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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Oct 1Brandeis UniversityBabson College---36
Confirmed Oct 6Vanderbilt UniversitySewanee: University of the South---81
Confirmed Oct 8 12:00pmBrandeis UniversityBryant University---63
Confirmed Oct 15 5:00pmBoston UniversityBrandeis UniversityBU--90
Confirmed Oct 20Vanderbilt UniversitySewanee: University of the South---90
Confirmed Oct 21 11:00amBucknell UniversityDenison University---63
Confirmed Oct 21 1:00pmSiena CollegeUniversity of VermontSiena--90
Confirmed Oct 22 12:00pmBoston UniversityBryant University---72
Confirmed Oct 22 6:00pmBoston UniversityBabson CollegeBU--90
Confirmed Oct 24 7:00pmBoston UniversityBoston CollegeBU--54
Confirmed Oct 27 6:30pmNortheastern UniversityBabson CollegeSQB--90
Confirmed Oct 28UNC Chapel HillDavidson College---35
Confirmed Oct 30UNC Chapel HillSewanee: University of the South---81
Confirmed Oct 30UNC Chapel HillDuke University---35
Confirmed Oct 30Davidson CollegeDuke University---35
Confirmed Oct 30Sewanee: University of the SouthDuke University---09
Confirmed Oct 30Sewanee: University of the SouthDavidson College---09
Confirmed Nov 2 6:00pmMITBoston University---90
Confirmed Nov 2 7:00pmMITBabson College---90
Confirmed Nov 3Northwestern UniversityNaval Academy---09
Confirmed Nov 3 6:00pmChicago, University ofWestern Ontario---09
Confirmed Nov 3 7:00pmNorthwestern UniversityMinnesota, University ofNU1-81
Confirmed Nov 4Denison UniversityWashington University in St. Louisbuff--70
Confirmed Nov 4Hobart CollegeWashington University in St. LouisBUF--70
Confirmed Nov 4Ohio St UniversityKenyon CollegeOSU--43
Confirmed Nov 4Denison UniversityHobart Collegebuff--18
Confirmed Nov 4 10:00amVassar CollegeFordham UniversityVC--09
Confirmed Nov 4 12:00pmChicago, University ofNorthwestern University---81
Confirmed Nov 4 12:00pmNaval AcademyWestern OntarioCHIC--27
Confirmed Nov 4 12:30pmLafayette CollegeBoston University---09
Confirmed Nov 4 1:30pmSiena CollegeLehigh UniversityNAcad--27
Confirmed Nov 4 2:00pmHobart CollegeBard CollegeBuff--90
Confirmed Nov 4 2:00pmFordham UniversitySwarthmore CollegeVC--81
Confirmed Nov 4 2:00pmDickinson CollegeUniversity of Virginia---72
Confirmed Nov 4 4:00pmVassar CollegeLafayette CollegeVC--72
Confirmed Nov 4 4:00pmIndiana University BloomingtonMinnesota, University ofMETRO--36
Confirmed Nov 4 4:00pmNorthwestern UniversityWestern Ontario---09
Confirmed Nov 4 4:00pmChicago, University ofNaval Academy---09
Confirmed Nov 4 5:00pmBard CollegeWashington University in St. LouisBuff--90
Confirmed Nov 4 6:00pmIndiana University BloomingtonMinnesota, University ofMETRO--27
Confirmed Nov 5 9:00amFordham UniversityLafayette CollegeVC--90
Confirmed Nov 5 9:00amVassar CollegeSwarthmore CollegeVC--54
Confirmed Nov 5 9:30amDenison UniversityBard CollegeBuff--63
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amUniversity of Notre DameIndiana University BloomingtonMetro--81
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amFordham UniversityBoston UniversityVC--81
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amMinnesota, University ofUniversity of Notre DameMetro1-27
Confirmed Nov 5 1:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeUniversity of Virginia---45
Confirmed Nov 5 1:00pmVassar CollegeBoston UniversityVC--09
Confirmed Nov 5 2:00pmLafayette CollegeSwarthmore College---54
Confirmed Nov 7 7:00pmMITBoston College---90
Confirmed Nov 9 6:00pmMITNortheastern University---90
Confirmed Nov 10George Washington UniversityWilliam & Mary---90
Confirmed Nov 10 1:00pmNew York UniversityColumbia University---09
Confirmed Nov 10 7:00pmNaval AcademyFordham UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 11Naval AcademyBoston University---90
Confirmed Nov 11Naval AcademyJohns Hopkins University---90
Confirmed Nov 11George Washington UniversityBucknell University---90
Confirmed Nov 11Boston UniversityJohns Hopkins University---81
Confirmed Nov 11 9:00amBard CollegeVassar CollegeBard--90
Confirmed Nov 11 11:00amFordham UniversityGeorgetown UniversityNAVY--81
Confirmed Nov 11 11:00amWilliam & MaryBucknell UniversityGW--09
Confirmed Nov 11 12:30pmVassar CollegeSiena CollegeBard--63
Confirmed Nov 11 1:00pmDrexel UniversityDickinson College---90
Confirmed Nov 11 1:30pmSiena CollegePenn State UniversityBard--09
