Tournament Matches

2017 BSRA City Tournament

Results List

Mixed Doubles

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score  
Finals04/01/17Charlie Barth / Pamicka MarinelloStephen Joyce / Danielle Larrabee15-6,15-7,15-12
Semis03/05/17Stephen Joyce / Danielle LarrabeeMatthew Dukarm / Gabrielle E Ahrens15-13,14-15,15-13,14-15,15-11
Semis03/05/17Charlie Barth / Pamicka MarinelloGuillermo Alvarez / Rebecca Brady15-11,15-5,15-10
Quarters02/26/17Stephen Joyce / Danielle LarrabeePatrick L Kruse / Claire Foley15-10,15-8,15-11
Quarters02/26/17Matthew Dukarm / Gabrielle E AhrensRobert C. Drake / Maggie Russell15-12,11-15,15-5,15-8
Quarters02/26/17Charlie Barth / Pamicka MarinelloErin Hart / Kevin M. Hogan15-4,15-11,15-8
Quarters02/07/17Guillermo Alvarez / Rebecca BradyTom Hayes / Maureen R Foley13-15,6-15,15-14,15-13,15-10