PoirierJerome Trail / Liam Trail15-12,12-15,15-9,15-12
Final04/22/18Kumar Dasani / Vishal DasaniDarren Fogel / Henry Fogel14-15,15-12,12-15,15-11,15-8
Final04/21/18Jerome Trail / Liam TrailRick Wahlstedt / Lukas Wahlstedt10-15,15-10,15-10,15-6
Final04/21/18Scott Poirier / Hudson PoirierDarren Fogel / Henry Fogel15-4,15-5,15-5
Final04/20/18Kumar Dasani / Vishal DasaniAnden Boulan / Sebastian Boulan15-12,15-10,15-11
Semis04/21/18Scott Poirier / Hudson PoirierSamuel C Subramaniam / Rama Subramaniam15-4,15-8,15-9
Semis04/20/18Jerome Trail / Liam TrailKumar Dasani / Vishal Dasani15-3,15-12,6-15,15-14
Semis04/20/18Rick Wahlstedt / Lukas WahlstedtAnden Boulan / Sebastian Boulan13-15,15-10,15-10,15-12