Confirmed Nov 11 2:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaFranklin and Marshall College---90
Confirmed Nov 11 2:30pmFordham UniversityHaverford CollegeNAVY--27
Confirmed Nov 11 3:30pmBard CollegeSwarthmore CollegeBard--90
Confirmed Nov 11 5:00pmHaverford CollegeBoston UniversityNAVY--81
Confirmed Nov 12Naval AcademyGeorgetown University---90
Confirmed Nov 12Franklin and Marshall CollegeDickinson College---54
Confirmed Nov 12Colgate UniversitySwarthmore College---26
Confirmed Nov 12 9:00amBard CollegePenn State UniversityBard--72
Confirmed Nov 12 9:30amFordham UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 12 10:30amSiena CollegeSwarthmore CollegeBard--36
Confirmed Nov 12 12:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaDrexel University---81
Confirmed Nov 12 1:00pmBabson CollegeBryant UniversityAway--27
Confirmed Nov 12 1:00pmGeorgetown UniversityBoston University---45
Confirmed Nov 12 1:30pmColgate UniversityVassar CollegeBard--17
Confirmed Nov 12 2:30pmBard CollegeColgate UniversityBard--90
Confirmed Nov 14 5:30pmUniversity of RochesterWestern Ontario---81
Confirmed Nov 14 7:30pmNortheastern UniversityBoston CollegeNEU--36
Confirmed Nov 17 5:00pmAmherst CollegeTufts UniversityAC--90
Confirmed Nov 17 5:00pmRichmond, University ofWilliam & MaryCCV--81
Confirmed Nov 17 5:00pmWilliams CollegeCornell UniversityWC--27
Confirmed Nov 17 6:00pmBowdoin CollegeBates CollegeBow--09
Confirmed Nov 17 7:00pmNaval AcademyMIT---81
Confirmed Nov 18Naval AcademyStanford University---90
Confirmed Nov 18Naval AcademyHobart College---90
Confirmed Nov 18Bucknell UniversityJohns Hopkins Universitynavy--81
Confirmed Nov 18Wesleyan UniversityVassar CollegeWES--90
Confirmed Nov 18 9:30amDenison UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityNavy4-81
Confirmed Nov 18 10:00amWilliams CollegeWestern Ontario---18
Confirmed Nov 18 11:00amWesleyan UniversityBryant UniversityWES--90
Confirmed Nov 18 12:00pmBates CollegeConnecticut CollegeBates--90
Confirmed Nov 18 12:00pmMITHobart CollegeNAVY--72
Confirmed Nov 18 12:00pmDickinson CollegeCornell UniversityWC--27
Confirmed Nov 18 12:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityTrinity College---09
Confirmed Nov 18 1:00pmAmherst CollegeBoston Universityhome--90
Confirmed Nov 18 1:00pmHaverford CollegeSwarthmore College---90
Confirmed Nov 18 2:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegePrinceton University---09
Confirmed Nov 18 2:00pmUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of PennsylvaniaUVA--09
Confirmed Nov 18 2:30pmDenison UniversityStanford UniversityNavy4-18
Confirmed Nov 18 3:00pmCornell UniversityWestern Ontario---36
Confirmed Nov 18 3:00pmDrexel UniversityColumbia University---27
Confirmed Nov 18 3:00pmVassar CollegeBryant UniversityWES--45
Confirmed Nov 18 5:00pmMITJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 18 5:00pmColby CollegeConnecticut College---81
Confirmed Nov 18 5:00pmTufts UniversityHamilton CollegeBH--45
Confirmed Nov 18 5:00pmWilliams CollegeDickinson College---45
Confirmed Nov 19Hobart CollegeGeorgetown UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 19Stanford UniversityGeorgetown University---81
Confirmed Nov 19Stanford UniversityBucknell University---81
Confirmed Nov 19Hobart CollegeJohns Hopkins UniversityNAVY--70
Confirmed Nov 19Naval AcademyUniversity of Pennsylvania---27
Confirmed Nov 19 9:30amNaval AcademyDenison University---90
Confirmed Nov 19 9:30amMITBucknell UniversityNAVY--90
Confirmed Nov 19 11:00amRichmond, University ofUNC Chapel HillMSC--81
Confirmed Nov 19 11:00amGeorge Washington UniversityPrinceton University---36
Confirmed Nov 19 11:00amBowdoin CollegeConnecticut CollegeBow--81
Confirmed Nov 19 12:00pmMITDenison UniversityNAVY--81
Confirmed Nov 19 1:00pmColumbia UniversityFranklin and Marshall College---90
Confirmed Nov 19 1:00pmBrandeis UniversityBryant UniversityBRAN--36
Confirmed Nov 19 1:30pmUniversity of VirginiaRichmond, University ofUVA--90
Confirmed Nov 19 2:00pmTufts UniversityBard CollegeBH--90
Confirmed Nov 19 2:00pmWilliams CollegeHamilton College---90
Confirmed Nov 19 2:00pmDrexel UniversityTrinity College---09
Confirmed Nov 19 4:00pmUniversity of VirginiaUNC Chapel HillUVA--90
Confirmed Nov 19 4:00pmBoston CollegeBard CollegeTufts--27
Confirmed Nov 19 6:00pmTufts UniversityBoston CollegeBH--90
