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Philly Junior Silver

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GU15 Singles

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Round Match Date Winner Opponent Score  
Consol 302/13/09Clare M. McClintockCaroline E. Canning0-9,9-0,9-0,9-0
Consol 302/13/09Sydney M. FrancisM. Grayson Melby0-9,0-9,9-0,9-0,9-0
Consol 202/13/09Sydney M. FrancisClare M. McClintock9-0,9-0,9-0
Consol 202/13/09M. Grayson MelbyCaroline E. Canning0-9,9-0,0-9,9-0,9-0
Consol 102/13/09Sydney M. FrancisCaroline E. Canning9-0,0-9,0-9,9-0,9-0
Consol 102/13/09M. Grayson MelbyClare M. McClintock0-9,9-0,9-0,9-0
Finals02/13/09Christina L HuchroMeredith C Wurtz9-0,9-0,9-0
3/4 Playoff02/13/09Jamie G. PawlikSamira Somany9-0,9-0,9-0
Semis02/13/09Christina L HuchroJamie G. Pawlik9-0,9-0,9-0
Quarters02/13/09Christina L HuchroAshley E. SuanDF
Quarters02/13/09Meredith C WurtzClare M. McClintock9-0,9-0,9-0
Quarters02/13/09Jamie G. PawlikSydney M. Francis9-0,0-9,9-0,9-0
Quarters02/13/09Samira SomanyM. Grayson Melby9-0,9-0,9-0
Round 1602/13/09Sydney M. FrancisCaroline E. Canning9-0,9-0,9-0