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Conestoga A
Cameron Y. Hopkins
Conestoga B
Cameron Y. Hopkins
Episcopal Academy
John Russell
Episcopal Academy JV
John Russell
Friends Central
Shane Coleman
Friends Select High School
James Asher
Germantown Friends
Chris Longman
Doug Whittaker
Haverford B
Sam G. Walters
Haverford JV
Sam G. Walters
Haverford School
Sam G. Walters
Hill JV
Chanel Erasmus
Georgina Stoker
Georgina Stoker
Georgina Stoker
LaSalle College High School
Jeremy C Butt
Victor W Park
Lawrenceville JV
Timon F. Lorenzo
Malvern Prep
Dominic Hughes
Malvern Prep JV
Dominic Hughes
Penn Charter
Damon Leedale-Brown
Penn Charter JV
Damon Leedale-Brown
Paul Wright
Radnor JV
Paul Wright
Michael Jefferys
Michael Jefferys
Michael Jefferys
Chris J Lengthorn
Shipley JV
Chris J Lengthorn
Joseph L Millman
St. Andrews
Taylor Foehl
St. Joseph's
Robert J Whitehouse
St. Joseph's JV
Robert J Whitehouse
The Hill School
Chanel Erasmus
Tower Hill
Ramon I Chan-A-Sue

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Scheduled Jan 13 3:45pmRadnor JVHill JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Nov 23 2:00pmPotomacRadnorSt. Paul's--53
Confirmed Dec 3Malvern PrepFriends Central---72
Confirmed Dec 3 3:15pmGFS JVPenn Charter JV---09
Confirmed Dec 3 3:30pmHLM JVHaverford JV---09
Confirmed Dec 3 3:35pmRadnorLaSalle College High School---45
Confirmed Dec 3 4:00pmHaverford BHLM---81
Confirmed Dec 3 4:15pmGermantown FriendsPenn Charter---63
Confirmed Dec 4 4:00pmHaverford SchoolConestoga A---90
Confirmed Dec 4 4:00pmSt. Joseph'sLaSalle College High School---27
Scheduled Dec 5Malvern Prep JVRadnor--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 5 3:45pmConestoga BHaverford B---27
Confirmed Dec 5 4:05pmMalvern PrepRadnor---45
Confirmed Dec 7 1:00pmLCDS 2020 HS Boys VarsityTower HillLCDS--09
Confirmed Dec 7 2:00pmLaSalle College High SchoolSt. Joseph's---90
Confirmed Dec 9SCH A---54
Confirmed Dec 9SCHA Boys HS JVLawrenceville JV---54
Confirmed Dec 9 3:30pmShipleyTower Hill---63
Confirmed Dec 10 4:00pmGermantown FriendsConestoga A---18
Scheduled Dec 10 4:00pmHill JVMalvern Prep JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 10 4:00pmHaverford JVRadnor---90
Confirmed Dec 10 4:15pmThe Hill SchoolMalvern Prep-1-90
Confirmed Dec 10 4:30pmShipleySt. Joseph's---90
Scheduled Dec 10 4:30pmShipley JVSt. Joseph's JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 11SCH APenn Charter---81
Confirmed Dec 11Penn Charter JVSCHA Boys HS JV---54
Confirmed Dec 11Lawrenceville JVLaSalle College High School---45
Confirmed Dec 11 3:30pmRadnorSt. Joseph's---90
Confirmed Dec 11 3:45pmHaverford JVMalvern Prep JV---90
Confirmed Dec 11 4:15pmThe Hill SchoolGermantown Friends-1-54
Confirmed Dec 12St. Joseph'sFriends Central-D, E & F-63
Scheduled Dec 12Shipley JVLaSalle College High School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 12 3:30pmMalvern PrepHaverford School---09
Confirmed Dec 12 3:30pmRadnor JVHLM JV II---54
Confirmed Dec 14St. AndrewsConestoga B---27
Confirmed Dec 14St. AndrewsRadnor---90
Confirmed Dec 14 2:00pmRadnorTower Hill---18
Confirmed Dec 14 3:30pmConestoga BTower Hill---54
Confirmed Dec 16 4:00pmPenn Charter JVLaSalle College High School---18
Confirmed Dec 17 3:15pmHLMGermantown Friends---09
Confirmed Dec 17 3:30pmRadnorLCDS 2020 HS Boys Varsity---72
Confirmed Dec 17 4:00pmSquashSmartsFriends Select High School---90
Scheduled Dec 18 4:00pmMalvern Prep JVPenn Charter JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Dec 18 4:00pmConestoga BRadnor---90
Confirmed Dec 18 4:30pmPenn CharterMalvern Prep---90
Confirmed Dec 19SCH AEpiscopal Academy---09
Scheduled Dec 19Episcopal Academy JVSCH B--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 4 1:00pmSquashSmartsLaSalle College High School---36
Confirmed Jan 7SquashSmartsSt. Joseph's JV---45
Confirmed Jan 7 3:45pmHLM JVRadnor---09
Confirmed Jan 7 4:30pmShipley JVFriends Central---63
Confirmed Jan 8 3:30pmConestoga ABye---63
Confirmed Jan 8 3:30pmRadnorLaSalle College High Schools2--54
Confirmed Jan 9Episcopal Academy JVPenn Charter JV---81
Scheduled Jan 9Shipley JVConestoga B--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 9The Hill SchoolFriends Central---81
Scheduled Jan 9St. Joseph's JVRadnor JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 9 4:00pmHaverford SchoolSCH A---81
Confirmed Jan 9 4:00pmTower HillMalvern Prep---90
Confirmed Jan 9 4:30pmSCH BHaverford JV---18
Confirmed Jan 9 4:30pmEpiscopal AcademyPenn Charter---90