Confirmed Nov 28 6:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityUniversity of VirginiaGW--63
Confirmed Nov 30 7:30pmNortheastern UniversityBoston UniversityNEU--63
Confirmed Dec 1 5:30pmDrexel UniversityYale University---36
Confirmed Dec 2Denison UniversityUniversity of Notre DameClev--90
Confirmed Dec 2Duke UniversityPenn State University---72
Confirmed Dec 2Naval AcademyDartmouth College---27
Confirmed Dec 2Wesleyan UniversityColby College---18
Confirmed Dec 2Vassar CollegeHaverford CollegeVC--09
Confirmed Dec 2 9:00amFordham UniversityPenn State UniversityFU--90
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amBard CollegeSiena CollegeBard--90
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amOhio St UniversityIndiana University BloomingtonOSU--90
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amAmherst CollegeConnecticut College---90
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amCornell UniversityColumbia UniversityCORN--27
Confirmed Dec 2 10:00amVassar CollegeBates CollegeVAS--09
Confirmed Dec 2 11:00amNew York UniversityDuke UniversityFU--72
Confirmed Dec 2 11:00amPrinceton UniversitySt. Lawrence University---45
Confirmed Dec 2 11:00amHamilton CollegeBowdoin CollegeHam--63
Confirmed Dec 2 12:00pmAmherst CollegeNortheastern University---90
Confirmed Dec 2 12:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeYale University---09
Confirmed Dec 2 12:00pmSiena CollegeBryant UniversityBARD--18
Confirmed Dec 2 12:30pmBates CollegeHaverford CollegeVAS--72
Confirmed Dec 2 2:00pmFordham UniversityDuke UniversityFU--90
Confirmed Dec 2 2:00pmColumbia UniversityUniversity of VirginiaCORN--81
Confirmed Dec 2 2:00pmNortheastern UniversityConnecticut College---18
Confirmed Dec 2 2:00pmBard CollegeBryant UniversityBARD--90
Confirmed Dec 2 3:00pmHamilton CollegeMiddlebury CollegeHam--09
Confirmed Dec 2 3:00pmHobart CollegeBowdoin CollegeHam--54
Confirmed Dec 2 4:00pmNew York UniversityPenn State UniversityFU--72
Confirmed Dec 2 4:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityDartmouth CollegeNAVY--36
Confirmed Dec 2 4:30pmWesleyan UniversityTufts UniversityWES--27
Confirmed Dec 2 4:30pmOhio St UniversityUniversity of Notre DameOSU--09
Confirmed Dec 2 5:00pmCornell UniversityUniversity of VirginiaCOR--45
Confirmed Dec 2 6:00pmPrinceton UniversityWilliams College---81
Confirmed Dec 3George Washington UniversityDickinson College---90
Confirmed Dec 3 10:00amFordham UniversityNew York UniversityFU--81
Confirmed Dec 3 11:00amUniversity of VirginiaHobart CollegeCOR--90
Confirmed Dec 3 11:00amUniversity of PennsylvaniaSt. Lawrence University---36
Confirmed Dec 3 11:00amFranklin and Marshall CollegeDartmouth College---18
Confirmed Dec 3 11:30amDrexel UniversityWilliams College---90
Confirmed Dec 3 1:30pmBrandeis UniversityBabson CollegeBRA--36
Confirmed Dec 3 3:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaWilliams College---90
Confirmed Dec 5 6:00pmYale UniversityBrown University---81
Confirmed Dec 6 5:00pmDartmouth CollegeHarvard University---09
Confirmed Dec 7 3:00pmHarvard UniversityMIT---90
Confirmed Dec 8Sewanee: University of the SouthRhodes College---81
Confirmed Dec 8 5:00pmWilliams CollegeTrinity College---09
Confirmed Dec 8 6:00pmWesleyan UniversityConnecticut College---36
Confirmed Dec 9 8:30amUniversity of California - BerkeleyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaCal--72
Confirmed Dec 9 11:00amWilliams CollegeDartmouth College---09
Confirmed Dec 9 12:00pmPrinceton UniversityDrexel University---72
Confirmed Dec 9 12:00pmMITBowdoin CollegeMIT--90
Confirmed Dec 9 6:00pmMiddlebury CollegeDartmouth CollegeMidd--09
Confirmed Jan 6 3:00pmWilliams CollegeMiddlebury CollegeWill--63
Confirmed Jan 7 11:00amPrinceton UniversityUniversity of VirginiaPRIN--90
Confirmed Jan 7 11:00amAmherst CollegeYale University---09
Confirmed Jan 7 4:00pmWilliams CollegeYale University---18
Confirmed Jan 8Stanford UniversityHamilton College---18
Confirmed Jan 9Stanford UniversityHobart College---18
Confirmed Jan 10Columbia UniversityTrinity College---36
Confirmed Jan 10Stanford UniversityWesleyan University---27
Confirmed Jan 10Stanford UniversityBrown University---09
Confirmed Jan 10 1:00pmMiddlebury CollegeAmherst CollegeMidd--90
Confirmed Jan 10 2:00pmTufts UniversityHobart CollegeSTAN--45
Confirmed Jan 10 6:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Rochester---54
