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Beacon Academy
ashley read
Friends Select
Luis Sanchez
GEMS Academy
Luis Sanchez
Lakeforest Academy
Gary Beardman
Lakeforest High School
John Larson
Latin School of Chicago Co-ed
Luis Sanchez
Latin School of Chicago Girls
Luis Sanchez
Gabriel D. Burton
University of Chicago Laboratory School
Seetreeon Torres

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Nov 16 11:00amMetroSquashGEMS Academy---81
Confirmed Nov 16 11:40amMetroSquashLatin School of Chicago Co-ed---18
Confirmed Nov 19 4:00pmLatin School of Chicago Co-edFriends Select LSF--63
Confirmed Nov 20 4:45pmLatin School of Chicago Co-edBeacon AcademyLSF--54
Confirmed Nov 22Lakeforest High SchoolBeacon Academy---81
Confirmed Nov 23 10:15amMetroSquashGEMS AcademyMetro--54
Confirmed Nov 23 12:00pmMetroSquashLatin School of Chicago Co-edMetro--18
Confirmed Nov 25Lakeforest High SchoolLakeforest Academy---45
Confirmed Dec 3 4:00pmLakeforest AcademyBeacon Academy---72
Confirmed Dec 4Latin School of Chicago Co-edUniversity of Chicago Laboratory School---27
Confirmed Dec 7 10:00amLakeforest High SchoolFriends Select ---81
Confirmed Dec 7 11:00amLakeforest AcademyFriends Select ---72
Confirmed Dec 8 10:00amLakeforest High SchoolLatin School of Chicago Co-ed---63
Confirmed Dec 11 4:30pmGEMS AcademyLatin School of Chicago Co-ed---63
Confirmed Dec 14 11:00amMetroSquashBeacon Academy---81
Confirmed Dec 14 11:45amMetroSquashFriends Select ---72
Confirmed Dec 15 10:00amGEMS AcademyFriends Select LSF--72
Confirmed Jan 7 4:00pmLakeforest High SchoolBeacon AcademyLF REC--90
Confirmed Jan 7 4:30pmLakeforest High SchoolBeacon Academy---90
Confirmed Jan 10 4:30pmLatin School of Chicago Co-edBeacon Academy---81
Confirmed Jan 11 12:30pmLatin School of Chicago Co-edLakeforest Academy---45
Confirmed Jan 11 1:00pmFriends Select Lakeforest Academy---18
Confirmed Jan 15 4:00pmLakeforest AcademyLakeforest High School---45
Confirmed Jan 15 4:30pmLatin School of Chicago Co-edUniversity of Chicago Laboratory School---09
Confirmed Jan 16 4:30pmFriends Select Latin School of Chicago Co-ed---36
Confirmed Jan 18 11:00amMetroSquashLakeforest Academy---81
Confirmed Jan 18 11:00amMetroSquashGEMS Academy---63
Confirmed Jan 18 12:00pmMetroSquashFriends Select ---90
Confirmed Jan 18 12:00pmMetroSquashFriends Select ---81
Confirmed Jan 18MetroSquashGEMS Academy---63
Confirmed Jan 18 12:15pmLakeforest AcademyGEMS Academy---63
Confirmed Jan 25 10:30amMetroSquashLakeforest High School---45
Confirmed Jan 25 11:00amUniversity of Chicago Laboratory SchoolBeacon Academy---90
Confirmed Jan 25 11:30amMetroSquashBeacon Academy---45
Confirmed Jan 25 1:00pmUniversity of Chicago Laboratory SchoolLakeforest High School---81
Confirmed Jan 29 4:30pmGEMS AcademyLatin School of Chicago Co-ed---54
Confirmed Jan 30 5:30pmLakeforest AcademyUniversity of Chicago Laboratory SchoolLF Rec Cen--54
Confirmed Feb 1 10:00amLakeforest High SchoolMetroSquash---45
Confirmed Feb 1 11:45amLakeforest AcademyMetroSquashLF Rec Ctr--18
Confirmed Feb 5GEMS AcademyBeacon Academy---63
Confirmed Feb 5Lakeforest AcademyLatin School of Chicago Co-ed---63
Confirmed Feb 8 11:30amLatin School of Chicago Co-edLakeforest High School---54
Confirmed Feb 12GEMS AcademyFriends Select ---63
Confirmed Feb 13 4:30pmLakeforest AcademyBeacon Academy---90