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BCSM CitySquash Girls
Bryan Patterson
Brookline High School Girls JV
Steve Lantos
Brookline High School Girls Varsity
Steve Lantos
Buffalo Seminary
Philip C Barth Iii
Concord Carlisle High School Girls
Paul Ansdell
Greenwich Country Day School JV Girls
Shaun Moxham
Kent Place School
Geoff Mitchell
Latin School of Chicago Girls
Luis Sanchez
Lawrence Academy Girls Varsity
Nathaniel Sintros
LCDS 2020 HS Girls Varsity
Trex Proffitt
MICDS Girls Varsity
Robyn C Williams
Moses Brown School
Pete Avitable
Nardin Academy
Asad R. Khan
Nichols School
Steve Bell
Sacred Heart Greenwich Varsity B
Celia Pashley
Shady Side Academy
Lucas Frankel
SquashBusters BPS
Nku Patrick
Squashbusters BPS JV
Nku Patrick
Westminster Girls (GA)
Emma Moore
Wheeler School
Mollie Webster

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Dec 5Nardin AcademyNichols School---07
Confirmed Dec 6 4:30pmSquashBusters BPSWinsor SchoolNEU--07
Confirmed Dec 7 10:00amSquashBusters Lawrence Brookline High School Girls Varsity---25
Confirmed Dec 10 4:00pmConcord Carlisle High School GirlsLawrence Academy Girls Varsity---61
Confirmed Dec 12Shady Side AcademyWinchester Thurston---70
Confirmed Dec 13 3:30pmSquashBusters BPSBrookline High School Girls Varsity---70
Confirmed Dec 14LCDS 2020 HS Girls VarsityThe Hill SchoolLCDS--25
Confirmed Dec 14LCDS 2020 HS Girls VarsityShady Side AcademyLCDS--52
Confirmed Dec 14 1:30pmThe Hill SchoolShady Side Academy---70
Confirmed Dec 18 4:00pmBrookline High School Girls VarsityNeedham High School---70
Confirmed Dec 19 4:00pmNeedham High SchoolConcord Carlisle High School Girls---16
Confirmed Jan 8 4:30pmWinsor SchoolBrookline High School Girls Varsity---70
Confirmed Jan 8 4:45pmSacred Heart Greenwich Varsity BGreens Farms Academy---70
Confirmed Jan 8 5:45pmTabor Academy Girls Var.Moses Brown School---52
Confirmed Jan 8 6:00pmBrookline High School Girls VarsityConcord Carlisle High School Girls---52
Confirmed Jan 9Greenwich Country Day School JV GirlsGreens Farms Academy---43
Confirmed Jan 9 4:30pmBuffalo SeminaryNichols School---07
Confirmed Jan 10LCDS 2020 HS Girls VarsitySt. Pauls (Maryland) Girls Varsitylancaster--25
Confirmed Jan 11 9:00amNardin AcademyShady Side Academy---52
Confirmed Jan 11 11:00amBuffalo SeminaryShady Side Academy---25
Confirmed Jan 11 1:00pmNichols SchoolShady Side Academy---70
Confirmed Jan 11 3:00pmConcord Carlisle High School GirlsNeedham High School---52
Confirmed Jan 15 5:00pmLCDS 2020 HS Girls VarsityHewittblair acad--43
Confirmed Jan 16 4:30pmBuffalo SeminaryNardin Academy---16
Confirmed Jan 17SquashBusters BPSConcord Carlisle High School Girls---70
Confirmed Jan 17 3:45pmNewton Country DayBrookline High School Girls Varsity---61
Scheduled Jan 18Buckingham Browne & Nichols MSBrookline High School Girls Varsity--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 21Lincoln SchoolMoses Brown School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 21 4:00pmNichols SchoolNardin Academy---70
Scheduled Jan 21 4:00pmLincoln SchoolMoses Brown School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 21 4:30pmRye Country Day SchoolSacred Heart Greenwich Varsity B---07
Confirmed Jan 23 4:00pmLCDS 2020 HS Girls VarsityRoland Park VarsityLCDS--16
Confirmed Jan 23 4:00pmNichols SchoolBuffalo Seminary---61
Scheduled Jan 23 4:40pmDexter SouthfieldBrookline High School Girls Varsity--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 25 10:30amLawrence Academy Girls VarsityConcord Carlisle High School Girls---16
Confirmed Jan 25 3:00pmSacred Heart Greenwich Varsity BLoomis Chaffee School---70
Scheduled Jan 27Squashbusters BPS JVNoble and Greenough School JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 28Westminster Girls (GA)McCallie High School Boys---07
Confirmed Jan 29 4:30pmSacred Heart Greenwich Varsity BTaft School JV---70
Confirmed Jan 29 4:30pmNardin AcademyBuffalo Seminary---43
Confirmed Feb 1 10:00amSquashBusters LawrenceBrookline High School Girls Varsity---61
Confirmed Feb 1 3:30pmMiddlesex SchoolSquashBusters BPS---16
Confirmed Feb 3 4:30pmSacred Heart Greenwich Varsity BNew Canaan A---61
Confirmed Feb 5 4:00pmSacred Heart Greenwich Varsity BHackley---52
Confirmed Feb 7 5:00pmSt. Mark's SchoolBrookline High School Girls Varsity---70
Confirmed Feb 11 4:15pmSquashBusters BPSNoble and Greenough School---07
Confirmed Feb 13 4:00pmNeedham High SchoolBrookline High School Girls Varsity---34
Confirmed Feb 14 4:30pmSt. Mark's SchoolSquashBusters BPS---34
Confirmed Feb 18 3:30pmMoses Brown SchoolLincoln School---70
Confirmed Feb 28 4:00pmBeaver Country Day SchoolBrookline High School Girls Varsity---61