Confirmed Jan 11Harvard UniversitySt. Lawrence University---90
Confirmed Jan 11 1:00pmStanford UniversityTufts UniversitySTAN--18
Confirmed Jan 11 3:00pmDrexel UniversityUniversity of Rochester---27
Confirmed Jan 11 5:00pmDickinson CollegeWestern OntarioCAN--18
Confirmed Jan 12Bowdoin CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityBow--09
Scheduled Jan 12 11:00amBrown UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaBRW-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Jan 12 12:00pmBrown UniversityPrinceton UniversityBRW-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 12 5:00pmWesleyan UniversityMIT---36
Scheduled Jan 12 5:30pmBrown UniversityDickinson CollegeBRW-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 12 6:30pmBates CollegeMiddlebury CollegeBates--45
Confirmed Jan 13 10:00amConnecticut CollegeHamilton CollegeCC--54
Confirmed Jan 13 10:00amColby CollegeMiddlebury CollegeColby--27
Confirmed Jan 13 11:00amColumbia UniversityDartmouth College---72
Confirmed Jan 13 12:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaYale University---54
Confirmed Jan 13 12:00pmBates CollegeWilliams CollegeBates--54
Confirmed Jan 13 12:00pmCornell UniversityHarvard UniversityCOR--09
Confirmed Jan 13 1:00pmHobart CollegeDickinson College---18
Confirmed Jan 13 2:00pmNaval AcademyDrexel University---18
Confirmed Jan 13 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityBrown University---90
Confirmed Jan 13 3:30pmBowdoin CollegeMiddlebury CollegeBow--27
Confirmed Jan 13 4:00pmGeorge Washington UniversitySt. Lawrence UniversityBATES--27
Confirmed Jan 13 5:00pmColby CollegeWilliams College---18
Confirmed Jan 14Columbia UniversityHarvard University---54
Confirmed Jan 14Colby CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityColby--27
Confirmed Jan 14 11:00amUniversity of PennsylvaniaBrown University---90
Confirmed Jan 14 11:00amBates CollegeGeorge Washington UniversityBates--09
Confirmed Jan 14 11:00amBowdoin CollegeWilliams CollegeBow--09
Confirmed Jan 14 12:00pmWesleyan UniversityHamilton College---45
Confirmed Jan 14 12:00pmCornell UniversityDartmouth CollegeCOR--18
Confirmed Jan 14 1:30pmDrexel UniversityFranklin and Marshall College---81
Confirmed Jan 14 2:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityColby CollegeBATES--81
Confirmed Jan 14 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityYale University---81
Confirmed Jan 14 5:00pmCornell UniversityHobart CollegeCOR--72
Confirmed Jan 15 10:00amDickinson CollegeTufts UniversityDC--72
Confirmed Jan 16 10:30amHaverford CollegeTufts UniversityH--27
Confirmed Jan 16 1:00pmTrinity CollegeDartmouth College---90
Confirmed Jan 16 1:00pmBrown UniversityAmherst College---90
Scheduled Jan 16 1:00pmAmherst CollegeBrown UniversityAMH-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 16 2:00pmTufts UniversityConnecticut CollegeH--72
Confirmed Jan 16 4:30pmHaverford CollegeConnecticut College---54
Confirmed Jan 17 3:00pmTrinity CollegeMiddlebury CollegeTrin--90
Confirmed Jan 17 5:30pmNaval AcademyGeorge Washington University---36
Confirmed Jan 17 6:00pmWesleyan UniversityBates CollegeWes--18
Confirmed Jan 18 5:30pmBrown UniversityDickinson College---63
Confirmed Jan 19Williams CollegeNaval Academy---27
Confirmed Jan 19 12:00pmHaverford CollegeWesleyan UniversityAMRST--63
Confirmed Jan 19 2:00pmAmherst CollegeDickinson College---36
Confirmed Jan 19 2:00pmHobart CollegeWestern Ontario---09
Scheduled Jan 19 2:00pmBrown UniversityMiddlebury CollegeHAR-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 19 4:00pmHaverford CollegeColby CollegeAMH--18
Confirmed Jan 19 5:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityCornell UniversityWLIAM--90
Confirmed Jan 19 5:30pmDickinson CollegeWesleyan UniversityAMH--90
Confirmed Jan 19 7:00pmAmherst CollegeMIT---45
Confirmed Jan 20University of Notre DameRhodes CollegeATL--70
Confirmed Jan 20Naval AcademyDickinson CollegeAMH--63
Confirmed Jan 20Vanderbilt UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame---52
Confirmed Jan 20Georgia TechUniversity of Notre DameATL--43
Confirmed Jan 20Vanderbilt UniversityEmory University---25
Confirmed Jan 20Siena CollegeBrandeis UniversityVass--27
Confirmed Jan 20University of Notre DameEmory UniversityATL--26
Confirmed Jan 20Georgia TechVanderbilt University---16
Confirmed Jan 20 9:00amFordham UniversityBard CollegeFU--90
