Tournament Matches

The William White McRory Tully Tournament

Results List

Men 55+ Doubles

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score  
Consol Finals01/08/17Howard S Edson / Kenneth PollackEmmett F McGee / Ronald F Tutrone15-11,15-13,15-8
Consol Semis01/07/17Emmett F McGee / Ronald F TutroneTimothy P. Greer / William Greer15-10,15-9,11-15,15-10
Consol Semis01/07/17Howard S Edson / Kenneth PollackJeff Henderson / James Losty15-7,15-10,15-11
Consol Quarters01/07/17Timothy P. Greer / William GreerHugh Anderson / Paul C Hendricks15-9,15-7,15-10
Consol Quarters01/07/17Emmett F McGee / Ronald F TutroneJames B. Harrity / David K. Schroeder15-10,15-9,15-9
Consol Quarters01/07/17Howard S Edson / Kenneth PollackBrandt Henderson / V. Scott Zelov15-6,15-9,15-7
Consol Quarters01/07/17Jeff Henderson / James LostyAlan A Grant / Eben Hardie15-12,15-10,15-10
Finals01/08/17Charles H. Parkhurst / Joseph PurrazzellaJames A Heldring / Patrick A. Miller15-14,15-4,12-15,15-11
Semis01/07/17James A Heldring / Patrick A. MillerAndrew Kronfeld / Edward S Spofford15-10,11-15,11-15,15-8,15-9
Semis01/07/17Charles H. Parkhurst / Joseph PurrazzellaTim Kent / George Lemmon15-10,15-9,15-9
Quarters01/06/17Andrew Kronfeld / Edward S SpoffordEmmett F McGee / Ronald F Tutrone15-7,15-10,15-11
Quarters01/06/17James A Heldring / Patrick A. MillerTimothy P. Greer / William Greer15-3,15-9,15-8
Quarters01/06/17Charles H. Parkhurst / Joseph PurrazzellaAlan A Grant / Eben Hardie15-11,7-15,15-10,15-9
Quarters01/06/17Tim Kent / George LemmonHoward S Edson / Kenneth Pollack15-10,15-4,15-6
Round 1601/06/17Emmett F McGee / Ronald F TutroneBrandt Henderson / V. Scott Zelov15-3,15-9,15-11
Round 1601/06/17Charles H. Parkhurst / Joseph PurrazzellaHugh Anderson / Paul C Hendricks15-6,15-7,15-7
Round 1601/06/17Timothy P. Greer / William GreerJeff Henderson / James Losty15-14,15-8,15-2
Round 1601/06/17Howard S Edson / Kenneth PollackJames B. Harrity / David K. Schroeder15-5,15-7,15-10