Confirmed Jan 10 4:00pmGermantown FriendsTower Hill---45
Confirmed Jan 11 11:00amHaverford BPotomac---36
Confirmed Jan 11Episcopal High SchoolSt. Andrews---36
Confirmed Jan 11 12:05pmSt. Joseph'sRadnor---27
Confirmed Jan 11 2:30pmDelbartonRadnor---81
Confirmed Jan 11 4:00pmThe Hill SchoolBlair AcademyThe Hill S--72
Confirmed Jan 13Radnor JVShipley JV---90
Confirmed Jan 13 4:00pmPenn CharterTower Hill---54
Confirmed Jan 14ShipleySCH A---63
Confirmed Jan 14 3:30pmRadnorHLM JV---90
Confirmed Jan 14 3:45pmConestoga APenn Charter---81
Confirmed Jan 14 4:00pmHaverford JVFriends Central---72
Confirmed Jan 14 4:15pmPenn Charter JVSt. Joseph's---63
Scheduled Jan 14 4:30pmSCH BShipley JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 15 3:30pmShipley JVHill JV---54
Confirmed Jan 15 4:00pmGermantown FriendsBlair Academy---54
Confirmed Jan 15 4:00pmThe Hill SchoolShipley---27
Confirmed Jan 15 4:30pmHaverford SchoolEpiscopal Academy---72
Confirmed Jan 15 4:30pmEpiscopal Academy JVHaverford JV---45
Confirmed Jan 16Conestoga BLaSalle College High School---90
Scheduled Jan 16Malvern PrepSCH B--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 16SCHA Boys HS JVMalvern Prep JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 16 4:00pmPenn CharterHLM---27
Confirmed Jan 16 4:15pmPenn Charter JVHLM JV---90
Confirmed Jan 17 6:30pmSt. AndrewsTower Hill---27
Scheduled Jan 18 2:00pmLaSalle College High SchoolHill JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 21St. AndrewsEpiscopal Academy JV---54
Confirmed Jan 21 4:00pmSquashSmartsSt. Joseph's---90
Confirmed Jan 21 4:30pmHaverford B---54
Confirmed Jan 22Episcopal AcademyMalvern Prep---90
Confirmed Jan 22Germantown FriendsSCH A---18
Confirmed Jan 22 4:00pmHaverford BThe Hill School---90
Confirmed Jan 22 4:00pmGFS JVSCH B---09
Confirmed Jan 23 3:45pmRadnorShipley JV---90
Confirmed Jan 23 4:15pmHaverford JVPenn Charter JV---90
Confirmed Jan 23 4:15pmPenn CharterHaverford School---09
Confirmed Jan 25PotomacThe Hill School---63
Confirmed Jan 27SCH AFriends Central---90
Scheduled Jan 27 4:00pmPenn Charter--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 28Conestoga AShipley---63
Confirmed Jan 28HLM JVLaSalle College High School---09
Confirmed Jan 29 3:00pmThe Hill SchoolTower Hill---81
Scheduled Jan 30Hill JVHLM JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 30 4:00pmEpiscopal AcademyShipley---90
Confirmed Jan 30 4:00pmShipley JVEpiscopal Academy JV---09
Confirmed Jan 30 5:15pmThe Hill SchoolHLM---81
Confirmed Feb 1St. AndrewsLCDS 2020 HS Boys Varsity---81
Confirmed Feb 1 3:00pmTower HillSt. AndrewsWCC--90
Confirmed Feb 3 4:15pmGermantown FriendsShipley---27
Confirmed Feb 4SCH JVConestoga B---09
Confirmed Feb 4 3:45pmRadnorHaverford JVS2 Athleti--63
Confirmed Feb 4 4:30pmSCH AConestoga A---45
Confirmed Feb 5Penn CharterThe Hill School---18
Confirmed Feb 5Malvern Prep JVLaSalle College High School---09
Scheduled Feb 5 3:45pmRadnor JVHill JV--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 6Episcopal Academy JVConestoga B---36
Confirmed Feb 6Hill JVLaSalle College High School---27
Scheduled Feb 6 3:15pmHLMShipley--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 6 3:30pmShipley JVHLM JV---81
Confirmed Feb 6 4:00pmEpiscopal AcademyConestoga A---90
Confirmed Feb 6 4:00pmSquashSmartsFriends Central---81
Confirmed Feb 6 4:00pmHaverford BPenn Charter---81
Confirmed Feb 7 4:00pmSquashSmartsSt. Andrews---72
Confirmed Feb 8 4:00pmThe Hill School---72
Scheduled Feb 11 3:30pmRadnor JVMalvern Prep JVs2-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 11 3:45pmConestoga BHaverford JV---81
Confirmed Feb 11 4:00pmSquashSmartsTower Hill---36
Scheduled Feb 11 4:00pmMalvern PrepRadnor--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 11 4:15pmShipley JVGFS JV---90
Confirmed Feb 12 3:45pmThe Hill SchoolConestoga A---09
Confirmed Feb 13Germantown FriendsFriends Central---90
Scheduled Feb 13SCH AHLM--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 13 4:00pmHaverford JVLaSalle College High School---90
Confirmed Feb 13 4:00pmSquashSmartsRadnor---81
Confirmed Feb 13 4:30pmShipleyHaverford School---09
Scheduled Feb 15 11:00amMercersburg--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 15 11:00amThe Hill SchoolBlair Academy--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Feb 15 1:00pmThe Hill School--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 18 4:00pmHaverford JVShipley JV---90
Confirmed Feb 18 4:45pmMalvern PrepConestoga B---18
Scheduled Feb 19 4:30pmShipleyBye--Print Blank score card!--