Confirmed Jan 20 10:00amColby CollegeHamilton CollegeAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 20 10:00amConnecticut CollegeStanford UniversityAMHER--63
Confirmed Jan 20 10:00amColby CollegeMITSMTH--54
Confirmed Jan 20 11:00amNew York UniversityColgate University---90
Confirmed Jan 20 11:00amGeorgia TechRhodes CollegeATL--61
Confirmed Jan 20 11:00amMiddlebury CollegeFranklin and Marshall CollegeMidd--45
Confirmed Jan 20 11:00amVassar CollegeSiena CollegeVC--54
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmTrinity CollegeUniversity of Pennsylvania---90
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmHarvard UniversityWestern Ontario---90
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityYale University---72
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmHaverford CollegeHamilton CollegeSMITH--27
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmWilliams CollegeGeorge Washington University---09
Confirmed Jan 20 12:00pmUniversity of RochesterColumbia University---36
Confirmed Jan 20 1:00pmUniversity of VirginiaDrexel University---45
Confirmed Jan 20 1:00pmNorthwestern UniversityChicago, University of---63
Confirmed Jan 20 2:00pmFordham UniversityColgate UniversityFU--90
Confirmed Jan 20 2:00pmAmherst CollegeNaval Academy---09
Confirmed Jan 20 2:30pmWesleyan UniversityBowdoin CollegeWes--18
Confirmed Jan 20 3:00pmVassar CollegeBrandeis UniversityVC--34
Confirmed Jan 20 4:00pmMITConnecticut CollegeAMH--81
Confirmed Jan 20 4:00pmHaverford CollegeStanford UniversitySMITH--72
Confirmed Jan 20 4:00pmNew York UniversityBard College---63
Confirmed Jan 20 4:00pmTufts UniversityWestern OntarioHAR--09
Confirmed Jan 20 5:00pmUniversity of VirginiaRichmond, University ofMSC--90
Confirmed Jan 20 5:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeCornell UniversityMB--45
Confirmed Jan 21St. Lawrence UniversityColumbia University---18
Confirmed Jan 21Rhodes CollegeVanderbilt University---07
Confirmed Jan 21 9:00amMITHamilton CollegeMTH--81
Confirmed Jan 21 10:00amWesleyan UniversityStanford UniversityAMH--63
Confirmed Jan 21 11:00amFordham UniversityNew York UniversityFU--54
Confirmed Jan 21 11:00amGeorgia TechEmory UniversityATL--34
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmTrinity CollegeNaval Academy---81
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmWilliams CollegeFranklin and Marshall College---63
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmColby CollegeAmherst College---45
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmMiddlebury CollegeCornell UniversityMB--36
Confirmed Jan 21 12:00pmUniversity of RochesterYale University---63
Confirmed Jan 21 2:00pmWesleyan UniversityConnecticut CollegeAMH--45
Confirmed Jan 21 4:00pmAmherst CollegeHamilton College---72
Confirmed Jan 23 6:00pmColby CollegeBowdoin CollegeCol--81
Confirmed Jan 24 6:00pmBates CollegeColby CollegeBates--54
Confirmed Jan 24 6:00pmYale UniversityTrinity College---36
Confirmed Jan 25Duke UniversityUNC Chapel Hill---72
Confirmed Jan 26Sewanee: University of the SouthRhodes College---90
Confirmed Jan 26William & MaryLafayette College---54
Confirmed Jan 26Chicago, University ofGeorgetown UniversityJHU--45
Scheduled Jan 26 12:00pmBrown UniversityBowdoin CollegeBRW-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 26 5:00pmMITMiddlebury CollegeMIT--54
Confirmed Jan 26 5:30pmBrown UniversityUniversity of VirginiaBROWN--45
Confirmed Jan 26 6:30pmRichmond, University ofWilliam & MaryMM14.15.16-81
Confirmed Jan 26 6:30pmSwarthmore CollegeLafayette College---72
Confirmed Jan 26 7:00pmBates CollegeTufts UniversityBates--81
Confirmed Jan 27Duke UniversityLafayette College---90
Confirmed Jan 27New York UniversityBucknell University---63
Confirmed Jan 27Fordham UniversityBucknell UniversityFU--45
Confirmed Jan 27Johns Hopkins UniversityDuke University---27
Confirmed Jan 27Swarthmore CollegeDuke University---18
Confirmed Jan 27Denison UniversityChicago, University ofMM3,4,5-18
Confirmed Jan 27Fordham UniversityBryant UniversityFU--90
Confirmed Jan 27Vassar CollegeLehigh UniversityVC--54
Confirmed Jan 27Vassar CollegeNortheastern UniversityVC--09
Confirmed Jan 27New York UniversityBryant UniversityFU--90
Confirmed Jan 27 8:30amChicago, University ofJohns Hopkins UniversityMM3,4,5-90
Confirmed Jan 27 8:30amSwarthmore CollegeWilliam & Mary---72
