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Maine and Maryland at Meadow Mill Doubles Tournament

Results List

Men 50+ Doubles

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score  
Consol Finals09/29/13Edward Brown / Thomas G. RiehlNancy Cushman / Jan Markowitz15-12,15-11,15-6
Consol Semis09/28/13Edward Brown / Thomas G. RiehlHugh Anderson / Paul Harriss12-15,15-11,12-15,15-14,15-11
Consol Semis09/28/13Nancy Cushman / Jan MarkowitzCharles Metz / Gary Reif15-11,15-10,14-15,15-10
Finals09/29/13Peter J. Heffernan / Douglas C. RiceMickey M. Abrams / Patricia Y Wong15-12,15-12,13-15,15-7
3/4 Playoff09/28/13Emmett F McGee / Lissen T. TutroneScott Dight / Skip MedairyDF
Semis09/28/13Mickey M. Abrams / Patricia Y WongScott Dight / Skip Medairy15-10,15-10,15-9
Semis09/28/13Peter J. Heffernan / Douglas C. RiceEmmett F McGee / Lissen T. Tutrone15-13,15-14,14-15,15-11
Quarters09/27/13Mickey M. Abrams / Patricia Y WongNancy Cushman / Jan Markowitz12-15,14-15,15-11,15-8,15-7
Quarters09/27/13Emmett F McGee / Lissen T. TutroneHugh Anderson / Paul Harriss15-10,15-4,15-12
Quarters09/27/13Peter J. Heffernan / Douglas C. RiceEdward Brown / Thomas G. Riehl15-14,15-13,15-11
Quarters09/27/13Scott Dight / Skip MedairyCharles Metz / Gary Reif15-11,15-11,15-12