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Blair Academy
James Moore
Brearley NYL
Kristen Williams
Chapin NYL
Carlton Farrier
Friends Seminary
GJG Tournament
Raj Nanda
Charles E Johnson
Dan Squash Heinrich Squash
Maura M. Bisogni
Pingry Girls
Tina Rix
Poly Prep NYL
Meredeth R. Quick
Riverdale NYL
Gaspar Epstein
Saint Ann's NYL
Elizabeth J Howard
Spence School NYL
Laura London
St. Catherine's
Izabela M. Clarke
Wheeler School
Justin G Lutes

Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Nov 18Blair AcademyRye HS Team 1---43
Confirmed Nov 18Blair AcademyDarien HSPP--61
Confirmed Nov 18Poly Prep NYLNew Haven A---34
Confirmed Nov 29Chapin NYLBrearley NYLCV--52
Confirmed Nov 29 4:15pmRiverdale NYLSpence School NYL---25
Confirmed Dec 1 4:30pmMasters SchoolSpence School NYL---16
Confirmed Dec 2Blair AcademySt. Andrew's SchoolBlair--70
Confirmed Dec 4Masters SchoolChapin NYL---16
Confirmed Dec 4 4:15pmSchool of Holy ChildRiverdale NYLWCC--34
Confirmed Dec 5Chapin NYLBrearley NYLCV--61
Confirmed Dec 6Pingry GirlsBlair Academy---52
Confirmed Dec 6 4:00pmRiverdale NYLChapin NYL---16
Confirmed Dec 6 4:30pmSpence School NYLSaint Ann's NYL---43
Confirmed Dec 7HewittNightingale-Bamford---70
Confirmed Dec 8Brearley NYLHewitt---52
Confirmed Dec 8 4:30pmRye Country Day SchoolRiverdale NYLRCDS--70
Confirmed Dec 11Chapin NYLSaint Ann's NYLCV--25
Confirmed Dec 11 4:15pmSchool of Holy ChildRiverdale NYLWCC--34
Confirmed Dec 11 4:30pmSpence School NYLNightingale-Bamford---70
Confirmed Dec 13Pingry GirlsPoly Prep NYL---52
Confirmed Dec 13Chapin NYLHewittCV--43
Confirmed Dec 13 4:15pmBrearley NYLRiverdale NYLHVC--43
Confirmed Dec 14Saint Ann's NYLHewittEAC--61
Confirmed Dec 15 4:30pmSpence School NYLBrearley NYL---52
Confirmed Dec 15 4:30pmNightingale-BamfordRiverdale NYLHVC--07
Confirmed Dec 18 4:30pmSpence School NYLChapin NYL---43
Confirmed Dec 20Brearley NYLSaint Ann's NYL---07
Confirmed Dec 20 4:30pmPoly Prep NYLSpence School NYL---43
Confirmed Dec 21 4:30pmSpence School NYLNightingale-Bamford---70
Confirmed Jan 6 2:00pmPingry GirlsLawrenceville---16
Confirmed Jan 9Chapin NYLPoly Prep NYLCV--16
Confirmed Jan 10Agnes Irwin JVBlair AcademyAI--70
Confirmed Jan 10 4:30pmHackleyRiverdale NYLHAC--70
Confirmed Jan 10 4:30pmSpence School NYLSaint Ann's NYL---34
Confirmed Jan 11HewittChapin NYLYC--07
Confirmed Jan 11 5:15pmSaint Ann's NYLNightingale-BamfordEAC--61
Confirmed Jan 12Poly Prep NYLRiverdale NYL---70
Confirmed Jan 12 4:30pmBrearley NYLSpence School NYL---07
Confirmed Jan 13MercersburgBlair AcademyHill--07
Confirmed Jan 16 4:30pmSaint Ann's NYLNightingale-BamfordEAC--52
Confirmed Jan 17 4:15pmRiverdale NYLPoly Prep NYLTUC--25
Confirmed Jan 18 4:00pmPingry GirlsBlair Academy---70
Confirmed Jan 18 4:30pmSpence School NYLHewitt---61
Confirmed Jan 19Riverdale NYLAvenuesTUC--70
Confirmed Jan 22Chapin NYLRiverdale NYLYC--61
Confirmed Jan 22 4:30pmSpence School NYLHewitt---70
Confirmed Jan 22 5:15pmSaint Ann's NYLBrearley NYLEAC--70
Confirmed Jan 24Brearley NYLRiverdale NYLHC--43
Confirmed Jan 24Chapin NYLSpence School NYLcv--07
Confirmed Jan 24 4:00pmHewittSaint Ann's NYL---16
Confirmed Jan 25 5:15pmChapin NYLSaint Ann's NYLEAC--16
Confirmed Jan 26HewittNightingale-Bamford---61
Confirmed Jan 26Blair AcademyPoly Prep NYLBlair--34
Confirmed Jan 29Brearley NYLHewitt---43
Confirmed Jan 30 4:15pmSpence School NYLBrearley NYL---70
Confirmed Jan 31 4:15pmSpence School NYLSaint Ann's NYL---25
Confirmed Dec 9 5:00pmSaint Ann's NYLChapin NYLEAC--25
Confirmed Dec 12 5:00pmSaint Ann's NYLHewittEAC--25
Confirmed Dec 16 4:30pmSpence School NYLSaint Ann's NYLEAC--34