Confirmed Jan 27 10:00amYale UniversityGeorge Washington University---72
Confirmed Jan 27 10:30amSiena CollegeWilliam & MaryMMill--36
Confirmed Jan 27 11:00amBates CollegeFranklin and Marshall CollegeBates--72
Confirmed Jan 27 11:00amNortheastern UniversityBard CollegeVS--36
Confirmed Jan 27 11:00amMITUniversity of VirginiaMIT--27
Confirmed Jan 27 12:00pmDartmouth CollegeDrexel University---81
Confirmed Jan 27 12:00pmHamilton CollegeHobart College---27
Confirmed Jan 27 12:00pmHarvard UniversityUniversity of Rochester---90
Confirmed Jan 27 12:30pmRichmond, University ofGeorgetown UniversityMM6,7,8-36
Confirmed Jan 27 12:45pmSiena CollegeLafayette CollegeMMill--45
Confirmed Jan 27 1:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityTrinity College---45
Confirmed Jan 27 1:00pmAmherst CollegeWilliams CollegeWES--09
Confirmed Jan 27 2:00pmBowdoin CollegeTufts UniversityBOW--63
Confirmed Jan 27 2:30pmSwarthmore CollegeSiena College---63
Confirmed Jan 27 2:30pmRichmond, University ofChicago, University ofMM3,4,5-36
Confirmed Jan 27 3:00pmYale UniversityNaval Academy---72
Confirmed Jan 27 3:00pmMiddlebury CollegeUniversity of VirginiaHarv--45
Confirmed Jan 27 3:00pmBard CollegeConnecticut College---09
Confirmed Jan 27 4:00pmOhio St UniversityIndiana University BloomingtonOSU--63
Confirmed Jan 27 4:00pmWesleyan UniversityAmherst College---27
Confirmed Jan 27 4:00pmBates CollegeBrown UniversityBates--18
Confirmed Jan 27 4:00pmWesleyan UniversityWilliams College---18
Confirmed Jan 27 4:30pmDenison UniversityGeorgetown UniversityJHU--45
Confirmed Jan 27 4:30pmColby CollegeFranklin and Marshall College---45
Confirmed Jan 27 5:00pmVassar CollegeConnecticut CollegeVC--09
Confirmed Jan 27 6:30pmRichmond, University ofDuke UniversityMM6,7,8-36
Confirmed Jan 27 7:00pmHamilton CollegeTrinity College---09
Confirmed Jan 28Wesleyan UniversityNaval Academy---09
Confirmed Jan 28 10:00amOhio St UniversityIndiana University BloomingtonOSU--72
Confirmed Jan 28 10:00amWilliams CollegeUniversity of VirginiaMIT--27
Confirmed Jan 28 11:00amGeorge Washington UniversityColumbia UniversityYALE--27
Confirmed Jan 28 11:00amLehigh UniversityConnecticut College---09
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmHarvard UniversityDrexel University---90
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmBowdoin CollegeBrown UniversityBow--18
Confirmed Jan 28 12:00pmDartmouth CollegeUniversity of Rochester---54
Confirmed Jan 28 1:00pmColby CollegeTufts UniversityCOL--90
Confirmed Jan 28 3:00pmNortheastern UniversityLehigh UniversityVS--63
Confirmed Jan 28 5:00pmMITWilliams College---36
Confirmed Jan 30 9:00pmBoston UniversityBoston CollegeBU--54
Confirmed Jan 31 11:00amDrexel UniversityCornell UniversityDRXL--90
Confirmed Jan 31 6:00pmNaval AcademyCornell UniversityDRXL--36
Confirmed Jan 31 7:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaPrinceton University---45
Confirmed Feb 2Stanford UniversityUniversity of California - Berkeley---90
Confirmed Feb 2Stanford UniversityMinnesota, University ofSTAN--90
Scheduled Feb 2 11:00amCornell UniversityBrown UniversityCOR-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 2 4:30pmColby CollegeWesleyan UniversityHAM--81
Confirmed Feb 2 4:30pmHamilton CollegeConnecticut CollegeHAM--72
Confirmed Feb 2 5:30pmGeorge Washington UniversityGeorgetown UniversityYALE--90
Confirmed Feb 2 6:30pmBowdoin CollegeTufts UniversityHAM--63
Confirmed Feb 2 7:30pmBoston CollegeVanderbilt UniversityUVA--90
Confirmed Feb 2 7:30pmUniversity of California - BerkeleyMinnesota, University ofSTAN--81
Confirmed Feb 3Duke UniversityVanderbilt University---90
Confirmed Feb 3Trinity CollegeBowdoin CollegeHAM--90
Confirmed Feb 3Stanford UniversityUniversity of Southern California---90
Confirmed Feb 3Denison UniversityOhio St University---72
Confirmed Feb 3Connecticut CollegeTufts University---54
Confirmed Feb 3Wesleyan UniversityTufts University---18
Confirmed Feb 3St. Lawrence UniversityUniversity of Rochester---63
Confirmed Feb 3University of Southern CaliforniaMinnesota, University ofSTF5-81
Confirmed Feb 3Vassar CollegeUniversity of RochesterVC--09
Confirmed Feb 3Vassar CollegeSt. Lawrence UniversityVC--09
Confirmed Feb 3Vassar CollegeHobart CollegeVC--09
Confirmed Feb 3 8:00amMiddlebury CollegeAmherst CollegeHAM--81
Scheduled Feb 3 8:00amBowdoin CollegeTrinity College--Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 3 9:30amWilliams CollegeColby CollegeHAM--54
Confirmed Feb 3 9:30amHamilton CollegeBates CollegeHAM--18
Confirmed Feb 3 10:00amUniversity of VirginiaBoston CollegeUVA--90
Confirmed Feb 3 10:00amUNC Chapel HillVanderbilt UniversityUVA--90
Confirmed Feb 3 10:00amRichmond, University ofDuke UniversityMCS4,C,5-45
Confirmed Feb 3 10:00amMinnesota, University ofUniversity of Southern CaliforniaSTAN4-18
Confirmed Feb 3 10:30amHaverford CollegeDickinson College---09
Confirmed Feb 3 12:00pmSt. Lawrence UniversityHobart CollegeVAS--90
Confirmed Feb 3 12:00pmBrown UniversityCornell UniversityBRW--54
Confirmed Feb 3 12:00pmDartmouth CollegeUniversity of Pennsylvania---45
Confirmed Feb 3 12:00pmVassar CollegeBard CollegeVC--09
Scheduled Feb 3 12:00pmColumbia UniversityBrown UniversityCOL-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 3 1:00pmUniversity of VirginiaDuke UniversityUVA4, C, 5-90
Confirmed Feb 3 1:00pmDickinson CollegeNew York University---90
Confirmed Feb 3 1:00pmRichmond, University ofVanderbilt UniversityMCS6,7,8-90
Confirmed Feb 3 1:00pmBoston CollegeUNC Chapel HillUVA--54
Confirmed Feb 3 1:00pmYale UniversityColumbia University---36
Confirmed Feb 3 2:00pmTrinity CollegeMiddlebury CollegeHAM--90
Confirmed Feb 3 2:00pmWilliams CollegeBates CollegeHAM--36
Confirmed Feb 3 2:00pmBowdoin CollegeAmherst CollegeHAM--27
Confirmed Feb 3 2:00pmMinnesota, University ofUniversity of California - BerkeleySTAN1-18
Confirmed Feb 3 2:00pmBard CollegeUniversity of RochesterVass--09
Confirmed Feb 3 2:30pmHarvard UniversityPrinceton University---90
Confirmed Feb 3 3:00pmConnecticut CollegeWesleyan University---54
Confirmed Feb 3 3:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeGeorge Washington University---09
Confirmed Feb 3 3:30pmHaverford CollegeNew York University---81
Confirmed Feb 3 3:30pmHamilton CollegeColby CollegeHAM--09
Confirmed Feb 3 4:00pmUniversity of VirginiaUNC Chapel HillUVA--90
Confirmed Feb 3 4:00pmRichmond, University ofBoston CollegeMSC6,7,8-36
Confirmed Feb 4Stanford UniversityUniversity of California - Berkeley---90
Confirmed Feb 4Stanford UniversityUniversity of Southern California---90
Confirmed Feb 4Harvard UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania---54
Confirmed Feb 4University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of California - BerkeleySTANF--36
Confirmed Feb 4University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of California - BerkeleySTANF--36
Confirmed Feb 4Hobart CollegeUniversity of Rochester---09
Confirmed Feb 4 9:00amBowdoin CollegeHamilton CollegeHAM--90
Confirmed Feb 4 9:00amAmherst CollegeColby CollegeHAM--45
Confirmed Feb 4 10:00amSt. Lawrence UniversityBard CollegeVass--90
Scheduled Feb 4 10:00amMinnesota, University ofUniversity of California, Los AngelesSTAN1Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 4 11:00amUniversity of VirginiaVanderbilt UniversityUVA4, C, 5-90
Confirmed Feb 4 11:00amBoston CollegeDuke UniversityUVA--54
Confirmed Feb 4 11:00amBrown UniversityColumbia University---18
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmYale UniversityCornell UniversityYU--90
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmDartmouth CollegePrinceton University---54
Confirmed Feb 4 12:00pmBard CollegeHobart CollegeVass--09
Confirmed Feb 4 1:00pmMiddlebury CollegeWilliams CollegeHAM--81
Confirmed Feb 4 3:00pmTrinity CollegeBates CollegeHAM--90
Scheduled Feb 6 6:00pmWilliams CollegeBrown UniversityWILL-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 8 5:00pmBrown UniversityWilliams College---90
Confirmed Feb 8 6:00pmMITTufts UniversityMIT--81
Scheduled Feb 8 6:00pmDartmouth CollegeBrown UniversityDART-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 9Northeastern UniversityFordham UniversityNE--18
Confirmed Feb 9 2:00pmBrown UniversityDartmouth College---27
Confirmed Feb 9 4:00pmYale UniversityHarvard University---09
Confirmed Feb 9 5:00pmNaval AcademyMiddlebury CollegeNAVY--90
Confirmed Feb 9 5:00pmCornell UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaCOR--09
Confirmed Feb 9 6:00pmColumbia UniversityPrinceton University---81
Confirmed Feb 9 7:00pmDrexel UniversityGeorge Washington University---36
Confirmed Feb 9 7:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeSt. Lawrence University---09
Confirmed Feb 10Colgate UniversitySiena CollegeGate--72
Confirmed Feb 10Vanderbilt UniversitySewanee: University of the South---52
Confirmed Feb 10Dickinson CollegeFranklin and Marshall College---54
Confirmed Feb 10Boston CollegeFordham UniversityNE--09
Confirmed Feb 10Brandeis UniversityFordham UniversityNE--09
Confirmed Feb 10 10:00amColgate UniversitySwarthmore CollegeGate--18
Confirmed Feb 10 10:00amConnecticut CollegeBryant UniversityCONN--90
Confirmed Feb 10 12:00pmOhio St UniversityKenyon College---52
Confirmed Feb 10 2:00pmTufts UniversityBoston UniversityBH--90
Confirmed Feb 10 2:00pmGeorge Washington UniversityMiddlebury CollegeGW--90
Confirmed Feb 10 2:00pmHamilton CollegeVassar CollegeHC--90
Confirmed Feb 10 3:30pmHaverford CollegeBucknell University---72
Confirmed Feb 10 3:30pmNortheastern UniversityBoston CollegeNEU--36
Confirmed Feb 10 3:30pmDrexel UniversitySt. Lawrence University---09
Scheduled Feb 10 6:00pmBrown UniversityHarvard UniversityBRW-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 11Harvard UniversityBrown University---90
Confirmed Feb 11Boston CollegeBrandeis UniversityNEU--71
Confirmed Feb 11Boston UniversityFordham UniversityNE--09
Confirmed Feb 11Dickinson CollegeSt. Lawrence University---09
Confirmed Feb 11 12:00pmDrexel UniversityMiddlebury CollegeDREXL--72
Confirmed Feb 11 12:00pmNortheastern UniversityBoston UniversityNEU--63
Confirmed Feb 11 12:00pmDartmouth CollegeYale University---63
Confirmed Feb 11 12:00pmUniversity of PennsylvaniaColumbia University---45
Confirmed Feb 11 1:00pmBryant UniversityBabson CollegeBROWN--81
Confirmed Feb 11 2:30pmPrinceton UniversityCornell UniversityPU--90
Confirmed Feb 11 2:30pmNortheastern UniversityBrandeis UniversityNEU--81
Confirmed Feb 11 3:00pmFranklin and Marshall CollegeNaval Academy---09
Confirmed Feb 13 4:00pmTrinity CollegeHarvard University---72
Confirmed Feb 14 5:30pmHamilton CollegeColgate UniversityHAM--90
Confirmed Feb 14 6:00pmCornell UniversityUniversity of Rochester---18
Confirmed Feb 15 8:00pmBoston UniversityBabson CollegeBU--70
Confirmed Feb 16 6:00pmTrinity CollegePrinceton University---81
Confirmed Feb 17Washington University in St. LouisIndiana University BloomingtonWU--80
Confirmed Feb 17Washington University in St. LouisNorthwestern UniversityWU7-17
Confirmed Feb 17Washington University in St. LouisIndiana University BloomingtonWU--80
Confirmed Feb 17Washington University in St. LouisNorthwestern UniversityWU--17
Confirmed Feb 17Washington University in St. LouisNorthwestern University---08
Confirmed Feb 17 11:45amUNC Chapel HillRichmond, University ofUNC--63
Scheduled Feb 17 3:00pmIndiana University BloomingtonNorthwestern UniversityWU-Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Feb 17 3:30pmPrinceton UniversityUniversity of RochesterTRIN--36
Confirmed Feb 17 4:00pmIndiana University BloomingtonNorthwestern UniversityWU--08
Confirmed Feb 18 12:00pmTrinity CollegeUniversity of Rochester---81
Confirmed Feb 23 5:00pmVanderbilt UniversityWashington University in St. LouisWesty--63
Confirmed Feb 23 6:30pmVanderbilt UniversitySewanee: University of the SouthWesty--81
Confirmed Feb 24 9:00amJohns Hopkins UniversityIndiana University BloomingtonWesty--90
Confirmed Feb 24 9:00amSewanee: University of the SouthWashington University in St. LouisWesty--18
Confirmed Feb 24 5:00pmMinnesota, University ofIndiana University BloomingtonWesty--72
Confirmed Feb 24 6:30pmMinnesota, University ofJohns Hopkins UniversityWesty--09
Confirmed Feb 25 8:30amVanderbilt UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityTRN--45
Confirmed Feb 25 10:15amSewanee: University of the SouthIndiana University BloomingtonWESTY--45
Confirmed Feb 25 11:15amWashington University in St. LouisMinnesota, University ofWESTY--71
Scheduled Dec 1Northwestern UniversityIndiana University Bloomington--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 1 1:00pmUniversity of Notre DameMinnesota, University of-1,2,3Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 1 2:00pmBrown UniversityBates CollegeBRW-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 2 9:00amChicago, University ofNorthwestern University--Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 4 6:00pmYale UniversityBrown UniversityYALE-Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled Dec 7 6:00pmBrown UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityTRIN-Print Blank score card!--